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    I'm @Work and really want to see the Aussie Open

    Does anyone know about any Live streaming sites. I had to go to work in teh third set of the Tsonga match and I'd love to catch the last set but the official site isn't doing live streaming to the US. Are there any streaming alternatives?
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    I may have broken my butt/extreme lower back. Any other old guys have this?

    OK, So this is a little embarrassing. My butt hurts.... it's not really my butt more my extreme lower back/tail bone area. I haven't fallen on my tail bone recently that I can remember but WOW it hurts. It REALLY hurts to sit down, or anything that puts pressure on that area. I scheduled...
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    Political "Silly-Land" - Does the Media have an obligation to Participate.

    I'll start this by again disclosing that I'm a Barack Obama supporter. I saw an article this morning about former Republican Nomination contender Mike Huckabee. He was at a NRA rally and had some Choice words about Obama. When I first heard the report I was annoyed even though he apparently...
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    Is McCain Too Old to be president?

    Is McCain Too Old to be president? I understand he's the presumptive Republican nominee, but this guy is really old. I watched an Obama rally this morning, and the guy looked light, confident, and energetic. He's had maybe one full day off the last few months. Then there's McCain He...
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    Help Old Guys! :-) Looking for Home Remedies - Gout

    I didn't think I was rich, old, and fat... but I guess I am :-) I woke up in the middle of the night because I thought I broke my foot. I didn't remember kicking a wall like a soccer ball, but I was seriously unhappy. I also thought maybe I over did the tennis and had a stress fracture...
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    Subliminal Therapy - Delta/Dream Sleep Aides - Any Suggestions?

    OK so I'm not generally a tree hugging hippy Type but I'm interested and not sure where to go, or what to buy. I was curious has anyone ever used one of these CD's that's supposed to help your mind enter REM sleep better/faster/longer? Their supposed to sound like white noise type waves...
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    Plateau Busters!! Whats' the fastest Methods to break through Weight loss Plateaus?

    So I'm losing fat, and gaining muscle. I'm into my second week of weight training. I've lost about 20-25lb so far and I think I'm hitting a plateau. My calories have been between 1400-1600 a day for the last 6 weeks. And they are mainly from fruits/vegetables/whole grains/ lean meats...
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    The Dyna-Flex-So it works now what? Looking for tennis tips.

    I bought a Dyna-Flex exercise gyro about a week ago. At first I thought it was broken, but the paper said it's not broken. I kept playing with it and now I got it. I can start it and keep it going. The thing is, currently all I do is play with it and move it around until I get bored or the...
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    Is Reagans "Star Wars" a reality - Should I be scared or feel safe?

    Is Reagans "Star Wars" a reality - Should I be scared or feel safe? So they shot down that satelite. Apparently about a year ago a similar Chinese weapons system failed to hit it's target. We apparently nailed it. So the dream of Ronald Reagan of having a US defense/Nuclear defense net...
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    Trying to lose weight, Best Late PM snack?

    I've been trying to get back to my "fighting weight". I've been doing about2000 calories a day. I eat 5 times a day, w/ 3 main meals 2 snacks. I eat dinner 6-6:30PM. My problem is I don't go to sleep until 11pm-1AM, and I get really hungry. I've been eating fruit. Usually a combo or...
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    B-12 Injections are they safe/effective.

    I've been starting to take off some of the winter pounds to get ready for next season. I've started reducing my calories. I've been a little lethargic on my 2000 calorie a day diet. I also stopped drinking coffee, etc. A friend said I should try B-12 injections. They said 1ml twice a week...
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    Does the US economy need a Recession?

    Any economics types around. Obviously the US economy is causing ripples around the world. The fed, republicans, and democrats all seem invested in trying to slow down this possible recession or at least easing the pain. Is this a good idea? Would the economy as a whole be better off if...
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    To the ladies: Do you like Venus Williams new line?

