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  1. yossarian

    Is angular momentum conserved? Can a ball on a string accelerate like a Ferrari engine?

    Forget about GOAT debates and the quest to convince a bunch of internet morons that your favorite player is cooler than theirs. How about one man's mission to convince science that a fundamental concept is flawed? That man's name? John Mandlbaur (2) Angular momentum is not conserved - YouTube...
  2. yossarian

    At a loss -- cannot find suitable hole to tie off final cross

    I recently came into possession of a head i.prestige mid. I have two flexpoint prestige MPs, and while I am relatively new at stringing my own racquets, I have been able to string those without much difficulty. However, I am at my wit's end with this one. I absolutely cannot find anywhere to...
  3. yossarian

    Adding lead

    Anyone else add lead tape to their socks to lower their center of gravity? Really helps maintain a stable base on low balls and returns
  4. yossarian

    What is the greatest argument in Talk Tennis history?

    I’m talking about Bodybuilders arguing over how many days are in a week kinds of entertainment
  5. yossarian

    Had a lesson for the first time in years yesterday

    The guy seemed knowledgeable enough. Former college player turned open tournament guy. Occasionally wins one here and there. Came strongly recommended by a friend But thanks to talk tennis, I knew what to look for He started by asking me what I wanted to work on. I promptly said “my serve!” My...
  6. yossarian

    I’m not really a fan of Ronald ‘Ronny’ Slobodchikov’

    I don't really have a problem with the guy. Because I have no idea who he is His on-court persona has always rubbed me up the wrong way even though I’ve never seen him play He probably comes across as egotistical, vain, and obsequious. In addition, the purported "slobchod” mode just puts him...
  7. yossarian

    Djokovic: "Today, I Retire for Serbia"

    Credit to @JMR Note: this is a stupid joke, guys. Try to have a sense of humor When American baseball legend Joe DiMaggio was once asked why he played so hard in a meaningless, end-of-season game, the star replied, "There might be somebody out there who's never seen me play before." Serbian...
  8. yossarian

    Breathing Issues

    Any tips would be appreciated