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    Did Becker underperform at Slams?

    I know Boris Becker is an ATG and 99% of all professional tennis players ever existed would give their right arm to have a career like his, but when checking his H2H stats you can wonder why he has "only" won 6 slams. Apart from Lendl (10-11) Agassi (4-10) and Sampras (7-12) ( with the latter...
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    Wimbledon or the US Open? What was Sampras' most dominant Slam?

    I know that Pete is widely regarded as one of the grass court GOATs ( even though many posters in the General Pro Player section thinking that Federer has surpassed him) and of course going by pure titels, Wimbledon is his best slam. However, contrary to this commun belief I sometimes have the...
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    Wimbledon in the 80s and 90s.Was it really a good tactics to S&V on second serve.

    When I watch old Wimbledon matches with players predominantly serving and volleying I always wondered whether it was actually a reasonable tactic to come in after the second serve. Sometimes you have the impression that most players did it more because it was common and the general view was that...