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  1. darkhorse

    Adding new players during the season?

    I'm currently back playing USTA league after a bit of a layoff, and as luck would have it the team I'm on is doing really well. Generally I can't complain about anything the captain is doing, as even though we're is position to win our flight, playing time is more or less evenly distributed...
  2. darkhorse

    Northern Section players!

    Where are you? I saw on another thread that the Northern section is the smallest "mainland" section for the USTA (Hawaii and the Caribbean were smaller), but tennis does seem relatively popular at least in the Twin Cities. I've heard that tennis also has pretty high participation in North Dakota...
  3. darkhorse

    Workout routines to do before a match

    Here is my current situation: I signed up for a league that plays once a week at 6:30pm, I get off work at 4:30, and the match site is pretty close to work . This is a fairly large city, and I can get home and drive back to the match but it's a hassle since this is all near downtown, so I'm...
  4. darkhorse

    Experiences with World Team Tennis?

    I've been looking for alternatives to the conventional USTA Team leagues, as I wasn't really having fun with the leagues near me. I came across a WTT "Rec League" near me, and I thought it might be an interesting thing to try out, but since I've never really played under WTT rules and honestly...
  5. darkhorse

    Can somebody explain "UTR/Universal Tennis" to me?

    I've seen it mentioned here quite a few times, and I was aware that it's a rating system that's supposed to compile various different systems from various parts of the world and make them into one. OK, that's all well and good I guess, seems like a fine idea. So I go to the site, register, and...
  6. darkhorse

    Would you be comfortable with co-ed play in a flex league?

    I signed up a flex league the runs through the early fall, I played last season and was able to have some competitive matches. The league has several divisions for male players, but due to lack of participation, the women's division is limited to one division for all players. For the fall...
  7. darkhorse

    Singles net posts in league play?

    I recently picked up the Quik-Stiks from TW, mostly just to measure the net, but I thought about using them in the singles league (non USTA) I play in. But then I read the instructions and it said that the height of the net for singles is the "most violated rule". It got me thinking, in...
  8. darkhorse

    Is there some secret to scheduling matches in a flex league that I'm not aware of?

    I recently joined a local flex league (not USTA affiliated) where the idea is to schedule matches with people who are (at least meant to be) around your skill level. There's no set opponent at any time, you're just given a list of names/emails/phone numbers and people indicate their preferred...
  9. darkhorse

    What are people's experiences with switching from the old Instinct mold to the new?

    I recently decided to get back into tennis this summer after about a 2 year layoff, and I had been using the Microgel Instinct for some time before that (actually started with the Flexpoint Instinct when it was brand new). Well I checked the TW site to see if the IG Instinct was on sale...
  10. darkhorse

    MSV Focus Hex v. LUX ALU Rough v. PHT

    It's time for me to finally restring my stick (Microgel Instinct) after more than a year. I was using a hybrid of ALU Rough in the mains at 53 lbs and PSG w/ Duraflex in the crosses at 55 lbs and I loved it. The strings are finally starting to really move around which has always been my queue to...
  11. darkhorse

    Tennis scene in Iowa (specifically Des Moines)?

    I'm most likely going to be moving to Des Moines this fall for law school, and I'm wondering what kind of tennis is played in the area. I saw a website for the Greater Des Moines Tennis Association, but it looks like it's just a ladder in the summer. Are there any 3.5 teams in the city?
  12. darkhorse

    If your team doesn't have enough players by season's start, do you get a refund?

    Basically, my usual team had a bunch of guys get moved up (except me by some miracle), and we may not get enough players by the time the season starts. Would I get refunded the sign-up fee for the team? I mean I hope this doesn't happen but I also don't want to be out $20.
  13. darkhorse

    Does anyone else fear that the Instinct line will be phased out?

    I've been an Instinct user for quite a while now (I think four or five years), and I think it's a great stick. I recently went from the Flexpoint to the Microgel version and I think there's actually a bit of an improvement. But all the pros who were "using" Instincts now have Extremes, so it...
  14. darkhorse

    HA, I got the #1 seed in my first adult tourny

    Of course, seeds were chosen at random, but it's my name at the top of the draw. I've played some Junior tournaments a few years ago with no success (my only win was a walkover), but I was playing in two very tough sections for juniors (SE Michigan and NW Ohio), and these adult tournies are...
  15. darkhorse

    Wilson Hammer 4.0 Stretch OS rare?

