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    Yamaha rackets question.

    Does anyone know what type of Yamaha racket Ronald Agenor was using in the 1989 French open quarter final match. It appears to be back and a light green color......
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    Bad practice?

    Saw this video and I find it hard to believe that a professional stringer would string mains from outside to inside. Just wanted to know if I'm missing something here.
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    weave master!

    What do you guys thinks of this weaving technique?
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    Klippermate starting pin

    I recently purchased a Klippermate starting pin, but I am hesitant to use it on my Stringway floating clamps because they are aluminum and starting pin appears to be 16 gauge wire. Will the starting pin damage my clamps since I will be using it only once per job? Please give your opinions and...
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    What machine is this?

    I was wondering if anyone knows. what brand and model this drop weight is? I kind of like the single fixed clamp.
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    Frame mounting problems

    I have a Gamma X-2 and have recently picked up a couple of Prince Magnesium Pro 90's in very good condition. Since the racket has a plastic throat I'm not sure how mount it properly. Is there any adapters or other tricks to mounting this type of frame? Thanks!
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    Stringway Double Clamp is........awesome!!!

    First of all I own a Gamma X-2 which besides the clamps is a great machine. I have been reading the forums for about a year now and "get Stringway" seems to be the answer to poor machine floating clamps. So I bit the bullet and ordered one from Newtech a word WOW! There is no...