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  1. kreative

    Speedport Black Grommets

    Looking for some assistance in distinguishing grommets for the Speedport Black. Now the Speedports had a grommet tuning system: 1) String Hole grommets 2) String Port Grommets Then the frames: 1) MP version 2) Team version Then the series: 1) O3 Speedport 2) Exo3 Speedport My question is...
  2. kreative

    Question on Babolat Racquets

    Hello, I was reading though the review on the Babolat AeroPro Drive Cortex GT (APDC GT), and about a third of the way down, a photo piqued my interest. Could you tell me the name of the two racquets pictured next to the APDC GT? They look like the predecessors to the APDC GT, like the APDC...
  3. kreative

    Tennis in Manchester, UK

    Hello all, I'm going to be travelling to Manchester the week of April 30th-May4th. Just wanted to see if anyone wanted to get together to hit. I'm not really sure how much time I'd have, but would enjoy some hitting. Singles, doubles, or just rallying, doesn't really matter. Please feel...
  4. kreative

    Any Comments on Wilson NPro Open X?

    Can anyone who's used or tried the Wilson NPro Open X comment on it compared to the standard length version or other similar racquet (Pure Drive +, O3 White, etc)? Thx
  5. kreative

    info npro open (std or X)

    Just wanted some info on those who have hit w/ the extended version and can compare it to the std length version. when i demoed the std length version, i felt it was a little too light in the head, which gave it a small sweetspot, and made it unstable. i've thought about adding lead to the...
  6. kreative

    Tennis in the San Diego, CA area (Vista)

  7. kreative

    Wilson Reflection String

    has anyone tried wilson reflection string, and if so, any feedback?
  8. kreative

    Head Racquet Warranty

    Can anyone give me info on how to return damaged racquets to Head for warranty replacements? Friend got a racquet as a gift about 6 months ago and it cracked on an overhead. He doesn't have the receipt since it was a gift, so is it still possible to send in? TIA.
  9. kreative

    Need info on CTS Approach OS

    Does anyone have specs on the old Prince CTS Approach OS? The racquetfinder page is down, and I can't seem to find specs anywhere else. Also, for those that have experience with this frame, could you recommend a "modern" frame to switch to? TIA
  10. kreative

    Preferred Player Packages

    Since there's been numerous threads about preferred player packages, I think it's a good idea to get it all organized in 1 place. If you have the information, please post in the fields below. name: price: gear (what do you get): qualifications:
  11. kreative

    Pure Drive vs. Warrior OS

    Currently playing with a pure drive, but looking to move to something with a little more control and comfort. I'm also looking at the DNX 8, and Cat 8 VE, but am curious if the Warrior OS is a suitable replacement. Mostly baseliner transitioning to all court player. 2 handed backhand, western...
  12. kreative

    volkl dnx8 vs cat 8 ve

    can anyone who's played w/ both frames comment on them in terms of comfort, power, spin, control, manueverability, feel, etc? TIA
  13. kreative

    TW: Matching racquets

    I've heard that TW is willing to match racquets when you purchase frames. Does matching mean just in static weight, or other factors such as flex, swingweight, and balance also? Also, could you tell me the difference in weight between a strung and an unstrung racquet? I'm liking my racquet...
  14. kreative

    Weight difference between strung vs unstrung?

    What's the difference in weight of a strung racquet compared to an unstrung one? Want to order some racquets and want to match to the one I have now, but would have to wait until I pop the strings....
  15. kreative

    Pure Drive vs. Cat 8 VE

    Any opinions comparing these 2 racquets? They seem to be in the same class "Tweeners" with the Cat 8 a little lighter, swinging a little lighter, and lower flex.
  16. kreative

    FP Radical vs FP Radical Tour

    How do these 2 racquets compare? Different weight and balance, but similar swingweight. FP Rad tour more open pattern 16x19, while reg is 18x20 I've only had a brief hit w/ the FR Radical, and it felt comfortable w/ nice pop. It was stable and manueverable, and I felt I hit decent spin with...
  17. kreative

    Aeropro Drive vs. NSurge?

    Curious to see the new battle between the Aeropro Drive and Nsurge. Any have input or comparisons between the 2? Heard alot of buzz initially about the NSurge which has since then subsided, and continue to hear good things about the APDrive. TIA
  18. kreative

    MatchDays vs BIII's vs Breathe FreeII

    MatchDays vs BIII's vs Breathe FreeII??? Looking for some comparisons on these 3 shoes in terms of durability, comfort, and playability. TIA
  19. kreative

    Laserfibre Kryptonite/Signum Plasma Poly

    Anyone know where I can find/buy this string in the uS? Thanks.
  20. kreative

    Impressions of the Reebok Upset DMX

    Comfort: Felt comfort right out of the box w/ almost no "break-in" time. The shoe is comfortable but is a little wide in the forefoot. If I were to buy again, I'd think about going a half size smaller. Wearing thick socks also helped the shoes feel more snug. They feel more cushioned than...
  21. kreative

    Input on Alpha Ultra Edge 1 Stringing machine?

    Does anyone know about this stringing machine, and how robust it is? Any input appreciated.
  22. kreative

    Truten Brand Stringing Machine?

    I saw a Truten stringing machine for sale, 6 point mounting, crank tensioner, and it looks solidly built with thick metal arms and such unlike some other ones where the arms look thin. I was wondering if anyone had any feedback on these machines. Doing a search, I only came up w/ 2 posts that...
  23. kreative

    wilson usopen bags (8-pack) vs wilson tour 3/4 super 6

    can anyone comment on the durability of the wilson usopen bags? particularly the 8 pack bags. they have backpack straps, but they don't seem as cushioned as the ones on the tour3/4 super 6 bags, and the material doens't seem as thick. what i really do like is that there are alot of...
  24. kreative

    Manual Crank or LF dropweight?

    Which would you prefer? A manual crank machine such as the Alpha Revo 4000, or the Laserfibre Dropweight (MS200eco) I think they're both on the range of $500-600 or so, which would prolly be the upper limit of my budget. Both seem like really good systems, thou with the crank, it's not...
  25. kreative

    adidas wristbands at the RG

    does anyone know where i can find the wristbands safin and the byran bros. were wearing at RG? they're red and have the 3 stripes going along the length of the wristband. US sources would be appreciated. TIA.
  26. kreative

    Wilson Hyper Hammer 6.3

    Interested in any feedback anyone can provide on the Hyper Hammer 6.3 MP (95") or even the OS. Groudies, volleys, serves, spin, power, control, comfort, manueverability. Your input is greatly appreciated.
  27. kreative

    Question about the POG Longbody OS

    Just a question about the POG longbody: it's been stated and known that the raved about POG longbody was a 28" long 100" head light racquet. Was there ever an OS version of the same stick? I stopped into a pro shop yesterday and saw what I thought was a POG OS being strung up, but the handle...
  28. kreative

    Gosen Synthetic for Crosses in Hybrid Setup

    Since it's been said that 80-90% of the playability of the string job comes from the mains, could you just use whatever you liked for mains, and use something cheap like Gosen Synthetic for your crosses? I guess what I'm trying to say is many do it w/ Natural Gut, bring down the cost to about...
  29. kreative

    tight stringing knots

    how can you get the knots to be tighter? sometimes i see string jobs that have really tight knots, and other times, it seems more "open". would it affect the string job, and how can one get the knots to cinch up tight? special tips or techniques?
  30. kreative

    Bungalo Bill, please check your email. thx

    since PM's aren't allowed on this board, gotta resort to this. Just noticed you in the same forum. I'll delete in an hour or so.