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  1. Saito

    Murray vs Fish

    Started it kinda late.... guess no one really gives a hoot about this match but I'll post to inform you guys anyway. As of right now, Murray is up two breaks in the first: 4-1 Murray. Haven't been watching tennis, so today just found out BG is now Murray's coach. Murray already used his...
  2. Saito

    Roddick vs. Murray Poll

    Decided to make poll thread to see the board views.
  3. Saito

    Wilson Double Core Balls

    Anyone ever use these balls before? I know they are supposed to last twice as long as ordinary balls, hence the name. Are they worth using? How do they play? Any information is greatly appreciated.
  4. Saito

    For people who watch The Prince of Tennis..

    I noticed that a few people on this board actually watch the anime "The Prince of Tennis". If you are a fan of anime and tennis, then this show is definitely for you. It gets a little crazy here and there, but that's a part of what makes anime. Anyhow, just wondering for those who watch...
  5. Saito

    General question

    I heard from someone who supposedly talked to one of your employees over the phone that in November you guys will be re-releasing the Chicago Pro Staff 85...... is this true or no? Thanks
  6. Saito

    Racquet question...

    Hey TW guys, Just wondering if you guys could possibly help me out with a dilemma I have. My aunt got me a racqeut as a surprise, but unfortunately the place she went to didn't have my particular one and the salesman duped her into getting another racquet he said played like mine. Well, she...
  7. Saito

    Need advice : Going to New York soon

    My 8 year anniversary is coming up, and because my g/f wanted to go to New York, I decided to take her there for a week. Well, I noticed that there are quite a few people on these boards that are from there and I was wondering if any of you guys can help me out by telling me places I could go...
  8. Saito

    ATTN: Kaptain Karl

  9. Saito

    Prince Tour Diablo Midsize string/tension recommendations

    A buddy of mine has recently switched to the Prince Tour Diablo Midsize. I noticed that a few of the people on these forums hit with this stick and was wondering if they could perhaps make some suggestions for him. He's trying to find the right string and tension. Thanks guys.. :D :D
  10. Saito

    Pro Staff Tour 90 vs. nCode nSix-One Tour 90??

    Having trouble deciding between the two racquets. I know the original is slightly and i mean by only a little) stiffer than the ncode, but that's the only thing I know. Can anyone point out anymore differences??? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Saito :D
  11. Saito

    Best string for a non-string breaker

    I'm looking for a good string to set up a friend with.... something that will play well but be good to the arm. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. And this person will not break the strings, so keep in mind that durability is not something we're looking for in string. Thanks in...
  12. Saito

    Getting 2 yr old Nike's

    Just a quick question for you guys @ TW.... I was wondering you guys know if there is any possible way to get a couple of pairs of Nike Air Zoom Breathe Shoes through you guys or if you know where I might be able to find them. I've been searching the net for them in the blue and black color...
  13. Saito

    Nike Air Zoom Breathe

    Hello all you wonderful folks of TT, Just wondering if anyone on the forums would be able to help me find out how to find a pair of these shoes. I didn't have the means of getting them during their release, and now I am searching for them and I seem to be having the hardest time trying to...