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    New poll is up to help add depth to this discussion. Please watch this video and proceed to vote if you will. ========================================================= what i did is legal but is it ethical? my team is in a very competitive draw where every match counts. heck it might come...
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    Thebuffman's Playtest Journal

    Thought it a good idea to post my string playtest online for easy access. It might be a benefit to someone as well. Just a note that this is more a journal style and will at times be abstract as opposed to a straight forward review. in some instances i am actually replying to questions a...
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    V-Shaped Side Support

    I tried ordering this part from eagnas but did not know the proper name at the time. I explained to the sales lady what I required and was sent 2 frame retainers which I have no idea what to do with or even how they are installed. I called and the rep informed me of the proper name and part...
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    Gamma Championship Tennis Balls - any good?

    I seem to find mixed reviews on these balls plastered across the net. What do you all think of these balls? I can get a 24pack for cheap but want to do my homework before I buy.
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    The Serve: Racquet by Ankle Adds 10-15mph

    was surfing the net yesterday and came across an interesting website with good information. one of the links was giving tips on the service game. the final tip given at the bottom of the page says this:For those that want real ultimate power... the Y Stance is bogus...
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    How I Mastered The Pusher

    Just thought I would share my experience progressing to the place where I could finally defeat pushers who dominate the 3.5 level. Up until a few months ago I lost every game against a pusher literally. I never won one single game and I'm talking out of over 10+ outings. Here are the strokes...
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    Remaining Sideways On The Serve

    terse version: why is it important to remain sideways or prevent the shoulders from opening up as long as possible on the serve? what is the physics behind this? loquacious version: so today i am practicing serve & returns with a buddy. i am trying to get use the timing on my newly customized...
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    First Main Always Slightly Less Tensioned

    for some reason i can hardly ever get the first main to tension exactly as the other center main. it will typically be 2-3 lbs looser. here are the steps that i follow when beginning my mains: i pull the first two main all the way through i pull string through the 2R main such that i have 1...
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    My 14oz Racquet Experience

    okay so here are the specs on this new customization i tried out the other day: SpinX full bed 60# 395 grams 14 oz 12.75 balance / 6pts HL Swingweight 370 it seems that conventional wisdom would tell me to steer clear from such a heavy racquet. so i have been reasoning with myself on what to...
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    Poly / Poly Hybrid - Which Cross?

    Okay let me preempt this thread by saying that I do not suffer arm issues from hitting with full poly jobs. I swing such a heavy racquet that the ball takes all of the impact. With my latest racquet customization, 14oz and 370sw, my arm doesn't feel a thing. So i am looking to pick one poly...
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    Customization: Why Are My Numbers So Skewed?

    would really appreciate any help i can get on this conundrum. today i attempted for the first time to perform the swingweight measurement using the method put forth by tw university. i think that i did everything right but was terribly surprised by the results received. the swingweight of my...
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    Is Loose Grip A Myth

    Ran across this interesting e-book which discusses the science of tennis. This particular chapter discusses the grip and whether or not maintaining a tight grip is preferable to a loose grip. Very interesting read. Since I could not copy and paste, I had to paste it in as a jpg. I'm eager to...
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    How can we better critique?

    I just left the courts today and I am a little shook up to put it mildly. I saw a young pro hitting with a partner. The kid was 20 years old and my hitting buddy knows him. Told me that the kid plays satellite. I have never seen anything like those types of strokes in all of my life. And...
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    When Reading Reviews - Consider Swingweight

    This is written as a note to those who might not be aware when they read some of the fantastic reviews performed by our TW comrades. Just a note. Please consider racquet weight and swing weight before coming to a full conclusion on a person's review of any particular string. I say this...
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    How To: Flat Forehand

    i'm too lazy to search the forums on this one and the videos i've dug up really don't teach this. how do i hit flat? when i was taking pro lessons, i was drilled on topspin. my entire muscle memory and mechanic is with spin. my forehand finish is ALWAYS at or just below shoulder level and i...
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    "Quit Hitting Like A Girl"!

