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  1. PED

    Matosevics Radical pro?

    Is Matosevic really using the IGrad pro? Saw the clear caps and wondered if it's retail or pro stock.
  2. PED

    Fed's hoodie at Rotterdam

    Anyone have an idea of the hoodie that Fed is wearing prematch today v Delpo? Don't see it on TW, it looks really plush.
  3. PED

    Sweeting using RG pj of APD

    It appears to Ryan Sweeting is using the new Roland Garros special paintjob on his stick. Looks pretty sweet.
  4. PED

    Nike stock drops today, article from WSJ

    Glad to see I'm not the only one not happy with Nike's bump up in prices ;) Nike Loses Its Grip By JOHN JANNARONE, Wall Street Journal Like Hollywood celebrities, superstar companies can seem invulnerable after a successful run. That makes for a hard fall when gravity reasserts itself...
  5. PED

    Adding mass into the handle: silicone vs foam

    I'm adding around 14g to the handle of my apd gt to bring up the static weight. I don't like the feel of the lead ON the handle so I'm investigating the pros/cons of putting it under the buttcap. I'm using fishing weights ATM and that's fine but I wouldn't mind a more permanent solution. I...
  6. PED

    Ballistec 2.3 upper tearing

    I've had a set of Ballistec 2.3's for about a month and the mesh like upper is starting to tear. Is there any warranty coverage on this? It's funny, I had a pair of the white/orange ones from January and had no problems with this at all.
  7. PED

    Mina's Head Rad?

    Anyone know (VS Babolot :) ) which Head Rad or Head pro stock Mina was using against Rafa today. I couldn't get a good look to tell if it was round enough to be a real YT Radical Pro. I guess if it was pro stock then it would likely be tgk 231 or 260?
  8. PED

    New Air Breathe III for 2010

    Has anyone heard of the new Nike Air breathe III for 2010? I was looking at the Nike pix for the first part of 2010 and they are not in there but the dealer said Nike told him they were coming out. I did search first but couldn't find anything concrete.
  9. PED

    Damaged Head Pallet

    I bought a Prestige Pro back in January. Earlier today, when swapping out the original grip for a replacement, I noticed that the "bare" pallet was actually covered with a sticky tape and at a spot right below the top of the pallet, there is a chip about the size of my pinky nail missing...
  10. PED

    Adidas Summer Edge Jacket

    I love this jacket but since it won't be getting cold until October around here, it makes sense to wait and buy it. Does any one know when the summer edge stuff will go on sale? Thx
  11. PED

    Nadal is finally using the CB 1.3 at MC

    Four months after release, it appears that Rafa is finally playing his first match with the CB 1.3's instead of a pj.
  12. PED

    Weight of ALU Power versus PL2

    I'm noticing a difference in my racquet's strung weight of around 2 grams between a full job of Pro Line 2 versus a full job of ALU. Does that sound about right? I assumed that most polys weighed the same:confused:
  13. PED

    Bab Star5 stringing Tension

    I usually have my sticks strung on a Prince Neo lockout or on a newer Prince electronic constant pull machine. When strung on the CP machine, I always drop the tension by 2 pounds to compensate for the "truer" tension that CP provides. Instead of 57, I'll specifiy 55 for example. I've had...
  14. PED

    Nadal in Monday WSJ

    I don't think this has been posted yet. I searched and didn't see anything. If so, sorry for doubling up. :) Play for Style Points Ahead of the U.S. Open By MATTHEW FUTTERMAN August 25, 2008 Turns out sleeveless shirts and calf-length shorts aren't, in fact, fit for a king. It has been...
  15. PED

    Nishikori's shirt

    Anyone know what adidas shirt Nishikori is wearing here at the USO. His is green with white trim and Monaco has on the same shirt but white with black trim. I couldn't find it on TW. I might/should have posted this in the pro's section, but you guys in this section are really good and seem to...
  16. PED

