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    Lahyani Supended

    I never used to be suspicious of tennis, but all the things that happened at the US Open lead me to think otherwise. I find it so hard to believe that Stan W. and Dimitrov faced each other in the first round at 2 consecutives tournaments. I am angry that the USTA gave Serena a night match for...
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    Tiafoe to Replace JMDP in Laver Cup

    I agree with you. It seems mean, but events like this are not increasing the visibility of tennis. I would like players like Djoker and Roger and Rafa that have earned approx. $100 million to do something to increase the visibility of the sport. They should be giving back to the sport that...
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    Tiafoe to Replace JMDP in Laver Cup

    This exhibition is a joke. I am still a Fed fan but I have lost a lot of respect for this money grab. Plus, Tiafoe dropped out of a real tournament next week in Asia so that he could play. Shouldn't he receive a fine? What was his excuse? I have to go to Chicago to get a bigger payday than I...
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    Lahyani Supended

    very glad to read about this. The statement that the USTA put out after the incident was ridiculous. The USTA just wanted Nick to play Fed next round. Hope he sticks to calling the score and related duties going forward.
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    The Serena Charade...

    I like Kevin a lot. He seems like a genuine person. However, he is starting to act like Djoko and a politician that is in a race. He LIKES all causes and all people. I got tired of Djoker's numerous comments on how wonderful Serena is because she had a baby and is trying to come back as a...
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    2018 Davis Cup - General Discussion

    He was playing Haase much as Haase played him in the Rogers Cup and tonight. Haase was thrown off by the loopy soft shots and his serve Percentage finally fell off too. 78% 1st set; 75% 2nd set 65% 3rd set. Both guys looked punchdrunk at the end. felt sorry for Robin, but he beat Denis...
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    The Shape Of Things To Come: Denis Shapovalov!

    I LUV you Denis! I didn't give up on you tonight even though you came out nervous and you were wearing a stupid bad luck headband and even though Gene Simmons was there! thanks for not giving up! LOVE YOU!
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    Canada v. Netherlands in Davis Cup

    it was that STUPID headband!
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    The Shape Of Things To Come: Denis Shapovalov!

    thanks for the gossip re: new Canadian Davis Cup captain. I didn't read anything except Marty said he was too busy with Denis and they named Frank. I am not sure of when Nestor announced his retirement, but he sure has had a tough year. He seems to have a new partner every tournament and...
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    Historical Davis cup Semis--USA vs Croatia

    Tiafoe looks lost today. He doesn't position his feet well at all.
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    Historical Davis cup Semis--USA vs Croatia

    It is reported that Sock sustained a hip injury during the doubles final at US Open. However, he will likely be in Chicago for Laver Cup.
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    The Shape Of Things To Come: Denis Shapovalov!

    Hey Canadian Shapo fans: I will likely be unable to catch the Davis Cup matches this weekend, but I have a favor to ask. Could any viewers let me know if they see Mr. Laurendeau in the audience? I am curious to see if he makes it. thanks so much. Merci beaucoup.
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    Umpires considering boycott of Serena's matches

    I am so mad at Serena for highjacking the match. However, it's been a few days and the most annoying thing without a doubt are all of these people that know absolutely NOTHING about tennis that continue to say the most ridiculous things about the match. Fools saying that Shapo threw his raquet...
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    Serena Williams

    if you have internet, you can watch a replay on ESPN3 or watch ESPN. it was a real trainwreck. The press is not reporting the whole truth and worse, my local TV channels don't even mention the winner's name: Osaka! I am really done with Serena.
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    2018 USO Womens Final : ThisMama Serena Williams vs Japanese Queen Naomi Osaka

    I am glad someone else heard that. In her rage, she accused Osaka of stealing a point from her. What a loser? how can sweet Naomi still consider her a role model?
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    Serena Williams

    Now she is talking about how much she has fought for Women's rights. Then she brings A. Cornet into the conversation. Just SHUT UP serena. The reporters are clapping for her. Probably scared she will slug them unless otherwise.
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    Serena Williams

    "I HAVE A DAUGHTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" you betcha she did.
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    Serena Williams

    now, in the press conference, Serena is talking about how she will explain to her daughter that Life isn't fair. I am sick to my stomach. Did anyone else hear say "She stole a point from me!" meaning that Naomi stole it from her. Her husband must be nuts.
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    Serena Williams

    This is like the 20th time that Chrissie E. has said that EVERY player gets coaching. shut up Chrissie Serena was a total ***** and the whole world got to see it up close and personal. "Every year this happens to me!" boo hoo! Now Mary Jo is saying "Serena is so passionate" I am going to...
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    Serena Williams

    yes, he did, but he quickly had to say that Osaka's coach was coaching on EVERY point, and then he brought Rafa into the conversation. Serena is such an immature person. So embarrassing for her. But most of all, Osaka was robbed of her moment. I feel for her so much.
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    More Proof That The US Open Has The Best Fans In Tennis

    I disagree with you. Shameful that they booed Osaka at the beginning of the ceremony. She was responsible for Serena's behavior and her excellent play was overlooked. Very sad for a young player to endure this.
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    Wilander doesn't want another Federer in tennis

    Please go back under your rock mats w. thanks.
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    Scheduling too much in favor of big three

    The scheduling definitely favors the top players, but it is due to TV and ticket sales. I think Isner is not a top attraction in the United States even though he is American. The big question to me is that Maria Sharapova got so many night matches. She is the #2 female draw after Serena, but...
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    Roger Federer needs to play more or consider retirement - Pat Cash

    Pat Cash is only seeking the limelight as usual. Perhaps he should spend more time coaching Coco. Her results have been horrible this year.
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    I am so tired of this its hot and humid stuff.

    The design of Arthur Ashe is bad. It is similar to numerous baseball stadiums in the USA that were constructed in the late 60s-70s that have all been replaced. Round and tall and no room for air circulation. These stadiums have been replaced with a lower profile design with an open outfield...
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    Help me, Kei Nishikori. You're my only hope!

    even though I was pulling for Marin yesterday I want Kei to go all the way. You can do it Kei!
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    US Open 2018 QF: (4) Juan Martín del Potro vs (11) John Isner

    Please get this servebot match finished ASAP. I have no idea why anyone would pay to see these 2 guys. I want anyone that isn't a servebot to win. The hell with Roger's record.
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    2018 USO R4 - [11] John Isner vs [25] Milos Raonic

    Isner needs to surrender early because he and Mr. Sock need to prepare for the tournament that really matters: LAVER CUP go Milos1
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    Why isn't Shapavolov breaking through?

    It's funny that you think Fritz has more potential that Zverev and Shapo. being an American, he has been given so many wildcards already and not capitalized on them. His highest ranking is #53 and that was 3 years ago because he did well at a 250 tournament in America (Memphis). he is going...
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    LMAO Zverev

    I watched his press conference. Seems like not too many journalists were there because they know they wont get much of an answer from him. He cant deal with the pressure at Grand Slam events whether he wants to admit it or not. It will be interesting to see how Lendl can help him. Funny how...