    I saw another "Eleven" outfit tonight. They are surprising me. I was expecting something crazy looking but her clothes so far have some real clean classic lines, and seem to be well fit and good materials. I'd buy it for my wife if she played :-)
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    Inside Very Serious US Political Talk - Meghan McCain the Blogette

    Is it me or is Meghan McCain stacked. I know the bar is low but I think she also may be one of the hotter presidential daughters(potential). Lastly The Dennis Kucinich guy. How'd he get with that hot 28 year old. I need to run for president. As the one marginally serious note. In...
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    Boo! Link to Ghost photos

    I think it's all garbage but some of the back stories are kinda cool/funny.
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    But I know I'm a nut.... with my car.

    I'm usually a mellow easy going guy. But I picked a fight with my wife this weekend, and she thinks I'm a nut and I know she's right. I have a sports car, which is actually my dream car since I was 14, I think. Anyway it has plastic door handles where you can open and close the doors w/o...
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    What makes Someone a "Sellout"

    I recently moved from an Atlanta Suburb to a more "prestigious" younger area ITP(inside the perimeter) which is closer to my wife's and my job. We moved into the area because it is much closer to work, all the places we go to, restaurants, better tennis closer, more childless professionals...
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    Coaches: Tennis and Music, a good pair?

    A buddy of mine just told me about a new coach he is going to this weekend. He's trying to convince me to go. The coach's hook is, he's had some jazz tape made or found not sure, that uses the perfect Rhythm for tennis. They have speakers right near the courts, and play the music and they...
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    Ironic?Movie:"Corporation"-using the same tools/methods to further their agenda

    I just watched a movie called "Corporation" which apparently came out in 2003. It's Public domain so anyoen can watch it for free. I've personally done contract work for many of the corporations mentioned in this movie, and benifited. Obviously...
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    Drink hot or cold water and Cure Cancer?

    My mom sent me some info today. I wanted to get some opinions on validity. The warm water one sounds like it could have some merit or is it all just internet garbage :-) DRINK WATER ON EMPTY STOMACH It is popular in Japan today to drink water immediately after waking up every...
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    Can scratching your head make you bald?

    I have a bad habit that when I get frustrated or a little angry I kinda scratch/rub the back of my head. My wife insist this habit will make me prematurely bald. Can there be any truth to this? I've also heard that wearing ball caps can make you bald quicker.
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    Slice Backhand I usually trust my coach but this time........

    We are working on improving the "heavyness" and depth of my defensive shots. For my backhand slice I was kinda flicking my wrist during/right after contact and I was losing depth and consistancy. My coach has told me to completely lock out my elbow, and to lock my wrist like I do on my...
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    Best Instructional Video Site to spend My money on.

    I've been considering getting a membership at either or . Anyone have any opinions on which is better. I'm current a 3.5+ trying to get to a solid 4.0-4.5+.
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    iPhone - Would you ever pay 700$ for a cell phone?

    From what I can see the iPhone is clearly the coolest cellphone ever, and maybe the coolest gadget since the ipods, but who would pay 700$ for a cell phone? Not me.
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    There's gotta be a better way: Finding a good tennis coach that won't break the bank

    I'm in Atlanta, GA and looking for some recommendations for a new coach. OK So my problem, after going through about 7 coaches I finally found a great guy. He doesn't charge rates I can't pay(25$ an hour) and I've been making good progress with him. The problem because he is so good, and...
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    Any good tennis camps in Atlanta-GA or close to.

    I'm looking for a long weekend type camp either in or near atlanta. Maybe 3-4 hours drive max. So ga, tennesse, sc, maybe options? I want to go to the newk's camp I keep hearing about but with airfare it'll be a little expensive for my selfish tennis weekend :-)
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    Strategy:Does it ever make sense to lose/"TANK" a set?

    I just finished watching the Roger Federer French open match. Second set his serve/everything was off and he was down 4-1, then 5-1, finally lost the set 6-1. Seemed like he just went into cruise control, lost the set and rested....... Came back 3rd set like a freight train. Won 6-1, 6-2...
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    Etiquette: When does "Celebration" go to far? Best way to deal.

    I saw someone post "Agreed. My team faced the biggest jerk i've seen in years this week. He made repeated bad calls on liners and inside liners i observed in the match and watching from sideline. Acted very aggressive and kept making a Rick Flair "woooooooooooooo" noise and actions after...