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  1. Lozannois

    QC General Thread - Comparison between brands

    Hello Folks, What about we gather all information about QCs in this tread only... How would you rank QCs between brands? Here is my guess: Angell Yonex Tecnifibre Head Prince Babolat Wilson Dunlop? Volkl? Prokennex? Which ones you trust the most? Cheers
  2. Lozannois

    Wilson Blash official thread

    The feeling of the Blade with the specs of the Clash (98 and 100 + 18x20 version)... Please Wilson, make our wish come true and release one day which is gonna be the best line of racket you will have ever sold! AMEN
  3. Lozannois

    New RF DNA Wilson bag

    Hi TW, Do you know if a new RF DNA bag will be released soon? Thank you
  4. Lozannois

    Strings written reviews

    Hi TW, Thank you again for the wonderful job you are doing to serve passionate of tennis like us. I was wondering. Any chance to written review Head Velocity and Weisscanon Silverstring? These are two very special amazing strings which deserve a written review on your website for sure. Would...
  5. Lozannois

    18x20 Royal battle - Head Prestige MP vs. Yonex Vcore Pro 97HD vs Gravity Pro vs. Blade V7

    Let's make a topic about the best current 18x20 rackets! So…??? Who wants to start? What are your thought about these rackets? How do you think they compare? And does anyone here tried them all? Which racket would you add to the subject list? Personally, my current stick is the Blade v7 18x20...
  6. Lozannois

    How would you compare.....

    1) Prince Textreme tour 100 (310) 2) Yonex Ezone 100 (2020) 3) Wilson ultra v3 100 (2020) Which one do you think has the best balance of power/control/manoeuvrability/stability? Thank you! Envoyé de mon ONEPLUS A5000 en utilisant Tapatalk
  7. Lozannois

    Hybrid advice between 17 and 18: what does make sense?

    Hi everyone, I am a big fan of both kirchbaum max power 17 (1.25) and kirchbaum max power rough 18 (1.20), especially on my blade v7 18x20. Control and touch are amazing. I would like to hybrid them. What does make more sense? The 18 as cross and 17 as main or the opposite? Or it doesn't make...
  8. Lozannois

    Head Prime Pro overgrip

    Hi @TW Staff , I was just wondering if you know when the Head prime pro overgrip will be available for sale on TW Europe ? Anybody tried these ones ? What do you think ? Thank you Envoyé de mon ONEPLUS A5000 en utilisant Tapatalk
  9. Lozannois

    Best thin polys

    Hi everyone, Need your help and feedbacks with regards to your experience with thin polys. I would like to try some of them on my Blade V7 18x20 and Tecnifibre TF40 18x20 and I am curious about the following ones : RS Lyon 17L (1.20) Weisscannon Silverstring 18 (1.20) Kirschbaum max power...
  10. Lozannois

    Mayami strings

    Hi everyone, I see Mayami strings are gaining popularity but nobody talk about them on this forum. Anybody had the chance to try one of their strings ? What is your feedback ? Apparently some of them play like alu power but with better tension maintenance... Thank you Cheers Envoyé de mon...
  11. Lozannois

    Isospeed Grey fire

    Hi guys, Is there anyone out there that have some experience with this string and who could let us have his feedback ? Thanks :)
  12. Lozannois

    Help me choosing a classic frame

    Hi everybody, I would like to add a classic frame to my collection. Also which one would you recommend me? My dream specs are as follows : 97-100 inches 305-310gr 7pts hl 315-325 sw 18X20 My current favorite sticks are : Wilson Blade 98 18x20 Angell custom v3 18x20 Head Gravity Tour 18x20...
  13. Lozannois

    Some strings that deserve to be reviewed by TW

    Hi TW, You do a really good job with all the reviews of material you have shared with us along so many years. Also thank you for that ! That being said, there are a few strings that IMO really deserve to be reviewed by your team and as follows : - Weisscanon Scorpion - Weisscanon Silverstring...
  14. Lozannois

    Tecnifibre ICE CODE

    Hello Dear TW staff, I was just wondering following to your Youtube review if there will be a written review of the Tecnifibre ICE CODE ? Thank you Cheers
  15. Lozannois

    The final candidates of my 1 year test

    Hi guys, After having tried around 40 strings, I have now selected the below strings as final potential winners ;). The idea is to create the best Poly/poly hybrid (which highly depends on the racket of course. In my case I only play with 18x20 97 to 100 inchs rackets - Wilson Blade, Prince...
  16. Lozannois

    Signum Pro X-Perience

    Dear TW team, I was just wondering if there would be any possibility to review the Signum Pro X-Perience ? To be honest I am a little bit surprised it has not been tested yet. This is a very well rated string and Signum is a well known and reputed company. I sincerely believe a serious...