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    Yamaha rackets question.

    Thank you so much!
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    Yamaha rackets question.

    I'm sorry white and light green.....
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    Yamaha rackets question.

    Does anyone know what type of Yamaha racket Ronald Agenor was using in the 1989 French open quarter final match. It appears to be back and a light green color......
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    Klippermate advice, losing the will to live.

    First I want to start off by by saying this......I bought a new Klippermate about 7 yrs ago, string slipped, adjustment was difficult, so I returned it and bought a gamma x-2. After struggling with the plastic clamps with the gamma I bought a used KM on **** and set myself to learn to string on...
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    question on stringing Wilson steam 99s with flying clamps

    All good just a misunderstanding. Thanks for clearing it up. Good advice by the
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    question on stringing Wilson steam 99s with flying clamps

    I just want to echo what the above poster said. Triple clamp is the way to go, and it also helps eliminate a lot of the clamp twisting during tie-offs on the mains. I believe you can purchase one from Newtech tennis......just google them.
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    Is an older racquet good for practice?

    I would have to disagree with the above postings. I would encourage you to get a twenty dollar reel of cheap nylon (Forten has cheap ones) and just start getting used to the basics. I would not start on a good racket as things such as wrong mounting and not stringing the racket equally can cause...
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    Does stringing with a drop weight machine destroy a racquet over time?

    The racket doesn't know if a drop weight is pulling the string or a 7,000 dollar electronic machine. In my opinion it's all about the mounting.
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    Ideal Machine Height

    About elbow height is good, if you go any higher you will start fatigue you upper shoulder muscles.
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    Bancroft newport 94 mid size racket help!

    Just bought one of these in great condition at the Goodwill today. The racket even has the original string and stencil. Don't know if I want to sell it or restring it and hit with it.
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    Bad practice?

    If you look at tournament stringing videos which I do if I can find them, you will see bad practices all the time. The most common is pulling the string across the mains without fanning the string. And thanks for the advice Irvin.....its always nice to argue with you. :D
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    I made a mistake on my recent post in the stringing section and got my post mixed up with...

    I made a mistake on my recent post in the stringing section and got my post mixed up with Irvin's quote.......please clean up if you can as I can't seem to fix it.
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    Bad practice?

    It wasn't the t-shirt or even the name on the racket, it was the racket itself. I am a Gasquet fan and know a few for instance he now has the leather grip all the way up the racket and for me the most telling signs is if you look closely at the racket you can see the liquid metal...
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    Bad practice?

    Saw this video and I find it hard to believe that a professional stringer would string mains from outside to inside. Just wanted to know if I'm missing something here.
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    34 year old beating No1 and 2 in straight sets : 2004-07 all over again ?

    I guess this just shows that wasn't the weak era and Fed is just that good!
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    What do you drink while stringing?

    The only time I drink anything is between the mains and crosses (2 piece) . I string with a Klipper, so you have to be consistent with clamping time to get a even string bed. That being said, its a Michelob Lager for me before, middle, and after the string job.;)
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    Slippage on Klippermate

    The solvents simply evaporate and they leave no residue. And you can get parts from Klippermate if your jaws are wearing out.
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    Slippage on Klippermate

    Use brake cleaner or carb cleaner its works like a charm and does not harm the metal.
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    X-2/Klippermate Parts Interchangeable?

    The klippermate nut or knot is bigger than the x-2....I have both.
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    Double pulling center mains

    The only way stringing this way is acceptable is if you are stringing with floating clamps and don't have a starting clamp.......but there is still Yulitle's method of starting the mains with floating clamps. This "IS" just my opinion and I myself just wouldn't string a racket this way for...
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    Double pulling center mains

    And that's what I said originally.....leave. Thanks for agreeing with me!
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    Double pulling center mains

    Your comment makes no sense, you are comparing a professional stringer with some old hack without a clue. Your abusing your privilege.
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    Double pulling center mains

    I wouldn't just do it "their way", I feel you as a stringer who knows better than to double pull should not knowingly give a unprofessional string job. I would just let the head stringer know exactly why this is poor and an unprofessional practice. The problem you will probably run into is pride...
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    'Keeping the head shape correct' during stringing

    uk-skippy............just out of curiosity was the player Richard Gasquet? The reason I ask is because I know he has a paint job and his real racquet is an Liquid metal instinct XL. I bought one from **** and when strung normally it deforms, I have developed a process that mostly eliminates the...
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    Do you still have triple clamp? If you do I will offer 40.00 shipped.

    Do you still have triple clamp? If you do I will offer 40.00 shipped.
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    Entry, Midrange, High End machines and Consistency...

    Ok then how do your explain the clamp straightening out the same when I pull the next string. If your point was valid the clamp would never twist because of the friction of the grommet and don't forget that even though the clamp twist there is still tension on the string.
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    Entry, Midrange, High End machines and Consistency...

    One of your comments was about the twisting of floating clamps and the loss of tension. In my opinion the twisting is due to lack of support by the non tensioned adjoining string, if that makes sense. My theory is that this minor twist is taken out on your next pull so it is irrelevant in my...
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    Entry, Midrange, High End machines and Consistency...

    Desire....I was only joking about the elitist part hence the lol! Apparently it is you who doesn't understand what I'm saying. I'm not going to write 10 paragraphs and get into a pooping contest with the moderator of tennis talk. I wasn't aware that this was an official debate and I have no...