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    should federer have stayed with 90 sq inch racquets?

    Key word traditional, as in ten years ago and earlier. Look at what players are using on tour now, more like the RF97 than a PS90 by a long shot. The definition of a 'player's racquet' has changed.
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    should federer have stayed with 90 sq inch racquets?

    I Its not a tweener. Tweener isn't simply headsize any longer.
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    should federer have stayed with 90 sq inch racquets?

    Trends do not logic make. Additionally the size is not the only thing that has changed. Your logical reasoning still leaves much to be desired. I can use your same type of absurd logic to declaim that more slams have been won with wood, so it clearly must be superior, but that's not how...
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    should federer have stayed with 90 sq inch racquets?

    This is a bad argument because it assumes the statement that bigger is better is true. The consensus assumption of the tennis world these days is that 97-100 is ideal for a player's racquet all things considered. Bad logic my friend, even you can see that it is hollow.
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    Why doesn't Djokovic get much support from the crowds?

    For someone tuning in for a big match on TV or catching highlights he comes across as his court persona, certainly not his most likable side.
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    Isner playing with 0^3 speedports not EXO!!!

    The old posts in this thread are a nice combination of awesome and hurrdurr, glad to see TW hasn't changed!
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    First Textreme using pro (that I've seen)

    It wasn't that the ports are a bad idea and that bad idea put Prince on the rocks, plenty of folks like the port frames, the issue was that Prince made the bad decision to focus only on that design. It seems this was done in the face of the meteoric rise of Babolat's racquet line but was the...
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    should federer have stayed with 90 sq inch racquets?

    If he had switched sooner he'd have been even more dominant.
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    Best frame for nuking the ball

    No I was thinking of some old guy, Swedish maybe, who BP always points out as a spin master using teeny tiny frames.
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    Best frame for nuking the ball

    Its not that it loses power, its more like it moves to an even higher level of power that makes it more appropriate for playing fetch with an extremely energetic dog than keeping a tennis ball anywhere near in.
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    Best frame for nuking the ball

    Powerful spin frame? You want a PS85. Some Euro bloke used to spin balls like nobody had ever seem before or since with one apparently and we all know the high sweet spot from the smaller head makes a longer lever so you have power for days with these little guys. Use natural gut for maximum...
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    Wilson should've switched Serena to a Pro Staff paint job for marketing.

    That's your suggestion. My analysis of this situation comes from a background in marketing. You don't put your top two faces on the same thing unless your secondary products mean very little to you. Wilson seems to follow that rule of thumb as well. Also as someone has already posted, the...
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    Wilson should've switched Serena to a Pro Staff paint job for marketing.

    A lot of casual players, who are the target of most of Wilson's marketing, wouldn't know which Wilson particular players use, male or female. The important thing is that she has a racket she likes with a giant W on it. You have to assume it is also part of her deal, her success has warranted a...
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    Wilson should've switched Serena to a Pro Staff paint job for marketing.

    Roger has the Pro Staff covered and nobody else they have comes close to Serena. They want the Blade to be an alternative, not inferior.
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    no respect for the blade 104 series

    Its less powerful than most racquets with that headsize. We can play male vs female tennis player all day but in truth most rec players, even harcore TTers, will never hit as hard as Serena.
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    McEnroe just SABR'd Mardy Fish

    Try this one: Now that Federer has a bigger racquet this tactic will become more prominent. It's so much easier to block with 97. :) I do it often as well, and folks call me a pusher for it.
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    McEnroe just SABR'd Mardy Fish

    BP will tell you that back in McEnroe's day they didn't call it SABR, they just called it how tennis was played. I digress, but I like McEnroe even as a player these days because he is precisely the kind of guy that will try that sort of thing. He was from near the end of the cajones era.
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    Proposal: Save-your-racquet-for-poor-kids box

    I think we'll have to disagree on the sponsor approving of a pro giving away pro-stocks just because the pro is feeling generous. If that were the case you'd see many more current pro-stocks on the secondhand market as folks tried to cash in. There's a very good chance they even forbid it...
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    Proposal: Save-your-racquet-for-poor-kids box

    The counterpoint to that argument is that if the pro decided against smashing a racquet then their sponsor would not appreciate them being given away and so nobody would be donating anything anyway. For the cost of giving away one pro stock they could hand over 100 aluminum youth frames or 20...
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    Proposal: Save-your-racquet-for-poor-kids box

    If the cost of the smashed racquets bugs you just add up the price of all the gut used (or even worse, strung, unused and then cut out) during a big tournament.
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    The path to arm friendliness is beset on all sides ...

    SynGut and a moderate swingweight. Stiff racquets don't all play harshly either. Volkl has it sorted.
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    Androids in tennis a dark truth

    The best part about this thread is that it is about as reasonable as a lot of the stuff that gets spewed in this part of the forum.
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    Are tweeners the way of the future?

    Google will tell you.
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    Different paint jobs on US bought racquets vs Canadian bought

    It's possibly due to different labeling requirements for either country or it could simply be a revision that all North American Heads underwent at some point and you happen to have one before and one after.
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    Wilson ncourt 103 is it HL or HH?

    It is probably a department or box store run and as such you won't find specs put out by Wilson nor measured by a tennis retailer. However if the length is 27.25" and the balance point is given as 35cm this works out the be about 1 pt head heavy.
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    The Current State of Gamma Racquets?

    Some of them have been at clearance prices for more than a year. The clunky-playing RZR Ts for example.
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    Why is Gasquet doing better at the Slams recently?

    He remembered he's French and started playing like it.
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    Are tweeners the way of the future?

    It's not just about headsize anymore. My bag sports my Volkl Classic V1, the original tweener, and two Heads, A Grapehene Instinct MP and an Extreme IG MP 2.0. I often lend either the Volkl or the Extreme out to partners and then play with the Instinct. There is definitely a difference in how...
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    Becker: Roger takes cheap shots at players with his new tactic

    Half the serves that the pros use these days used to be considered dirty play.
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    You don't know me and this reply is about as far from the truth as one could get. Did you read my last comment? I'm in the camp that laughs at people for suing that their coffee didnt have a HOT warning on it. Thanks for trying though suresh.