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  1. stefmeister

    Federer Laver Cup 2019 shoes up close

    I found a seller on Offerup selling these shoes for only $65. Never got a response :( Such a PITTTYYYYYY SO BEAUTIFUL
  2. stefmeister

    How do you mold a tennis handle?

    How do you mold a tennis handle?
  3. stefmeister

    What is one thing that you wish could be improved upon in stringing?

    do your fingers hurt? or ever wish for more grip when pulling crosses?
  4. stefmeister

    burning feet?

    When running sprints or moving fast on court, do your feet ever feel really hot from the burning rubber?
  5. stefmeister

    best string for Prince Phantom 93p 14x18?

    Hi I'm looking for a good string that generates insane spin but good ball pocketing for the phantom 93p. Thanks!
  6. stefmeister

    Babolat Star 3 motherboard or spare parts

    Hi, if you had either a spare part or motherboard for the Star 3 please contact me
  7. stefmeister

    New Adidas Stycon with BOA lacing

    Has anyone tried the new Adidas Stycon Boa? Seems like an upgrade from the first release and has the same technology that Tsitsipas wore during the ATP cup. Thoughts anyone? it is quite heavy around 16 ounces for a size 10.5
  8. stefmeister

    Good beginner stringing machine for around $250

    Hi, I'm looking into stringing my own rackets. I have a budget of around $250 dollars. Anybody know a good machine for this price?
  9. stefmeister

    pros with best wrist lags

    Anyone know players beside Federer, Tsitsipas, Del Potro, and Rublev that employ tons of wrist lag?