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  1. thebuffman

    Why do I lose to this guy?

    i'm not sure who is who. the op talks about hitting to a ohbh but both play with 2hbh. from what i see the strokes from each player are not equal. the lefty clearly has a better fh, more explosive bh and consistent serve. the guy wearing the white cap has a flaw in his fh quite pronounced...
  2. thebuffman

    Random One-Handed Backhand Question

    although i have never been a 2hbh hitter, i may be able to offer a little help. i use three grips during play, conti / east / sw depending on what i am looking to accomplish. the difference with the grips is contact point. continental is hit pretty much in plane with the body, eastern a...
  3. thebuffman

    Free Racket Stencils

    should definitely be stickied!
  4. thebuffman

    Multi with Better Spin than Poly?

    Nothing spins like poly. Put some of that Spiky Shark in your bed at 30 tension and report back to this thread.
  5. thebuffman

    Gosen OG Sheep Micro 16 crosses

    I use gosen with all my poly hybrids. You will love it.
  6. thebuffman

    3.0? Serve and volley and net rushing

    OP way to be aggressive. I hope you continue that disposition as you progress toward better and better tennis play. I wanted to leave a note for your brother. Tell him start training himself on passing shots. It is a technique that is very much worth learning in place of lobbing. When I...
  7. thebuffman

    Hitting at the ducks

    certainly. you want to do a search on the "drip drive" or "tennis dip drive" and you will have better results. here are some other videos: dip drive 1 dip drive 2 dip drive 3 drip drive 4
  8. thebuffman

    Stepping more in on Big serves

    against BIG servers my friend, i would call that a successful return. imho the objective against big servers is to neutralize their serve not attack it. if you are getting that serve back deep most of the time, i tip my hat to you.
  9. thebuffman

    Hitting at the ducks

    it is really amazing all of the different variations of shots the pros drill against. i can honestly say that i have never drilled against moon balls or drilled against nothing but slice or etc etc etc. but i guess when you do this stuff to put food on the table, you best be drilling...
  10. thebuffman

    Hitting at the ducks

    I recall when my coach was just beginning to teach me this stroke and I was just starting to trust the shot but could no longer afford to continue my lessons. He was showing me how to hit this stroke from the side and not out in front. The contact point was also far away from the body as...
  11. thebuffman

    Would a ball machine help improve your game?

    well said. if you go dtl, you better be for sure that it will force a weak reply or else you better get your running shoes on.
  12. thebuffman

    Would a ball machine help improve your game?

    OP, i LOVE! my ball machine. I purchased my Silent Partner Lite back in Dec of 08' and still use it til today. I am on my 3rd battery with it and have certainly gotten my $450 worth out of it. The only thing you want to be certain you do is not groove bad technique. Its best to pay $70/hour...
  13. thebuffman

    rally with the buddies

    weird, i don't recall the OP ever asking for tips. i thought he was just sharing his experience. thanks for sharing OP. looks like you and your buddies were having a good time.
  14. thebuffman

    Attacking with the backhand

    Noctis I understand what you are asking and believe it or not your reply to receiving a CC shot your backhand is solid; a CC topspin back. Your game is transitioning toward strategy now that you have the strokes and can sustain a good rally even to your backhand. I would begin to study Wardlaw...
  15. thebuffman

    String Guide to the Perplexed

    when i first started playing, this thread was a godsend! thanks for bringing back memories.
  16. thebuffman

    Thebuffman's Playtest Journal

    you know what is intriguing is a discussion i had with my doctor. she explained how a lot of times what happens is that the body will suffer an injury and then overcompensate by shifting more of the duty to other parts of the body. she believed in my situation my initial shoulder pain caused...
  17. thebuffman

    String Wizards please reply

    in addition to what ricardo said, stroke matters as well. flat ball hitters typically, and from my experience, do not go through string as fast as hitters with spinny strokes. i've seen flatter hitters and pushers play with one full synthetic gut job for a year.
  18. thebuffman

    Need Advice

    Ibo take it from a guy who suffered from tennis elbow and golfers elbow at the same time and just recently recovered from bicep tedonosis. walk away from the sport for a few months or else your body will force you to walk away for a lot longer. with all of my injuries i kept playing through...
  19. thebuffman

    Gut/poly emptying my pockets

    be careful with dropping the natty gut too low. i wasted a good set before. it was simply too powerful and i had to overcompensate too much being sure to come over the ball a lot more just to hit with power and keep the ball in. here is the configuration i play with. my string job was...
  20. thebuffman

    Thebuffman's Playtest Journal

    that's a good question. if my racquets were not so heavy, i would think not. the high swingweight of my racquets takes a lot of pressure off the joints as the racquet does most of the work.
  21. thebuffman

    Best poly for volley???

    for a full poly bed, this has my vote +1
  22. thebuffman

    Thebuffman's Playtest Journal

    thank you my friends. it is certainly good to be back. my shoulder is about 90% and feels great. a little ibuprofen after hitting sessions helps a lot. update - i've added bhbr/gosen and polystar energy reviews if anyone is interested.
  23. thebuffman

    suggest a string?

    Three words my friend: Poly Star Energy! here is a review i did on the string. you will love this stuff for all court play. the best poly i have played to date that can shift gears from different sections of the court. This stuff is so arm friendly you might even try it in a full bed.
  24. thebuffman

    Help with polyester strings

    for cheaper side you should definitely try BHBR (as 2Hare mentioned) and Genesis Typhoon. Both cheap, spinny and powerful.
  25. thebuffman

    Thebuffman's Playtest Journal

    thanks for all the love my friends. just want to let everyone know that I am back on court and play testing again. i have made some new comments if interested.
  26. thebuffman

    I accidentally hit my opponent twice - now he thinks I'm targeting him...

    the guy seriously needs to grow up. once a buddy of mine was mad because he was losing. while walking heading over to hydrate during the change over he wacks at a sitting ball straight into the net. when it rolls back at him he wacks it again but this time it screamed over the net slamming...
  27. thebuffman

    BHB7/BHBR Hybrid Tension?

    not exactly sure how that helps the OP. being solution oriented is a preferred lifestyle.
  28. thebuffman

    Thebuffman's Playtest Journal

    sorry my friends. i will be back in a few more months. i've been in shoulder rehab. bicep tendonosis was the diag. been months since i've even picked up a racquet. whisper a prayer for me if you would. later
  29. thebuffman

    Thebuffman's Playtest Journal

    the battleship grey. i've never tried the blue.
  30. thebuffman

    Thebuffman's Playtest Journal

    off the cuff i will say that bhbr produces more spin while typhoon has more pop and power. typhoon is that perfect blend of soft and crisp producing a sick POP when you tag that ball. once my shoulder heals i will revisit bhbr spending more time with it to get a full sense of its capability.