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    Future of Babolat Pure Drive

    I am curious if you can or will tell me what the future is of the non-GT Babolat Pure Drive given the new GT PD models that have been introduced. If they non-GT version is going to disappear in the very near future I will buy two or three more PD's before they are gone forever.
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    Another Dud of a World Series

    There hasn't been an interesting/exciting World Series since the Angels beat the Giants in seven games in 2002. Too bad. The last five World Series have been real clunkers unless you are a die hard fan of the winner. How many more days until pitchers and catchers report to spring training?
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    Red Tecnifibre X-One Biphase String

    Will TW be getting TF X-One Biphase in red? I noticed it is available on a UK site in 16 and 17 guage.
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    Bye Bye JMAc

    Johnny Mac's last show (thankfully) aired Wednesday evening going quietly and without fanfare. Unfortunately his last show was as bad as practically every other show during his short run. I was never a fan of JMac when he played, in fact I thought he was the biggest jerk in professional sports...
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    I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet...

    How much shaking did you guys feels in SLO?? I am up the coast about 120 miles and this one seemed to go on for quite a while (12-15 seconds). Looks like it was about a 5.0. I trust everything is OK.
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    Kudos to the USA Network for the LIVE Olympic tennis

    There were many hours of very entertaining tennis this weekend including rarely seen doubles matches. Thanks USA Network! Barry McKay and Jim Courier did a very good job at the microphone. All in all it was probably the best LIVE tennis broadcasts of the year.
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    Anyone use the O/S tennis ball that was hyped 2+ years ago?

    Does anyone use and like the oversize tennis ball that was supposed to make tennis more enjoyable by (theoretically) allowing longer rallys? There was talk that the USTA would start using them in league play and possibly in a few pro tour events to promote them. I never met anyone that liked...
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    Letting the your opponent's poor play affect yours

    I find that when I am playing someone who is not very good my own play starts to be as bad as theirs. Conversely when I am playing a someone who is better than I am I play pretty well. This happens in singles and doubles. Does anyone else experience this? Is it because of boredom that my...