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  1. BigT

    Babolat Strings- Buy 3, Get 2

    Up until about last week, this sale included natural gut, at which time they went out of stock. Since being restocked, they no longer display the sale prices: TONIC + $24.08 VS TOUCH $28.77 VS TEAM $28.77 Please advise
  2. BigT

    TW Spec and Review Issues/?'s

    Whenever I find myself in the market for a new stick, I know I must demo, but to narrow down options, I first start with specs that I'm looking for. Then I try to get some feedback from TW reviews and from customers. Lately, I have been running into several issues, or maybe inconsistencies...
  3. BigT

    What's wrong with Yonex?

    They have been around for decades. They have had numerous top-ranked players throughout the years- M/W world #1's, Grand Slam Champions, and current highly ranked players. They make quality racquets, strings, and shoes. Yet here in SoCal, it seems they have absolutely no following. I have...
  4. BigT

    RSI Racquet Specs

    I just came across this site: Amazing how different some of the specs are from TW's. The flex rating seems much too high (Prestige MP 67?). Both are done on a RDC. What gives?
  5. BigT

    String Guide to the Perplexed

    In the past few years, it seems that there are more and more posters here that are very new to strings and confused about some of the basics. Plus, I have gotten many emails through the years with questions that come up often. I hope to use this thread to answer some of these issues...
  6. BigT

    Which will be Murray's first Slam?

    Many seem to think that Murray will win his first Slam in 2012. If so, which do you think it will be and why?
  7. BigT

    Most likely to happen in 2012

    Please vote for which you think will most likely happen in 2012. You can explain if you wish.
  8. BigT

    SoCal vs. FLA

    Which do you think is the better area for proper junior development? Why?
  9. BigT

    Absolute gutsy Davydenko

    After watching more footage of the Doha final, I don't think enough people realize what Davy has accomplished. The way Nadal was playing through the first set, it would have been easy to throw in the towel. When was the last time Nadal lost a close match, let alone give up match points...
  10. BigT

    Most likely to happen in 2010:

    Explain your choice.
  11. BigT

    Davydenko: Pound for pound the best

    Pound for pound, Davydenko is the best baseliner today, maybe ever. Other guys his size, (height/weight), are always counterpunchers (Hewitt, Chang). He hits with and outhits top guys consistantly.
  12. BigT

    PolyStar Preferred Player Program

    This was not available in the U.S. until now. Contact their rep:
  13. BigT

    Let's see the court jester...

    run onto a court with Daniel Koellerer or another player not as nice as Federer. He would have gotten killed. Safin , Gonzo, etc. who else?
  14. BigT

    Arm-Friendly 12 0z.+ rackets

    any suggestions?
  15. BigT

    Dunlop AG 4D300 Tour vs.AG 200

    would you say that the 300 tour is just a lighter version of the AG 200, with a bit larger head? or are there other differences?
  16. BigT

    Signum Pro Multis & Synthetics

    SPPP is world famous. Any other strings in their line worthwhile? Which ones? Why?
  17. BigT

    Nationally ranked juniors clueless about strings...

    I was by the CA bowl the passed few days, chatting with some top-ranked 16's and 18's. Incredible how many of them don't know what strings they didn't even know if he used poly or natural gut...! Parents can pay $1000's on coaches, academies, and travel... and the most important...
  18. BigT

    How many weeks will Nadal's current reign last?

    At #1................?
  19. BigT

    Customer issue ?

    As a home stringer, I strung a poly hybrid for a first-time customer who was complaining of breaking too often. He never tried polys before. A day later, he said he didn't like the tension,said it was too loose, although I strung it at the tension he wanted, and that it was giving him too much...
  20. BigT

    Cyber Power vs. Big Ace

    very similar strings...can anyone point out any differences?
  21. BigT

    Pre-stretch multis?

    pros vs. cons?
  22. BigT

    CF & CP- Impressions...

    CF17 mains @58/OG JC crosses @62- First few days with these were good-great control, serves, solid response, however, not much feel or pop at net. by the end of week 1, tension loss made control difficult. CP17 mains @60/OG JC crosses @60- At first, tough to find control, but after they...
  23. BigT

    SPPP vs. Topspin CP

    How would you compare these two?
  24. BigT

    I f you could carry only 1 string for everybody?

    I would have to go with Topspin CyberPower...17 or 18g durable enough for breakers relatively easy on the arm good feel on volleys good power/control from the baseline great tension maintenance decent price not difficult to string
  25. BigT

    poly mains vs. crosses?

    the ability to hit out on a ball without it going it the mains that contibute more to that or the crosses?
  26. BigT

    Federer: too damn stubborn...

    not the first time vs. Nadal he starts out attacking, coming in, and finishing points quickly...then he relaxes, stays back, and falls right into Nadal's game. Although Sampras could hang with Agassi from the baseline, he knew his chances were much better if he attacked the net and kept the...
  27. BigT

    Nadal: the best passing shots in the game today

    and probably the best ever. Not only does he get balls that most guys wouldn't even get a racket on, he gets to and makes the pass, usually on the first swing. Even on good, deep approach shots or volleys, if he has a look, forget it, especially on the backhand side. Chang or Hewitt don't...
  28. BigT

    Unique strings

    Besides Big Hitter/Blue, anyone use any of their other makes? Irradiated? Tournafiber syn. gut? Spin Plus?
  29. BigT

    If Brad Gilbert was coaching Federer....

    Fed would be #1 for at least another 5 years, and have more than 20 Slams...