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  1. jeep2008

    Mizuno Wave Intense Tour 5

    I'm trying to find info and reviews about this shoe but there's so little around.Anyone here has them?How is the fit and general feel of these shoes?
  2. jeep2008

    Wilson Rush Pro 3.5

    Just saw these on TW Europe.Anyone tried them yet?Did they finally fix the toe jamming issue?
  3. jeep2008

    Winter clothing

    I need advice on what to wear during the winter months.I know that cotton after I get sweaty a bit will feel a chill and uncomfortable.I have the Under Armour Coldgear Mock but after every serve it goes up to my belly and need to adjust it all the time.So please any advice is welcome!
  4. jeep2008

    Wilson US open balls mystery

    Have you ever seen anything like that before
  5. jeep2008

    Wilson Blade 18x20 2015 stringing suggestions

    I'm using Tecnifibre ATP Razor Code 1.20 at 20.5/21.5 kg.The general feel is great,but power and comfort is just ok. Any other suggestions are welcome! Please also bear in mind that my stringer is mostly using Technifibre and Polyfibre strings.
  6. jeep2008

    Wilson Rush Pro 3.0 vs Clay version

    Tried these shoes and they are exceptionally comfortable.A big let down was the contact of my big toe on the upper part of the shoe.I wanted to give them one more chance so I wondered if someone can help by giving some feedback on the all-court and Clay version of the shoe since that it seems...
  7. jeep2008

    Wilson Blade 18x20 2015 grommets

    These are out of stock for almost a year now in the whole of Europe.Wilson says they are on back order.For more than a year????? Any other grommet compatible with that racket?