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    What will next year's top 8 be?

    Actually quite interesting to think about who will be playing (or at least qualifying for) the ATP Finals next year. Djokovic + Medvedev/Zverev/Tsitsipas are fairly entrenched. The rest is up for grabs. This year's top 8 is missing both Nadal and Thiem due to injury. On top of that, there's...
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    Overlooked matches featuring the Big 3

    Was watching some highlights and decided to post a few fun matches with the Big 3 which get a bit overlooked in light of all the headline-grabbing 5 setters and finals. Starting off with Nadal Vs Berdych AO 2012 -- ridiculous level of tennis. Nadal reaching his max level on hard court...
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    Why is the TF4O 305 so much more popular than the 315?

    Just curious. Only differences are overall static weight and weight distribution, right?
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    Is Kirschbaum Competition good?

    I'm looking for an affordable poly with a good rep and good durability. This is available as a reel for under 100 euros. Would people recommend it? It's not talked about that much as it seems to be an old string.
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    Medvedev winning is good for men's tennis

    Djokovic is my guy, but it would've been awful if no one ever beat one of the Big 3 in a high stakes slam final. Obviously Djokovic was not his usual self, but you still have to get the job done. The consequences of this are: 1) The slam race extends into next year, with the men's tour...
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    Best 18g string to try?

    I've never played with really thin strings before and, as I've settled on playing with a racquet with a dense string pattern (at the moment I'm using Pro Tour 2.0), I was thinking about trying 18g strings. I don't break strings easily as I hit pretty flat, and I would like to add a bit more lift...
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    Medvedev at hard court slams

    I realised that Medvedev has been extremely consistent at the hard court slams since 2019, he basically only loses to the eventual champion. 2019 AO: R4 loss to Djokovic (champion) 2019 USO: F loss to Nadal (champion) 2020 AO: R4 loss to Wawrinka 2020 USO: SF loss to Thiem (champion) 2021...
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    360+ Prestige Pro is really nice

    Just played with it yesterday. Serves well, spins well, flattens well, slices well. Light and whippy but still stable. Has some power to it but doesn't feel uncontrollable. Have to say I really like this one, feels a bit slept on. I also really liked CX Tour 16x19 so maybe I just like 95...
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    What racquet is closest to a Diadem Elevate Tour?

    Hi all, I have been playing around with switching to a lighter racquet with a more open string pattern, and just tried the 360+ Prestige Pro and the CX Tour 16x19. I actually really liked both of them. Is the Elevate Tour similar to these racquets, or to any other that are commonly used? I...
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    What makes pro stock racquets better?

    I've often seen people talking about pro stock racquets being made of better materials than retail racquets. I find this easy to believe as pros will be much more exacting than recreational players, but what does "better materials" actually mean? What makes the pro stocks better? As well, I...
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    Racquets you like but hate the paintjob

    For me it's the Wilson Blade. Always liked the Blade racquets but despise the gray + green. If I was a racquet manufacturer I would definitely add a premium service where consumers could pick the paint job. Definitely great profit margin to gain off enthusiasts.
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    Every player who's been unable to beat the Big 3 in a slam final

    1) Philippoussis 2) Safin 3) Roddick 4) Hewitt 5) Agassi 6) Baghdatis 7) Gonzalez 8) Tsonga 9) Soderling 10) Berdych 11) Cilic 12) Anderson 13) Thiem 14) Medvedev 15) Tsitsipas I put this list together just for fun. It's always enjoyable to collect more ridiculous Big 3 stats. We'll see...
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    Medvedev has randomly become underrated

    This season he's had his best AO result (and his 2nd slam final), his best RG result and now his best Wimbledon result (with a tough draw too - Stuff and Cilic in the first 3 rounds is insanely tough for a 2nd seed). He even has a small chance of making the final of Wimbledon. He's #2 in the...
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    What "player racquet" is the most forgiving/easiest?

    Question is in the title. True "player racquets" are usually considered to be heavier, have smaller heads, provide less power and spin for free - in exchange for providing plow through, control and feel. So I'm curious to see which "player racquet", one which provides the control you would...
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    Best shoe for ankle support?

    Question is in the title. What do you think is the best shoe for ankle support? (Bonus if it is also kind on the toes - my current Wilson Rush Pro 3.5s are killing my big toes)
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    Road to a bigger head size

    I've started playing tennis in earnest after a long time and I've decided it's in my interests to move to a bigger head size, from my 2013 Wilson Blade 93 (which is ostensibly 324g unstrung and 18x20 string pattern in a 93 head size). I'm looking to go up to anything in the 95-100 range - I...
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    Upgrade on BLX Blade Tour

    Hi all, Getting back into serious tennis after several years not training regularly (trained regularly until 18 when I went to uni). I have a pair of BLX Blade Tours (93 inch heads, 324g unstrung weight, 18x20), and before that I had some Dunlop M-Fils (95 inch heads). I like the weight +...