    i went out to the practice courts to do some serve drills and stumbled upon one of my friends playing in a ladder match. she is a 4.0 player up against a savvy older veteran player. the old guy didn't hit with a lot of power. he pretty much owned his strokes and could place them well, he also...
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    error posting - plz remove sorry. mods plz remove this post. i hit some crazy hotkey while typing
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    Is This Hammer vs Pistol Grip 1HBH?

    the other day i was fidgeting around with how i hold the racquet on my 1hbh. please note that i maintained an eastern back hand (heretofore ebh) grip the entire time so please do not interject discussion on ebh vs continental. my normal 1hbh setup is ebh where my first knuckle of the index...
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    My Racquet Drop

    My serve currently is a good weapon. I produce tons of pace on my heater and have developed an even more effective spin serve. I hit with a 4.5 today who has played for over 15 years. Really solid player and quick as the wind. He has been around a lot of tennis and I value his opinion. Near...
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    My 1HBH Journey - Video

    Hello my peeps. I thought I would post my latest outing against my ball machine reinforcing muscle memory of my 1hbh. Comments are welcomed. I had all three views (f/b/s) however the camera was way too close during the back view so i only posted front and side. 1HBH (video should be done...
  21. thebuffman

    Wide Angle Strategy

    i've been hitting my wide angled cross court shot off of my 1hbh (from ad court) with good efficiency. during my ladder match today, with regularity, i would hit the wide angle shot to the ad court and pull my opponent out wide and approach off of it. time and time again i received a weak...
  22. thebuffman

    Francesca Schiavone's Backhand

    i often wonder why her backhand stroke is never highlighted. we always hear of the perfection in justine's 1hbh but i never see the same adulation afforded schiavone's. any ideas as to why?
  23. thebuffman

    Thebuffman Rig - Cyber Flash (m) MSV Focus Hex (c) 60/62 nice combo

    anybody else try this combination? the cost of this hybrid is pretty low at under $8 and the spin, control is phenomenal. i put this one together because cyber flash is such a nice crisp string with very good spin and msv focus hex (though it doesn't last long as a main) has the lowest...
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    Cranking The Serve - Karate Punch

    the other day i caught a little nuance that i thought to share with the community. you know how you see something and wonder how it xlates to another? well the karate punch caught my attention. you know how the person performing a karate punch will start with one arm fully extended and the...
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    i am very interested to hear what tricks, methods and the like others use to put the ball exactly where they intend. even after much practice, in a match i find myself hitting cross court shots at the halfway mark between the sideline and the T. when i loosen up, i often will come j-u-s-t on...
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    How do you know if your swingweight is too high?

    for all you racquet customizers out there. how do you know? how do you settle on YOUR perfect swingweight?
  27. thebuffman

    Problem Configuring Proper Tension

    I do my own stringing and am having a hard time getting my crank stringer to pull 38#. Typically my tension is spot on +/-2# when I string 50lbs or above. I am not certain what the problem is when attempting to string sub 40# tension. My last few jobs where I set the tension on my machine...
  28. thebuffman

    A New Revelation To Increase Pace

    okay i say new revelation instead of new technique or new discovery because when people start talking about new techniques or new methods....we are in for a long day LOL. new revelation because everybody probably already knows and understands what is newly revealed to me. anywayz... i have...
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    ***TORAH TORAH TORAH*** mine aint workin'

    ***TORA TORA TORA*** mine aint workin' - TORA - TORA - TORA - <japanese - translation> Attack Attack Attack as i watch collegiate and professional players i notice that they work hard to force a weak return from their opponent and then they spring into action immediately. often times they...
  30. thebuffman

    eXtreme Drop In Tension

    Anyone else experience this: I strung my newly acquired Volkl PB10 up with Global Gut (16) / Sheep Micro (16) yesterday at 53/55. Today I took it out for a spin against the ball machine for a good two hour work out. After about an hour into my training and after an intermission, I started...