    I've been going through my parents' old racquets and looking to sell them, and when I searched the Hammer 4.0 my mom had, a listing came up on the auction place that claimed it was a rare stick. Is there any truth to this?
  16. darkhorse

    Question about the worth of a few racquets I've got lying around

    All Wilson, all oversize and are in pretty good shape for their age (8/10 at the lowest). Prostaff 4.7 Prostaff 5.9 Hammer 4.0, 5.0, 6.4 These are my parents' old racquets and we just decided to get rid of them.
  17. darkhorse

    Suggestions for MG Instinct

    I am now the proud owner of a brand new Microgel Instinct after using the Flexpoint version for a few years. I've never hit with one personally but I've heard the difference between the two versions is relatively small, but I was about to try some new setups anyway so this seems like a good...
  18. darkhorse

    A few questions about the KBlade 98

    Right now I'm using a Flexpoint Instinct with PSGD @ 55 lbs. Those are getting to be hard to find, I demo'd some racquets today, and I just loved the KBlade 98. Great feel on both forehand and backhand, pretty good at net as well. I didn't hit any serves yet but I think it'll be pretty good in...
  19. darkhorse

    Tennis scene in Kracow, Poland?

    I'm going on a Study Abroad trip to Krakow this summer and I've been kind of curious if tennis is big over there and how numerous public courts are. I think I remember hearing something about it gaining a bit of popularity in the country when a Polish girl made it to a pretty high ranking (I...
  20. darkhorse

    Has HEAD really cracked down on their warranty replacements?

    I had a racket crack at the base of the throat on Saturday, so I was going to send it in to HEAD to try and get a replacement. Well the rep I talked to said that they were enforcing the 1 yr manufacturer warranty (the racket I had was about 3-4 yrs old) and it would be a waste of money to send...
  21. darkhorse

    2004 Olympic tennis incident?

    A while ago I heard the announcers on ESPN and CBC reference an incident at the 04 Olympic tournament in which somebody got really upset at an opponent because he didn't display the new balls after a ball change properly. I vaguely remember this but I don't remember who was involved. Is there a...
  22. darkhorse

    Has anybody switched from the Flexpoint Instinct to the MG Instinct?

    Since the Flexpoint version has become scarce and only available on auction sites, I'm looking at at least giving the Microgel version a demo this summer, but since the specs are almost identical and the user reviews say it's about the same but a little better, I'm just curious if that's the...
  23. darkhorse

    Any more Flexpoint Instincts coming in ever?

    I'm just curious since I've seen them selling for pretty cheap at a major sporting goods store and I'm wondering if I should get them whenever I see them or what.
  24. darkhorse

    Western Michigan tennis

    I'm just curious if anyone here is from or has played in the West Michigan area. I go to GVSU and I'm trying to get on a USTA team (3.0 likely, although I have no idea what to rate myself) at a club called Ramblewood in Grandville. They seem to be pretty good (every team that shows up on a...
  25. darkhorse

    ATP Masters Series Toronto in 2008

    I just thought how cool it would be to check out that tournament next year, so I'm wondering if any of you have been there, what was it like, how much did it cost (hotel and all), etc. I would like to go there Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but that's obviously the most expensive ticket to get.
  26. darkhorse

    Rating and Tournaments

    I was thinking about entering a tournament later in the summer, but since I haven't played in any USTA matches since I turned 19, I'm not sure what division to enter in. I think I'm between a 3.0 and 3.5, so am I allowed to enter one of those divisions, or do I have to go to the Open division...
  27. darkhorse

    Anybody from the Grand Rapids, MI area?

    I go to school at GVSU, and I want to play in a USTA league up there, so I'm wondering what the tennis community is like. If I have to start a team myself I'm willing to do that. Also, does anybody here play for a team that uses a college's courts, and how did you reach an agreement to use...
  28. darkhorse

    Has one tried to start a club/intramural program on a college campus?

    I've come to the conclusion that I want to make the transition from hockey player to tennis player completely, rather than trying to find a way to play both (it's a lot cheaper this way). The problem is that my school is lacking a real intramural tennis program, we have a tournament in the fall...
  29. darkhorse

    Head LM Instinct Tour XL

    Anywhere I can find these new? I gave it a demo last year and I really liked it, but didn't buy it. Now it seems as if they're discontinued, and I'm curious if there's any place that still sells them.
  30. darkhorse

    USTA League experiences

    I'm thinking about joining a USTA league for the first time this summer, what are some your guys' experiences with it? If any of you are from the NW Ohio area (Toledo), which clubs have you found to be the best with leagues? Also, does it cost any money (I assume it does) and how much?