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  1. Milehigh5280

    2022 just got very interesting

    I think the 2022 slam season has potential to be one of the most intriguing in years. It really feels like things are wide open at the top Things to look forward to: The Big 3 will all hopefully be back and healthy and gunning for #21 Can Medvedev build on this win and become #1 Novak has...
  2. Milehigh5280

    From worst to first

    Are there any instances where a player lost in the 1st round of a tournament only to win that same tournament the next year? Or the opposite? Win a tournament then lose in the first round the next year. Fed 2013 Wimb and Novak AO 2017 are the closest examples I can immediately think of
  3. Milehigh5280

    The Wimbledon Finalist With The Body In His Suitcase

    On Aug. 6, 1907, a porter named Louis Pons was working his usual shift at the train station in Marseille.It always was a busy place to be, what would come to be called in later years a “transportation hub.” It was the gateway to a number of places, including French North Africa and Great...
  4. Milehigh5280

    Korda joins elite company

    Besides Korda, 5 out of 7 on this list are slam winners. All are slam finalists. And of course, 3 goat contenders. I'm probably a little late, but I'm officially on the Korda hype train. Next American slam winner
  5. Milehigh5280

    2011 Wimbledon Final Highlights

    Not a classic match, but a great performance by Novak. Particularly in the first two sets. The points at 3:20 and 4:25 are incredible. He was an absolute beast that year. Also, this could arguably be considered the beginning of the Djokovic era. He ended Fedal's reign at Wimbledon and this was...
  6. Milehigh5280

    Boldest shots ever

    High risk shots during high pressure moments. I feel like there are probably countless examples throughout the history of tennis, but what are the ones that were the most memorable Since Wimbledon is around the corner, let's start there. How about Nadal's dropshot to save a match point in the...
  7. Milehigh5280

    One way to look at Nadal's RG dominance

    I don't know if this has been brought up before, but I was thinking if you gave every opponent that Nadal has ever faced a free set to start each match he would still have 11 titles and only 5 losses total for his career. That just shows how momentous today's match was and how we'll never see...
  8. Milehigh5280

    Gonzalez vs Djokovic Cincinnati 2005 Highlights

    Strong start by Djokovic, but ultimately he can't withstand Gonzalez's barrage
  9. Milehigh5280

    Where are my fellow Trekkies?

    Are there any other Star Trek fanatics here? If so, what's your favorite series, captain and movie? My series and captain choices might be controversial. Series: Deep Space Nine Captain: Sisko Movie: Wrath of Khan
  10. Milehigh5280

    2019 AO Final Djokovic Highlights: "It is Mighty"

    Utterly dominant performance. Just about everyone, including myself, expected another epic like in 2012 but Novak had other ideas. I actually had Nadal as the slight favorite. He came into this match on fire and Djokovic extinguished him. How many times has Nadal looked hopeless like this in his...
  11. Milehigh5280

    Spot the Difference

    Obviously the result and Federer's opponent are different. But what's the biggest factor in determining the outcome? Was it the serve? The return? The approach? The opponent?
  12. Milehigh5280

    Crisis on Infinite Courts

    Great write up on the final by Brian Phillips of The Ringer. "Now consider how things are for Djokovic. He wants that kind of love, and almost never gets it. When he wins Wimbledon, and...
  13. Milehigh5280

    Tennis is cruel

  14. Milehigh5280

    Davis Cup 2006: Djokovic vs Wawrinka

    I'm snowed in and passing the time by watching old highlight videos. Epic smash at 1:25.
  15. Milehigh5280

    Federer Deep Cuts

    Thailand Open 2004 vs Paradorn Srichaphan. Both players are on the attack. The biggest noticeable difference between Fed then and now is his movement and forehand. And of course the hair. I was in high school and just watched the Slams back then, so without youtube I would have no knowledge...
  16. Milehigh5280

    Current players you consider to be specialists

    How do you define a specialist? And is there anyone currently playing you can consider a specialist? Or has the homogenization of tennis eliminated the specialist from the game today? I would consider Thiem a clay-court specialist. I think his results back that up.
  17. Milehigh5280

    The Rolling Stones Appreciation Thread

    I recently got back into this band again. I love their early to middle era stuff with the Mick Taylor years being my favorite. Exile and Let it bleed are two of my favorite albums. Anyone else a big fan of the Rolling Stones? What are some of your favorite tracks and albums? Here's perhaps...
  18. Milehigh5280

    Do you think each member of the Big 3 believes they're the GOAT?

    Forget anything they've said publicaly on the subject. What do you think they would say unfiltered and off the record? I think each would say they're the greatest simply because they've each accomplished things no one else has and to reach the heights they have you must have all the...
  19. Milehigh5280

    Majestic Murray's Moments of Magnificence

    Since Andy Murray has announced his retirement, I thought it would be appropriate to start a thread where everyone can post their favorite moments and matches of the former World #1. I'll begin with Murray's most memorable achievement: winning Wimbledon in 2013 and ending Great Britain's...
  20. Milehigh5280

    One thing about Nick Kyrgios that's been bothering me

    It's not the tanking or any of his other usual antics. It's the fact that he was basically fawning over Federer at the USO. I get it that Fed is his idol, but he seemed too content with losing. And I thought his reaction was over the top after Fed hit that shot around the net. Usually players...
  21. Milehigh5280

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Anyone else playing it? I haven't finished the story because I keep getting distracted by all the game has to offer. No spoilers, please. This is the best looking game I've seen and the attention to detail is incredible. I've played about a dozen hours and I feel like I haven't scratched the...
  22. Milehigh5280

    Was this the single most important point of the year?

    It starts at 3:00. Djokovic hits a clutch passing shot to save a 3rd break point of the game and 5th overall of the set. What happens if he misfired and hit the ball out or into the net? Nadal held in his next service game after saving a match point. Nadal likely goes on and beats Anderson for...
  23. Milehigh5280

    Nadal opens up his academy to victims of flash flooding in Mallorca

    Also aided in the cleanup.
  24. Milehigh5280

    2017 Rolex Paris Masters

    Worst masters ever?
  25. Milehigh5280

    What are the best matches between two journeyman type players?

    Any forgotten classics out there?
  26. Milehigh5280

    Am I a sucker for enjoying Laver Cup?

    I love the team format, the atmosphere in the arena, the play is good and dramatic, the court looks great, and memes and gifs are being born at a high rate. I hope Laver Cup is here to stay. I think it might be a great way to gain new tennis fans too.
  27. Milehigh5280

    Worst tennis hot takes and opinions

    What are some of the worst opinions on tennis itself or on a player you've ever heard? I'll start: as an American, I've heard people say tennis is not a sport too many times. It drives me crazy
  28. Milehigh5280

    Ever felt an undeserving player won a match?

    After watching the Canelo-GGG fight, I'm reminded of how grateful I am of the tennis scoring system. While it was a great fight the result has left many, including myself, upset with the decision because they felt the fighter who won didn't deserve the victory. While there is controversy in...
  29. Milehigh5280

    Clayderer appreciation thread

    I'm feeling a little nostalgic knowing we'll almost certainly never see Fed play on clay again. I always loved watching how his game translated to clay. Considering only Nadal stopped him from collecting multiple Roland Garros titles, it's not farfetched to consider him borderline top 5 on clay...
  30. Milehigh5280

    Which scenario happens next on the men's tour?

    1. An American wins singles USO 2. An Aussie wins singles AO 3. A Frenchman wins singles RG 4. An Englishman wins singles W 5. A teenager wins singles at any slam