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  1. fattsoo

    Biomimetic Max 200g grommet alternative?

    Hi, just landed a pair of Bio Max 200g...been one of the racquet that I wanted to try for a very long time. Noticed the grommet is damaged and looked all around but can't find it anywhere. Anyone know of an alternative that will fit it? Thanks
  2. fattsoo

    Babolat Racquet Settlement

    I don't know if I can post this here (Mod, please delete or move to appropriate forum), but there's a Babolat Class Settlement currently happening. Here's some quick info: You are a Settlement Class Member if you purchased for personal use (not for resale) any of the following Babolat tennis...
  3. fattsoo

    Andy Samberg becoming tennis icons My fav was the Agassi one
  4. fattsoo

    Amazing Roger Federer - Hitting Tennis Balls into Mercedes-Benz
  5. fattsoo

    amazing volley practice by Cara Black

    This looks like a great way to practice your volley...i'm going to try that next time out on the courts
  6. fattsoo

    stringer for nadal in the australian open 2012---crazy fast

    so i'm watching the nadal vs federer australian open semi 2012 match right now...they were showing that nadal needing a new string took them 12 minutes...12 freaking minutes to string his racquet!!! WOW...just amazing!!!:shock: what's the fastest you've strung a racquet (either for...
  7. fattsoo

    tennis players--when they were young

    stumbled upon this tonight (tried to do a search for this, but did not find it here on tt)
  8. fattsoo

    HEAD microgel radical mp

    Hey guys, i have a quick question regarding the microgel radical mp i bought a head microgel radical mp from tenniswarehouse, and with some lead tape put on, it became an awesome racquet. i'm looking to purchase another one (and like everyone) went to search for one with a better price. I...
  9. fattsoo

    asian K90 tour

    hey guys, i was wondering if you can help me and my friend out a little bit here...he just bought a used asian k90 for $100 and wants to find out if he got a real one...if you guys have an asian k90 version, can you post some pictures so he can compare it? I know i know, I told him to find out...
  10. fattsoo

    Tommy robredo's racquet in the us open

    What racquet is he using? The pj reminds me of the new ag100 4d?
  11. fattsoo

    ***the cure for TENNIS ELBOW!!!***

    :):)this looks promising for our fellow friends who have a case of tennis elbow...looks interesting and best of all, very EASY to do at home...:):)
  12. fattsoo

    leather grip + overgrip

    Hey guys, I'm looking to replace the grips on my AG100 with leather grips. I never really used leather grip before (hit with some, but never really play for an extended period of time), and I ALWAYS play with an overgrip (yes, I do SWEAT that much!) so my question is: 1) how much difference...
  13. fattsoo

    m-fil 200 vs aerogel 200

    Hey guys, I was wondering what your thoughts are on these 2 racquets. I can compare the specs but it doesn't help w/o actually hitting it (but I don't want to spend $$ on demoing if the racquet is selling for such low price). I'm currently using aerogel 100, but found it hard to adjust to the...
  14. fattsoo

    Need help in ID this racquet

    Hey guys. Wondering if you can help me with this The racquet has brown paint job On the 6'o clock position on the frame, it is mark by HEAD Side throat has the words "composite edge" and the bottom throat has "graphite" Butt cap has AMF HEAD and made in the USA The coolest thing about...
  15. fattsoo

    Djokovic impersonates Fed,Nadal,ARod,Hewitt,Sharapova,Goran

    got me laughing out loud at work
  16. fattsoo

    Djokovic's incredible return video

    best return i've ever none...
  17. fattsoo

    US Open tennis tickets $10 again

    I can't make it to this year, but this is a great deal if anyone is interested. Have not try it yet, but fatwallet is very reliable got this off of fatwallet The WFANDANGO code from the last two years is working again - have at it...
  18. fattsoo

    Overhead tips needed

    Hey guys, I'm an all-court player and is comfortable with volleys, FH, 2HBH and serves. But what I'm lacking is confidence on my overhead. I get in decent/good position and keep my eyes on the ball, but somehow I always managed to mis-hit it. Please give me some advise on how I can be more...
  19. fattsoo

    Strings---MSV Focus Hex 17L

    Anyone with experience with these strings? Would love to try them out but still have some inventory left in my stringing will definitely buy them when I finished with my other strings
  20. fattsoo

    costco PENN balls

    Does anyone buy the 12 pack (per case) tennis balls from COSTCO? I don't know if it was my bad luck or not, but the last 2 cases I got from them is NOT GOOD AT ALL!!! I open a can of balls to play and the balls comes out to be less bouncy then I remembered. It looks new, it smells new, it got...
  21. fattsoo

    kick serve videos?

    Hey guys Is there a good video online for teaching kick serve? I've searched on the *tube* but their videos are not what I'm looking for. Any ideas? Your own video will be appreciated also :)
  22. fattsoo

    new Babolat Pure Storm LTD

    Hey guys, is there a new version of the Babolat Pure Storm LTD coming soon? If so, when can we expect it to be on TW?
  23. fattsoo

    Tennis Grips

    Hey guys, I want to get some info about grip sizes... I've been using 4 3/8 + an overgrip for the past few yrs, but lately I had to put on an extra overgrip to make the grip feel more comfortable (non-slip when I hit my forehand off centered) So my question is: 1) How many overgrip (I'm...