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    Babolat Pure Storm vs Dunlop Aerogel 100 vs KBlade 93

    I am planning to buy a new racquet. I use K90 (Fed's racquet) but I find I can't generate enough racquet speed with it. BTW I am a 4.0 in California.
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    What does Fed need to do to become GOAT?

    He is now no 2 - he lost Wimby to Nadal and he is 2-5 against Murray. What does he need to do to become a GOAT (or for that matter THE GOAT if possible). Pete Sampras has 14 GS BUT nobody owned him. We can't say the same about Fed (or can we?). I am pretty sure Fed will win at least one more GS...
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    Prince NEOS 100 vs Gamma 6004 vs Gamma 5003

    I am thinking to buy a new stringing machine. It will be used 1-2 times a week for me and my daughter. Could you please let me know your experience with these 3 machines? Which one would be quickest (least time spent) to get the job done? Also what do you prefer - 6 point mount or 2 point...
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    Pro Pocket machine (manual spring) - 175$

    Pro Pocket portable stringing machine,very good condition. 175$ This is a very reliable (crank) manual spring tension stringer (much easier to use than a drop-wieght machine). San Francisco/Bay Area only. Ph# 415 238 2090
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    Is 10.9-11 oz racquet too heavy for a 10 year old girl?

    My daughter went to a USTA national camp and I was told that 10.9 ounces racquet is too heavy. She is pretty fit but not very tall nor the strongest for her age. This is what she is using: The grip size is 1/8 - I think that's OK...
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    What a generation of dwarfs! - I want my money back

    What a generation of dwarfs! The US Open final says it all. Choke-ovich obliged to Federer. Boring! I am sorry I even watched that match! I am done watching tennis. Let's do an inventory of what we have today in tennis: #2 Nadal = the only real fighter in the game - still his game is too...
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    Federer's interview after the loss - a gracious man

    No excuses, no BS. No injuries - just the simple fact that the other player played better. He just won some more respect. A few quotes from what the man himself said: ROGER FEDERER: So the right guy won today. Q. Was your ankle bothering you? ROGER FEDERER: No, no problems If you want...
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    SPOILER - NADAL: "If I knew what I was doing wrong then I would change it"

    What do you make of this declaration: "If I knew what I was doing wrong then I would change it". (Almost) everybody agrees that he has to (in any order you want) 1. flatten his shots 2. take the ball earlier 3. hit deeper 4. serve harder in order to run less and be more effective on...
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    Injured Nadal to miss Marseille

    From BBC's website: "Nadal has struggled with injuries this season, having complained of a sore leg after losing to Fernando Gonzalez at last month's Australian Open. Russia's Nikolay Davydenko takes over as the top seed in Marseille."...