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  1. Batoussai

    Who here plays League Of Legends?

    It's probably the best free game there is. It has a pretty steep learning curve but you start at level 1 so in your first games you're paired with other level 1's. I've been playing it a while now and it really is great, fast games and really entertaining. You really don't need to pay for...
  2. Batoussai

    A Surprising Nadal-Picture

    Too bad there isn't a video of this. How I would love to see him hit some one-handers. :) Look at his funky griphold!
  3. Batoussai

    Did we miss the best match ever?

    Malisse - Almagro Just look at the unforced errors... Freaky stuff for more than 3.5 hours of playing. Greetings
  4. Batoussai

    Sharapova says: "In Wimbledon I'll wear something classy"

    Question is: When is she going to put it on? Maybe she's saving it for the finals.
  5. Batoussai

    Awesome Nadal = Awesome new technique

    Okay, I was thinking. We can all agree that Nadal is dominating the last 2 months of the season. And ofcourse this has everything to do with it being the gravelseason but right now he's also performing well on grass. He's been dominating the gravel for over 4 years now. In my opinion this...
  6. Batoussai

    All matches from Justine Henin (In times of despair)

    It's already posted with the video sticky but I just thought a reminder couldn't hurt anyone. After all, we won't be seeing live footage from Henin ever again. Here is the site with almost all of her matches on it. I hope a lot of people will keep on...
  7. Batoussai

    Will Henin win her 5th Roland Garros this year?

    Question is simple. Given the circumstances, none of the favorites seem to be playing very well, will Henin win her 5th crown? Or should we be expecting some other people to step up? My outsiders are: Safina, Dementieva, and maybe szavay.
  8. Batoussai

    Major Flashback?

    SPOILER!!! Does anybody else get a huge flashback to the Haas - Federer match. Haas retiring in Wimbledon. And sinus-problems. I mean what the hell. He got a cold? It's more than 30degrees over there. Haas has a Federercomplex. I'm sure of it.
  9. Batoussai

    My Experience Working A Week At WTA Antwerp

    Hey everybody, As some of you may know: I'm a guy living in Belgium. So ofcourse I'm a giant fan of Justine Henin, who was scheduled to play Antwerp this week. I sollicited for a job (as a student) at the company that provides the employees for the Proximus Diamond Games, the biggest WTA...
  10. Batoussai

    Technique help! (video)

    Hey everybody, Just bought a camera and filmed myself while playing tennis. It would be really great if you guys could give me some pointers. I know my footwork needs a lot of work. Maybe there are some tips anyone can give me based on the video to become a better player. I know you...
  11. Batoussai

    Sharapova doing "a Youzhny"

    Pervz... :p
  12. Batoussai

    Henin (Probably) has a new boyfriend!

    Hey all, So this just in: Justine Henin, world number one, probably has a new boyfriend. His name is Grégory Philippin and he is from the french-speaking part of Belgium. He is a politician in the city of Ans and knows Justine through her brother. He was spotted during the Quarter-final at...
  13. Batoussai

    Amazing Tennis Achievement!

    Hey guys, Time to let someone lowerranked in the spotlight! Steve Darcis, a Belgian player who's ranked 297 in the world (23 years old), is playing the final of the $ 525.000 tournament in Amersfoort! He got a wild card for the Qualies, got through to the main draw after beating the 1th...
  14. Batoussai

    Federer is only human (Proof!)

    Just saw this thread already existed Sorry
  15. Batoussai

    Haas Pulls Out + New Rule Should Be Applied

    A few moments ago Haas announced that he will not be playing Federer in the fourth round of Wimbledon due to a stomach-injury he got whilst playing Tursunov... In his match against Tursunov he took pills to lighten the pain but apparently this only made it worse... I think it would be...
  16. Batoussai

    Vliegen on Cañas!

    Vliegen in his (dutch) press conference this week, after his win over Gasquet: V: Cañas can play 10 hours... I can't play ten hours... V: I don't like those people. It are the rules that when you do your time after being caught you can come back... But still I don't like those people...
  17. Batoussai

    Why I respect Serena Williams!

    How long have we been playing gravel tennis in Europe now? For about one month I would say. How many Americans have we seen playing on the red courts in Europe? I can tell you something: Not many. I know now Blake and Ginepri are, sorry, were playing Hamburg. And I've seen movies of Roddick...
  18. Batoussai

    Federer's thickness

    Does federer frame look thicker than normal on this picture or is it just my imagination?
  19. Batoussai

    Great Tennis Movies!

    Hey, I already posted it with the sticky but I don't know if a lot of people still watch it. And this find is really to good to mis! All movies of Justine Henin-Hardenne, Great quality for entire matches... I already dl'ed the Capriati Match and it is really great...
  20. Batoussai

    5 Reasons why... *spoiler*

    The 5 reasons why Donald Young lost. Had to put spoilertags to not reveal the match ending. 1)After fighting with his puppy dog, he hurt his arm and had to get a medical treatment in the 4th set. 2)His cap was badly placed on his head (too much to the left), causing to much blood going to...
  21. Batoussai

    Cause of Roddick's bad results

    The news is out. Roddick and Sharapova are a couple. They've been so for over a year but have kept it secret because of Sharapova's young age. I would love to give you guys a link with the article but I'm afraid it's only for the dutch-speaking amongst us... Maybe Roddick's bad results are...
  22. Batoussai

    See Martina Training

    Okay here's what you got to do. You fly all the way to Switserland and go to ... No I'm messing with you guys... Surf to this site. Then click on the picture of Hingis or if she's already gone the...
  23. Batoussai

    Justine Henin Fedcup

    Justine Henin has just announced she is playing for Belgium again in the worldgroup against Russia. She's doing this to prove she still loves Belgium and wants to fight for her country after recent attacks from the press. She will be playing with Kim Clijsters and probably Kirsten Flipkens who...
  24. Batoussai

    Justine Henin Injustice!

    Hey guys, I'm from Belgium, you know the little dot on the globe where Kim Clijsters and Justine Henin-Hardenne come from (Xavier Malisse and Olivier Rochus for those non-women fans). Every year we have a tv-show to decide who where the best male and female athletes of the year. The male one...
  25. Batoussai

    Ps Ncode Team Problem

    Recently I bought the team version of wilson's new ncode series. I demo'd the tour version but because of problems with my wrist I couldn't buy a racquet that is too heavy. I feel the team racquet gives me good control and precision but the powerlevel is a bit on the low side, probably because...