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    Does Daniil Medvedev win two Slam titles in a row in Melbourne?

    ^not you lol. I just meant other certain members in general......(unless the shoe fits haha)
  2. Turning Pro

    Does Daniil Medvedev win two Slam titles in a row in Melbourne?

    Only because I'm not too pretentious at giving prophesies at this forum (unlike a certain few 'others'). Let's see come 2022.....
  3. Turning Pro

    Does Daniil Medvedev win two Slam titles in a row in Melbourne?

    Well i think Med has finally grown up since the Us open 21', slam wise. He's reached 3 of the last 5 hardcourt slam finals as well so if he reached the 4th, I'd give him a 60% chance no matter who's on the other side of the net. ☺
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    The beads are back o_O

    Venus looking fire . Anyone think she looks better/more attractive than Serena in general?
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    Rafa's yacht is ridiculous o_O

    Absolutely. Saw this a few days ago in 4k . Rosberg is such a cool guy too and the ping pong mini game was too funny. Great video
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    Federer AO 2006 vs Djokovic AO 2021?

    Nadal in 7. Vamoooos
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    Longest win streaks in Grand Slams from Big3

    105-3 is also a god mode cheat but actually FACTS ☺
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    Imagine Nadal didn't get injured in 2016

    Let's be brtually honest.....Nadal was winning 2016 FO before his wrist injury. 2015 was an anomaly...he then won the next 4 FO anyways and 13 in Total. Let's get more profound; Nadal was actually playing himself into form as was looking REALLY good. Imo if Nadal/Djoker met this year it would...
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    Best version of Djokovic to lose in USO Final?

    Wow completely forgot about Nadal not losing a hc match till then. Don't think even peak Fed at Us open would have beat him then (imho, maybe 2004/2006 would go to 5). P.S 2010 US open Nadal was probably even better. ( 2010 Serve wise, speed, aggression but groundies slight edge 2013...)...
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    Who is better at their worst slam: Fed at RG or Nadal at AO?

    Well Nadal nearly beat Djokovic and Federer at the AO whereas Fed never really got close to beating Nadal at the French imho. Also Fed never beat Nadal at the French whereas Nadal beat him 3 times at the AO including a little known final there........
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    Another reminder.....

    Nadal had a wrist injury when he was on a tear before the Fo16, wimbledon 09 he would've been joint favourite with fed, wimbledon 07 knee slip at end of 4th set, nadal, ao14 self explanatory, 2018 us open however it'd be tough against djoker to win that year and missing us open 2020 where he had...
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    Nadal's success at the US Open feels even more astonishing now

    More astonishing maybe is Nadal is 4-1 in Us open finals and Djokovic is 3-6 ;) (Djokovic is the alleged hard court GOAT) Edit. I remember a lot of people from the forum in 04-08 era who said Nadal would NEVER win a hard court slam.
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    Roger Federer reflects on Novak Djokovic's 'exceptional year'

    If anyone says ncgs is the same as the CYGS, you might as well say the career grand slam is the same as they've won on all surfaces/slams across a non-strict criteria. You can't gave it both ways. NOTHING matches CYGS And that's why only Laver has done it in 52 years.
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    Would djokovic playing at his top level have beaten medvedev in the usopen?

    Med finally got the monkey off his back by winning his 1st slam. Now it will be MUCH harder for Djokovic to beat him again at a HC slam (yes even the AO). IF anything Med got scared at the Ao21 and played his worst level but no more.
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    Still the GOAT match ;)

    Well to people who said Fed shouldn't have lost need to have a look at Wimby 07 which Nadal should have won barring that leg slip/injury he suffered in the 4th when he was blowing Fed away :)
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    How do you think Djokovic would match-up against young Nadal on clay?

    105-3 against ALL opponents between 2005-2021 at RG? Plus injuries during this period. Yup......
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    Who will end up with more Us open Titles-: Nadal or Djokovic?

    I'd still favor a fit and healthy Nadal over Djokovic at The U.S (a big if i know!) so at worst Djokovic could tie him but don't think he'll surpass him at this stage of their careers.
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    Who wins: Peak Federer vs. Peak Djokovic on clay?

    I personally think Fed in 4 tight sets. We already saw a glimse at Rg 11' although Fed wasn't really ultra peak then (06/07 clay Fed).
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    Nadal's most emotional victories - from a fan's perspective?

    Outside of Wimby 08 and AO 09, Possibly Rg 2012 or Us open 2013.
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    Nadal leads the H2H 7-2 and Djokovic at RG but...

    Well under that presumption, Djokovic 'should have won RG 12,13 and 14 too as hit his peak in 2011 onwards......Nadal is different when it come to RG even if he had many losses at other clay tournaments.
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    If Nishikori had the best serve ever for his height where would he be now?

    Maybe Davydenko and Nalbandian having good shouts.
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    Thank you Danill Medvedev for saving tennis

    Don't forget Murray in 2010 ;)
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    Winning a slam final vs. World #1...

    Medvedev is the 5th active (man) player with a win against a World #1 in a Slam final ; Nadal 7 of 12 (in 3 different Slams) Wawrinka 3 of 3 (in 3 different Slams) Medvedev 1 of 2 Djokovic 1 of 4 Murray 1 of 6 Federer 0 of 5
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    Novak's loss at the USO

    Guys calm down. 4>3, 2>1 bud. Nadal is better than novak at 2 of the slams and Novak is better at the other 2. Get over it.
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    More Foot Trouble For Rafa

    We're in 2021 (nearly 2022) so I'm optimistic that in the era we live in technology and the things that can be done nowadays that maybe next year a well rest rafa can have a 2013 esque season .
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    Latest Injury Update On Djoker?

    Fakervich like his ao 'injury' lol
  27. Turning Pro

    What match/tournament was peak Safin?

    He had some VERY good runs in Paris masters indoors from what i recall. Other than the slams noted.