    Fed in today's WSJ

    Sorry if this has already been posted. From today's WSJ. Can Roger Get His Game Back? Entering the U.S. Open as No. 2 to Nadal, Federer Weighs a Tougher, Less-Cerebral Style By ALLEN ST. JOHN August 22, 2008; Page W1 At the U.S. Open, which begins Monday, Rafael Nadal, the young...
  17. PED

    Big Ace/Cyber Flash Hybrid

    I've been trying CF crosses over the last few weeks on the advice of netman. I tried his setup of CP 1.25 mains crossed with CF 1.25 at 55/52 and really liked it. The overall stringbed was fairly soft but you get plenty of power and great directional control. I've got a fair bit of BA 1.17...
  18. PED

    BV Warranty Turnaround

    Just a quick FYI and a three thumbs up rating for adidas. Usually, it takes adidas four full weeks vs only 2 weeks for NIke to complete the warranty and send you your replacement shoes. On my last pair, I sent them to SC two fridays ago and had a new pair waiting in my mailbox today. I'll...
  19. PED

    Myrtle Beach Tennis

    I'll be in Myrtle Beach, SC next week for a day or two. Does anyone have a good recommendation on a pro to play with while I'm done there?
  20. PED

    Chris from TW's t shirt

    I was watching the TW video review of the cage 2 yesterday and noticed Chris had a cool looking t shirt on. It was black and appeared to be nike. Any idea what it is? I looked on TW and did not see anything close to it.
  21. PED

    Safina's Aerostorm

    I saw that Safina switched earlier this year to the aerostorm. After watching her on the practice court today I was wondering: is it the aerostorm introduced last summer that weights 12.2 oz and a SW of 340g or the new lighter 11.8 oz aerostorm? You don't see many woman on the tour swinging...
  22. PED

    TW Trucker Hats

    I just received 2 of the new TW trucker hats today. If you are a fan of trucker hats or you live in a hot climate (I plead guilty to both) than you ought to check out the TW hats. The bill is rounded perfectly and the crown of the hat allows it to sit low on the head. All around a great...
  23. PED

    Wawrinka's Setup

    Does anyone know where I can get some of that sweet zinc oxide that Wawrinka has spread all over his face? I really need to know: I think if I had that then my backhand would be as good as his;)
  24. PED

    Gonzo's yellow strings

    I always thought gonzo used alu power but when I watched some of the tennis channel open tonight, his racquet appeared to have yellow strings: PHT maybe or my eyes might be getting bad. Looking back to aussie open, he appears to be using the alu.
  25. PED

    Nike Cover Article in Forbes

    Pretty cool article in the latest Forbes on Nike. Love 'em or hate 'em, they are an impressive outfit. Here's the link:
  26. PED

    Vapor 5 Weight

    Anyone know the real weight of the new vapor 5. TW says 15.7 for size 10.5, but a competing seller says 16.0. Didn't the vapor 4 weigh 16.7? It seems odd that they drop the weight on the new vapors but the breathe cage 2's weigh 16.2 vs 16.0 for the cage 1's.:evil: Last question: will the...
  27. PED

    Michael Russell's Stick

    What's Russell playing with in Adelaide? It's some sort of speed port. Is it that new tour version of the red?:confused:
  28. PED

    Nike 6 month Warranty

    Just a quick shout out for Tennis Warehouse:twisted: I bought my breathe cages in July. They were great shoes, but I burned through the bottom in 5 months. Instead of having to send them to Nike, you can send them to TW instead(assuming you bought them from TW) I mailed mine on last...
  29. PED

    Paint on Pure storm tour

    Anyone else have any issues with soft paint on the storm tour. I just pulled off some lead at 12 oclock on the hoop and a big chunk of paint came off with it. I add and remove lead all the time on various brands of sticks and have never had this happen.:?
  30. PED

    Pro Hurricane Tour/Excel Hybrid

    Has anyone tried this yet? I got a deal on 2 packs today. I've used PHT with sensation crosses but never used the Excel except by itself. It comes with 17 PHT for the mains and 16 for the Excel crosses. I hope this will be more durable, the only time I used Excel was as a full job as a 17g...