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  1. JRstriker12

    Comparison between Wilson 6.1 95s and Radical MP / Pure Strike 16x19

    Been looking for a stick with a nice mix of control and power in the 11oz-11.5 oz and 310 to 325 SW range. The TW review of the Wilson 6.1 95s caught my eye. Based on your reviews and testing, how would the 6.1 95s compare to either the Graphene Radical MP and Pure Strike 16X19? I'm...
  2. JRstriker12

    Pros / Cons of Getting a Lighter Racket with a Higher Swing Weight

    Been looking at new sticks and considering going a bit lighter (current stick is 12.1 oz) to allow me to swing faster and create more top spin. But is it worth going down in static weight if the swing weight increases? For example: My Prestiges are 12.1 oz strung and SW:316 A lot of the...
  3. JRstriker12

    Antigua Tennis Looking to Sponsor Amateur Players This is kind of a cool marketing campaign. Looks like you could win a chance to have your tennis team or doubles team sponsored by Antigua Tennis. I'm sort of meh on their clothes. The fit and design of the polos...
  4. JRstriker12

    Drills / Games for odd numbers of players

    I'm getting a tennis group together that meets up sundays. Looks like this week we have 5 people. I don't want to tell the 5th guy not to come out (though I did warn him he was sort of odd man out), but I don't want one person to sit around either. Any suggestions on drills games that let you...
  5. JRstriker12

    Plays similar to a PDR but with less pop

    I currently play with a microgel prestige pro (MPP). I love the stick, but with kids, job, etc, I just don't have the time to get out on court to practice and be as sharp as I need to be to play my best with MPP. Thinking of trying to get something that's a bit more forgiving and wanted some...
  6. JRstriker12

    U.S. Tennis Congress - Anyone Going? Worth it? Think of it as a TED-style conference meets tennis camp," says P.J. Simmons, the founder of the upcoming event to be held Oct. 11-14 in Atlanta. A who's who of...
  7. JRstriker12

    Placement of the Service Toss

    I was watching the Tennis Channel Academy episode with Talor Dent the other day. His one tip for placement of the service toss is to throw it up so it would hit you in the forehead if you let it drop. He said that placement would really let you brush up on the ball in your serve. Thought...
  8. JRstriker12

    How Thinking Changes Your Brain and Physical Abilities

    Thought this was an interesting video: Since I'm only playing once a week does thinking and dreaming about playing tennis count as practice? If so, I'll be a pro in no time! ;)...
  9. JRstriker12

    Looks like USTA is finding new ways to mess up in VA

    Anyone know what's going on here? Reducing the voice of a strong district within the section and possibly moving administration of USTA activities in Virginia to another district or section, possibly outside VA doesn't sound like a winning idea to me. Maybe I'm wrong... Could also have...
  10. JRstriker12

    Impressed with the Prince T22

    So I was wearing through my Nike CB2.3's and I needed a new shoe. I have a very flat arch and it's usually hard to find a shoe that fits right. I'm a pretty big Nike fan, so I've been wearing the last few Cage and CB series shoes as these tend to have a relatively flat arch. However, a few...
  11. JRstriker12

    Luxilon Delivery Irony

    Seeing as Luxilon started as a company producing textiles that were used in Bra straps ( - I find this story to be kind of funny. Got home today, excited to get my deliver of some Lux Alu Power and Alu rough strings...
  12. JRstriker12

    Del Potro Switching to New Wilson Stick

    Noticed that Del Po was using a K-Factor stick vs. Tipsarevic. So I sent a tweet to Wilson tennis asking why Del-Po was using the K-Factor and Wilson replied:!/WilsonTennis/status/41984331517923328 "We are glad he is back out competing and we will have something new...
  13. JRstriker12

    Anyone Play on VerasCourt?

    Just wondering. Has anyone played tennis on a Versa-Court? How does it play? Is it slippery after it rains or does it dry as fast as they say? Is it too grippy? How's the bounce? It's sort of random, but I was just curious.
  14. JRstriker12

    Hitting Partner in San Diego (4.0 or 4.5) Jan 24-27

    Looks like I'm going on travel to San Diego Jan 24 -27. I'm a 4.0 and I'm looking for another 4.0 (or a generous 4.5) who might be interested in hitting. I'm attending a conference so I should be available to hit in the early afternoon. Email me: (My Tennis Talk Name) at yahoo dot com For...
  15. JRstriker12

    NB 1187 - 12 month outsole warranty? / 2011 Shoe Preview

    In the 2011 shoe preview, it says this New Balance shoe will have a 12 month outsole warranty. I wonder if they will last? I also wonder if having an outsole that durable will affect performance - either...
  16. JRstriker12

    Tennis Club League Brings in Ultimate Ringers - LOL!

