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    Pure Drive ++?

    Does anyone know if Roddick's Pure Drive + handle is bigger than the stock PD+? It appears that way sometimes, but it may be that he wraps the tourna higher up over the grip and it just makes it seem bigger. Either that or the TV is playing tricks on me again.


    As we all know many of the pros on the men's tour shave their legs and arms (Agassi, Coria, etc.). Some claim when they sweat it just feels "cleaner" and its less irritating, and others just do it to be weird. Anyway my question is would any of you shave your legs or arms for an advantage on...

    Stringing Troubles...

    I recently purchased a used Klippermate from a tennis pro at a club I go to. He brought it over and showed me how to use it, we strung a racquet and I pretty much got the gist of it. However it was like a week or so before I got the chance to string another one and I had forgotten a bit. At this...

    Lead Tape

    How much does it really help? When I first started playing and I heard about lead tape I just thought it was for people who were way to needy with their equiptment but I'm finding more and more people really do use it. So I realize that it adds weight to your racquet and has different...

    Rafael Can Win On Hard Courts?

    Yes? No? Maybe so? Can Rafa prove a lot of people wrong and capture a title on the hard courts in the next couple months?

    Coria Announces Retirement

    Just kidding. I'm such an ***. Anyway who is pulling for Dent this weekend in Indianapolis? I like his chances and I'd be thrilled if he could take this title. Very deserving and it would be nice to see another American do some damage on tour.

    Donald Young at RCA

    How well do you think Young will do at the RCA Championships in Indianapolis next week?

    Grand Slam Graduation

    I'm going to be graduating high school in 2006 and for a graduation present my parents are considering taking me to a Grand Slam event. I'm excited as hell to say the least. However we are trying to decide which one to go to, so I thought I would ask you guys what you thought would be a good choice.

    roger and gstaad

    how come he isn't playing it this year?

    Roddick v Federer

    Whats it going to be?

    Omg Dude !!(*#

    the white bandanas are coming back in stock. sweet.

    Will TW Stock Lacoste?

    Anyone know if TW will start selling Lacoste apparel?

    3/4 Dri Fit Pants

    Does anyone know where I can find a pair from somewhere other than TW? I've been waiting to get some but I just haven't had the money, and now they are sold out of mediums. Its too bad so many other tennis stores aren't able to sell Nike products online.

    Major Props To ESPN

    Big ups for the ESPN network for airing the Bryans' match today. I was actually just talking to my mom this morning before finals that it would be nice if their put some doubles on today. This should be a great match (Bryan/Bryan v Nestor/Knowles) and hopefully they will air the final too...

    Roddick and Lacoste: Yay or Nay?

    Personally I think its just not him. The plaid hat is killin' me. And I think he is still wearing the Reebok Pumps which look ridiculous with the Lacoste apparel. And quick question: Is anyone else on the ATP sponsered by Reebok?

    Show Support for Rafa!

    This is my first post so all you TTW veterans out there feel free to bash me if this is in any way inappropriate ;) I'm a young tennis player and avid fan of the the ATP and its tournaments and an even bigger fan of Rafael Nadal. Even though I'm sure this has already been done, I got an...