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  1. cork_screw

    Djokovic in Tank Mode Again in London

    You can tell his tank modes just by the mood of the match.
  2. cork_screw

    Best Next Gens

    Medvedev and Sinner are my picks for future GS winners. Medvedev's game is just really consistent. He has really slingy strokes, his forehand literally wraps around his neck. And he can stay in long rallies without giving into pressure. His strokes tend to carve wide on both wings and he's...
  3. cork_screw

    British Hottie Milks Swiss Tears From GOAT

    Why did she have to be so cruel. I don't know who I wanted to give a hug more, British Hottie or GOAT boy.
  4. cork_screw

    Lucky ******* 2017

    nadal did not face an opponent in the entire US Open 2017 tournament who was ranked inside the top 20 anyone else notice this. If it was inside the top 5, I would be shocked. Outside of the top 10 and I would say, is this a challenger event? Outside the top 20 and I'm like was the mafia...
  5. cork_screw

    Nadal's New Pet !!! Uncanny Resemblance.

    Nadal's pet hamster. Pulitzer prize winning photos in my opinion.
  6. cork_screw

    Youtube TW

    Hey TW, someone is reuploading your vids. You should file a copyright take down on them to prevent this.
  7. cork_screw

    Revamping Nadal's Game

    Watching Nadal these past two years vs his entire career, there's some noticeable differences that have changed and I'm surprised he hasn't addressed any of them and I don't think these were a result of age or injury. Sometimes when you're working too close on something (like a painting), you...
  8. cork_screw

    The Rafa Curse

    This year, every opponent who beats Nadal, loses the very next match. Even someone as strong as Djokovic couldn't avoid the curse. Fognini, same victim. As well as all the clay court matches he's lost this year.
  9. cork_screw

    Does Nadal Suck so much now that even...

    Roger has a chance to beat him?
  10. cork_screw

    Nadal Ranked #11

    After Sunday Nadal will have 2930 pts and will be ranked 11. Pretty insane to think that Marin Cillic will be ranked higher than nadal. And if he exits wimbledon earlier than the 3rd round, he will drop even more. Which means that he will start playing high ranked seeds sooner, which if they...
  11. cork_screw

    The Old Man did it Again

    I haven't seen a relic shine like that since
  12. cork_screw

    Countdown to 1k Wins is ON

    Federer is just 9 wins away from 1000 career wins. 991 and counting. I think he can get it by the end of WTF.
  13. cork_screw

    Federer Inches Closer to Epic Milestone

    Only two other male players have had 1000+ career wins and Fed is now just 16 wins away from having 1000. The century mark for career wins is something pretty impressive. To put it in perspective, as awesome as Sampras was, he only had about 720 and Agassi ended his career with 870. Fed ages...
  14. cork_screw

    Can we just give fed the cincy open trophy already?

    Ferrer in finals? Raonic in semis? so easy. not worth watching.
  15. cork_screw

    GOAT #970 Career Wins

    Greatest Swiss of all time is only 30 wins away from 1k career wins. Only Lendl and Connors have 1k+ wins. Just another category needs to cement himself as GOAT
  16. cork_screw

    Predictions for 2015 Roland Garros: Nadal Loses

    :) *Insert Sarcasm* Seriously, when are you people going to learn? Gotta give a hard eye roll for all those who thought Nadal was going to lose at RG this year. :roll: The funniest thing is that over 60% of people here thought he was going to lose, and that prediction was made before...
  17. cork_screw

    Any Nadal Flippers?

    Before this tournament I believe an overwhelming majority felt Nadal is destined to lose RG. I think all this disbelief in him has fueled and (ultimately) ****ed him off. I still think Nadal is going to win, he's still the strong favorite and even dropping a set to Ferrer, he demolished him in...
  18. cork_screw

    Bonjour. Les Secrets d'un Géant
  19. cork_screw

    How to Beat Nadal on Clay

    Pray that you get to play him just after it rained. Because that's the only factor that really seems to affect him on clay. This has been a very rainy cold season. It's pretty unusual. Watching him play at Monte Carlo and Barcelona you can see how wet the clay is by just how dark the color is...
  20. cork_screw

    Review Request

    Hey TW, Would you mind doing a review on the Pro Kennex 7g? Some of these old racquets that have become cult favorites missed the boat on your video reviews. Anyway you guys can pick some of these classics up on your next reviews?
  21. cork_screw

    Federer 950 Career Wins

    just 50 away from 1000
  22. cork_screw

    What Are Chances Roger and Rafa Face off...

    in 1st or 2nd Round of Monte Carlo Open because Roger was awarded a wild card. Or will he be placed at opposite ends of the bracket... I would actually love to see Roger play Rafa in round 1.
  23. cork_screw

    Laughable NTRP Ratings

    I used to think that a 5.0 was a very accomplished player. I think a lot of people who post their vids up on youtube live in denial when they rate themselves way higher than they really are. Here's what I think of when I think of a 5.0-5.5 Here is...
  24. cork_screw

    TW Yonex Vcore Tour G Reviews are out
  25. cork_screw

    2004 Nadal

    Love this stuff. Love to see his changes from then to now. Also love the camera. It seems to be pushed closer in than when they normally air the matches you see today where the players are the size of skittles. You can actually see the players and the ball. Wish they would shoot at this...
  26. cork_screw

    Dunlop Aerogel 300 vs 300 tour

    Hey I was just wondering for anyone who hit with either or even better, both; which one you prefer and why and what their pros and cons are. Btw, I already know their specs so yes i know a 16x19 pattern will hit more spin than the 18x20 and the 18x20 will have more control. But I'm mainly asking...
  27. cork_screw

    Agassi's Unintentional Trick Shot
  28. cork_screw

    Walkover Refunds?

    Anyone know how tournament officials handled it after the walkovers. Since not even a single ball was hit did they refund all the people? Or did they just take their money and give them crap doubles to watch. I would be p*ssed if they did that to me. Actually they did once at US Open and since...
  29. cork_screw

    Great Lesson with Djokovic

    Love this video. Shows how much these guys are actually thinking out there. Proves you don't go out there and try to bash it hard with random care. And no cognitive direction or forethought. Thing I like a lot about this video is that Djokovic is hitting with a mid degree of exertion, he...