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    Wawrinka will win USO 2015 or AO 2016

    In the spirit of TT madness I'll just call it now. Stan the Man will win either the US Open later this year or the Australian Open next year. Or both!
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    Flag Time! For your avataring amusement.
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    Robredo's shirts makes me think of...

    The logos on Robredo's shirts... remind me of... the local public transport service. It doesn't help that the yellow polo even looks like something a bus driver would wear to work.
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    My Nadal fandom, man vs myth

    I ain't nobody's fanboy (expect for maybe Coria) and I've posted about all of that before. When I see or hear about Nadal in the Media or especially read about him on TT I get the sense that he isn't wel liked, he isn't a good guy, and maybe despite his success he hasn't been good for the...
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    Radicals v Speeds in 2015

    Which Head series sells better as of 2015? The Radicals or the Speeds?
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    TW racquet brand placement.

    The TW menu used to feature Babolat, Wilson, Head, Prince and Dunlop bolded above the rest of the brands. Now it is Babolat, Head, Wilson, Prince, Volkl and Yonex featured/bolded above the others. Interesting to note.
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    TW racquet menu, did you notice?

    The racquet brand menu used to feature Babolat, Wilson, Head, Prince, and Dunlop bolded above the rest of the brands. With the new look they have Babolat, Head, Wilson, Prince, Volkl, and Yonex featured/bolded at the top. Just thought I'd point out that subtle change.
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    New avatar in honor of FINNISH For all the FINNISH fans out there. Please adopt as your avatar.
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    Mythbusters: Spin friendliness, Extreme MP vs Instinct MP

    Both the Extreme MP and Instinct MP are 16x19 and 100 sq. in. The Extreme has the big, wide head and the Instinct a more traditional narrow oval. See for yourself which has the more open string pattern. It may be hard to see here because the Extreme is wearing black Gamma and the Instinct is...
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    Head Extreme series updates?

    Does each new version of the Extreme line come out on the same timeframe as the Radicals and Prestige? The Graphene XT Speeds and Instincts were Just recently released and someone has said the Graphene XT Radicals and Prestige are next, when is the Graphene XT Extreme due? Head is on a two...
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    Dunlop ball minutiae

    How much difference is there between the Grand Prix balls and the A Player balls? Same core listed for each. The A Player's claim to have a slightly brighter felt but it doesn't claim to be better.
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    What do you perceive as 'tack' in an overgrip?

    i have only played a few overgrips and I was wondering what everyone thinks of the property of 'tack' or 'tackiness' in an overgrip. Personally I have already perceived two related feelings that both seem to be called 'tackiness' but whereas I like one I dislike the other. One one hand there...
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    Syngut tension maintenance

    Which of the popular synthetic guts, like Prince Original and Gosen Sheep, hold their tension the best? Is the answer the same for 16ga as it is for 17ga?
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    Dunlop overgrips, all cut the same?

    Are all Dunlop overgrips left square at the throat end? Not tapered at each end, I should say? I don't mind when I'm redoing it at home but it bugs me when I'm court side either having to take the time to trim it with Locke scissors or leave it. I don't like the unfinished look of a square...
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    Modding my IG Prestige S

    One of my IG Prestige S is stock except for the overgrip. It comes in at 11.6 ounces strung and with the overgrip, 5pts head light, and TW lists the swingweight at 315. The other was set up identically and fortunately it was similar spec, it measures at 11.5 with the same strings and grip. As...
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    Gray overgrips, anyone else?

    I like the look of gray overgrips. I know it's a petty thing but it looks good on each of my different racquets. I see tons of blue, white, and black but not much else? Any other fans of gray?
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    Lifelong 1HBH, how to transition to 2HBH

    i've always played with a one-handed backhand, eastern grip, but I think with the ravages of time I'm losing some manouverability on that side and would like to try out a two-hander. My 1HBH is so grooved, what is thbest place to start? What types of drills or hitting is the best bet?
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    Head pros on clay?

    Which Head pros have the best games on clay?
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    Simon c Ferrer

    i'm really enjoying this one, espcially with the live ESPN feed without commentary. Simon really gets after himself. I wish my French was better.
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    Head should keep the Prestige and Radical lines non-Graphene

    This is an idea that people have surely shared before, at least about the Prestige, and one I have recently shared in a couple of places. I think Head's need to have the same latest tech in each line needs to go. It has been this way with the, for a while but the Graphene line, not just the...
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    Poly and the intermediate player

    This may sound like a really vague question but since there is always a lot of interest in poly strings by players of all levels it might be good to get some thoughts on this from experienced stringers and players. Maybe if it gets really good response it could become a sticky and reduce the...
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    More prestigious now, Australian or US Open?

    Which is the more prestigious Open currently, the Austrlian Open or the US Open?
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    Last men's #1 not using a big three raqcuet?

    Who was the last men's #1 player to use a racquet from someone besides Babolat, Head or Wilson?
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    I thought I was a vibe dampener user...

    I had seemingly always used vibration dampeners by habit. The last time I experimented without them was with my Volkl Classic V1. Without the dampener it was much more pingy, so I put it back on. This was always with the small rubbery ones, not the wormy types. My newest Heads both came...
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    Prince DuraTac+ and DuraPro+ overgrips?

    Is the DuraPro+ overgrip a replacement for the DuraTac+ overgrip or do they differ. The DuraTac+ seems to be discontinued and I may not have noticed because I never used one before.
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    Full poly in your Prestige or Radical?

    Any of us mortals that like full poly in a Prestige or Radical? What are your setups? My new Prestige S is merely the S model, but it is a nice racquet. It's not far from some other Radicals I've demoed.
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    Different surfaces, different racquets?

    Has their ever been a pro to use two different racquets depending on surface? It would probably had to have been a player who varied their game quite a bit depending on surface. Besides setup tweaks, has anyone ever gone that far? Flame on! (Or contribute, maybe. Just a thought)
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    Strings brands vs string makers?

    In the world of guitar strings it is often known by insiders that there ar fare more brands of strings than actual manufacturers. The biggest manufacturers sell their own brand, contract for other brands with those brands' specifactions, and even simply relabel for other brands sometimes. How...
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    Is this too cheap for a good result?

    Is $12 plus the cost of string (providing my own) too cheap to expect a decent stringjob? The proshop at the local University is close and handy but if I provide my own strings they charge $19 and with all the racquet and string testing i've been doing I was looking for something a little...
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    String rec. for Dunlop Bio 400

    I bought a Dunlop Biomimetic 400 (standard version) used and it will need some strings. Does anyone have recommendations for a basic syngut or inexpensive multi for this frame? I have heard the 400s can be string sensative. If you have ideas for a cheap poly or hybrid setup that isn't...