    Imagine playing in a club league and then having to face up to one of these players! Caroline Wozniacki has agreed to play for a local Czech tennis league club if it reaches Saturday’s finals. The star-studded...
  17. JRstriker12

    Atlantis Resort - Bahamas

    Tennis fans traveling to the Bahamas and staying at the Atlantis Hotel on Paradise Island (right next to Nassau) will have a fun time if they want to mix a little tennis with their sand and sun. I spent about 5 days at Atlantis for a friend's wedding and also managed to squeeze a little...
  18. JRstriker12

    String Savers - Where and how many

    Question for string saver users. How many do you put in and where? I was planning on put some string savers into my prestige pro to help the MT 17 I'm using last a little longer. My current plan is to basilcally put in string savers in the sweet spot area where each main and cross meet -...
  19. JRstriker12

    Rule Question - Running into another court to retrieve a shot

    Played dubs last night with some friends of mine - it was fun but very competitive. I cracked a sharp angled forehand return that landed in and pulled my one friend wide. We were playing at a set of courts where there is very little room between our court and the next court and no dividers...
  20. JRstriker12

    Big Ace (White) / Blue Gear (White) mix up?

    Has anyone received a set of strings labeled as Big Ace, but it was textured like white colored blue gear? It's really strange. All the red Big Ace I recieved has the normal, smooth Big Ace texture, but all three of the white string in the Big Ace labled package has ridges. :confused...
  21. JRstriker12

    Newbie Question - Finding Used Machines / Increase in Prices?

    Looking to start stringing myself. I was thinking a used machine with some of the higher end features would be the way to go. BUT - it seems like I can't find any used machines out there - checked the "3bay", C-list, local classifieds, another site that sells used stringing machines. Nada...
  22. JRstriker12

    Best Tennis Drills for Fitness

    Like most of you, I'd rather be out on the court instead of on a treadmill, cardio machine, or running laps. I'll save that stuff for rainy days. If it's nice out, I want to be on the courts, but I'm also looking to increase my fitness and burn off some LBS. I'm looking for suggestions for...
  23. JRstriker12

    iPhone App for String Tension by Sound - Would this Work???

    This iPhone app claims to be able to tell your string tension based on the sound of your racquet. A question to the experienced stringers on this board - would this work...
  24. JRstriker12

    Can a $500,000 watch keep Rafa from timewasting?

    Nadal to wear $525,000 watch during matches Also, will he need an armored guard when he walks to the court? That's sick. $500,000 for a watch. The Lambo spyder that they had on display in the mall the other day...
  25. JRstriker12

    Guidance on Fit for Bolle Sunglasses

    TW, do you have any guidance on the best way to determine if the bolle Parole or Vigilante sunglasses would fit me best? Is there a way to measure before I buy? Seems like they are basically the same, but one has a smaller fit and the other has a larger fit. Thanks!
  26. JRstriker12


    Been looking at the sunglasses here on TW.
  27. JRstriker12

    Does Tennis Warhouse Have a Store - or is TW Online Only?

    Does TW have a retail location or is TW only online? I'm working on a paper on ecommerce and I was wondering. Thanks, JR
  28. JRstriker12

    Devin Britton in KFC ad???? Strange. Fried chicken is the last thing I'd think about when talking about "getting a grip." Interesting that Britton got this deal though. Still, I don't know if I would recognise him on TV without flashing the words...
  29. JRstriker12

    USTA Tennis Night in America With Wayne Bryan and Brenda Schultz-McCarthy

    Plenty of fun with Wayne Bryan and Brenda Schultz-McCarthy clinic at Tennis Night in America. Mitchell Frank #7 Junior in the world was also there. Won a few prizes: Some Video Footage:
  30. JRstriker12

    Olympic Skier / Rec Players to Try to Qualify for US Open Sounds like a bit of a publicity stunt from the USTA... Interesting though - Bode Miller was a state...