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  1. GeoffHYL

    Babolat synthetic gut discontinued?

    Babolat Spiraltek has been my go-to string. I went to order more, TW no longer carries it or any other Babolat synthetic gut. Did Babolat stop making it, or is TW just not stocking it? If Spiraltek is no longer available, what should I go with as a replacement? Tourna Synthetic Gut Armor looks...
  2. GeoffHYL

    Racquet compare tool issues

    I have seen a lot of issues with the racquet compare tool recently. At first I thought it was just something to do with new racquets as I was trying to compare the Tecnifibre RS racquets. I would select a couple of racquets and the results would come up with only 1 of them, saying it couldn't...
  3. GeoffHYL

    Compare Racquets for Prince Phantom 97P not working

    When I select the Prince Phantom 97P for compare with another Prince racquet the results show the Prince Phantom 93P instead of the 97P. Should be an easy fix in the database.
  4. GeoffHYL

    What's the rule on this...?

    Played doubles last weekend. I was up at net on the deuce side, maybe 9 feet from the net. Opponent hit a high volley down at my feet. I stuck my racquet out and essentially half-volleyed the shot, which went almost straight up about 9 or 10 feet, just dropping on the other side of the net into...
  5. GeoffHYL

    Need to restring, need advice...

    I have two Volkl V-Sense 10 Tour racquets. One is strung with Gamma LiveWire XP 17g. It needs to be restrung. My other 10 Tour is strung with Luxilon ALU Power Flouro 17g. Before these two racquets I always used synthetic gut. I play okay with the LiveWire, but always seem to play better with...
  6. GeoffHYL

    How long do your multifilament strings last?

    I have been tracking use of my racquets, and now have about 50 hours on my Volkl V-Sense 10 Tour with Gamma Live Wire XP 17g strings. I have used Babolat String Savers to extend the life of the strings, otherwise I would have broken them after about 25 hours. I play rec level doubles, so not...
  7. GeoffHYL

    Wish List feature not working right

    I have multiple wish lists, but recently can only add items to my first list. The drop list for selecting the other lists is not working. My other lists don't show up, only my first list shows up.
  8. GeoffHYL

    Help an old guy pick a new racquet

    I'm in my late 50's, played competitively in high school (wood racquets), but only casually since then, and not much in the last 20 years. Want to get back into a regular playing schedule, maybe twice a week. All my racquets are old, newest one is a Wilson Pro Staff 5.1 from the early 90's, 12.5...