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    Patti Mcguire..soon to be Patti Connors in 1977 season 3 Starsky and Hutch episode

    WOW :p Pic says 1975, but its 1977. Episode is titled....'on voodoo island part 1.
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    If Novak wins the CYGS, the U.S. Open needs to do something incredible

    If Novak achieves this rare spectacular accomplishment, the U.S. Open should have a huge show following the final. Like some kind of a rock song anthem, followed by a 5 to 10 minute fireworks display. Thoughts?
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    Does Ivan Lendl hold this grand slam record?

    (Mens)..Most consecutive Finals of a Grand slam event(8). 82-89..US Open.
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    TV shows that had Tennis episodes

    List some TV shows that were about tennis or had tennis scenes. 'Scooby Doo, where are you' season three(1978) titled 'The Warlock of Wimbledon.'
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    Tennis cards are hot!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In the last year since covid hit, sports cards has seen a huge explosion in prices. And the explosion has now reached, yes,...Tennis cards. Very few Tennis card sets have been produced. But for many years, tennis cards have been undervalued. Until now. Just 2 months ago, you could purchase a box...
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    When did the French Open change its name?

    To Roland Garros? Was watching coverage on tennis channel today and noticed no mention of it being the French Open. I also went to the Roland Garros website, and once again, no mention of the French Open?
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    Better grass court player. McEnroe or Connors?

    Connors - 4 grass slam wins. Mac - 3 Connors - 9 grass slam finals. Mac - 5 I would love to know their head to head grass record??
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    Are there any good tennis partner/hook up sites?

    I'm sure this topic has been discussed before and I apologize. I've been out of the game for a longtime, and am interested in making a comeback so to speak. I used to have several people i hit with, but now are either gone, or dont play anymore. I joined a few tennis partner sites...even a...