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    Sharapova watching Andy Roddick play tonight

    That's exactly what I was thinking. :cool:
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    Federer vs. Nadal (Match results)

    I can see this being a really quick tiebreak, Federer has a knack for winning anti-climacticly.
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    Federer vs. Nadal (Match results)

    Vingaaa Rafaaaaa!
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    Another lost for Safin

    What a pathetic loss, lol. After leading 6-0 *4-1 40-15 and losing!!!
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    Who will win in Valencia ?

    Nico Almagro wins the title as a qualifier with a 6-2 6-3 win over Gilles Simon.
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    Who will win in houston ?

    Jenkins d. Kunitsyn 7-5 2-6 6-2 Fish d. Monaco 6-2 1-6 7-6(5) Roddick leads Capdeville 6-3 *0-1
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    Flat hitters

    Davide Sanguinetti, hits a completely flat ball with the continental grip. Never seen him slice. Tomas Berdych, Victor Hanescu, and Andrei Pavel hit flat as well
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    (Not Live) Streaming for Dubai

    LIVE STREAM mms:// Average quality, watchable, I watched Federer vs. Al Ghareeb live on it today.
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    Clement soon to be top 10?

    Clement has already been in the top 10 several years ago. lol. I saw the match, he outplayed Nadal and played brilliantly. Didn't think he had it in him.
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    Roddick?? Not the fastest server anymore! :p

    248 kilometers = 154.100056 mi ;)
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    Roddick?? Not the fastest server anymore! :p

    Not quite 155, 154 ;) So Andy's record is safe by 1 MPH for now.
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    Is Stosur A "Lebanese"?????

    Yeah, she apparently dated some retired Australian women's player for some time. So many lesbos in the WTA...Mauresmo, Raymond, Martinez, Stubbs...etc.,
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    What makes Marcos Baghdatis so good?

    S T R E N G T H S *Solid Return *Great fitness and mental toughness *Good placement on groundstrokes *Ability to regularly produce on the run winners *Likes to play offensively, but patiently grinds out points before he waits to attack *A serve that go as high as 135 MPH *Big and...
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    You ready... Kiefer did nothing wrong

    I got some pictures, let me know if you want to see them.
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    Final Four Predictions

    Thanks to Kiefer, I predicted it perfectly. :D
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    Final Four Predictions

    If Kiefer wins, I'm 4/4. You can all worship me later. :D
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    Who would you prefer to play Fed in the Final?

    fück I'm hoping it's Baghdatis, but it would see nice to see Kiefer take him down in the semis.
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    Final Four Predictions

    Federer vs. Kiefer Nalbandian vs. Baghdatis
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    Who did Lucky Loser Federico Luzzi replace in the draw?

    He replaced Alberto Martin, whose mother died.
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    5 game parley

    Almagro sounds good, but I wouldn't put big bucks on that one, especially considering his inconsistency and Andreev's form lately, but the odds are great. I'm probably going to put a small amount on him. Other bets I'm looking at: (I use Betfair and Gamebookers) Sanguinnetti x Phau x Monaco x...
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    5 game parley

    I'd stay away from it, how much are you laying down. For the early rounds, I'd go with some of the easy parlays, with big average hardcourters versus claycourters (ie, yesterday I went Hernych x Wawrinka x Ferrer x Roddick x Ginepri @ 4.2 or something like that). As for yours, I'd stay away...
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    what do u think of sam stosur at hopman cup

    You do know she's a lesbian?
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    Top Darkhorse Picks for AO

    Tomas Zib, lol?! I've seen this guy play several times, he's like poor, poor man's version of Andre Agassi. He's upped his game, but he can't beat any decent player in the top 40 on their comfortable surface. As for darkhorses: Robby Ginepri - Solid topspin, power baseline game, if he's...
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    nadal out

    Yeah, they've given Ljubicic a wildcard to Chennai to soften the blow of losing Nadal. Not bad, how often can you get a top 10 player to replace another on such short notice?
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    Flip to play doubles in Adelaide

    The only match I saw of Mark's this year was his match against Safin at Wimbledon. I think this match hurt him, he was playing amazing tennis and beat a decent player (Karol Beck) easily the previous round. He came out serving big and volleying amazingly and had 3 set points against Safin in the...
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    2005 ATP Quiz - Titles

    1) Federer and Nadal both won 11 titles. Before 2005, a) Who was the last player to win at least 11 titles? (1 point) b) When did two players both win 10+ titles? (2 points for year, 1 point each for players) Mcenroe? No idea 2) Name the four players besides Federer and Nadal to win at least...
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    Rio Exhibition update

    Guga saved set points at 2-5 and 4-5 down in the first set to win the match 7-5 6-3. Mello d. Chela 6-4 6-4
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    Fastest serves by the following pro's:

    Here's some that I've seen: James Blake – 136 mph Justin Gimelstob – 135 mph Jan Michael Gambill – 133 mph Scoville Jenkins – 134 mph Bobby Reynolds – 133 mph
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    Aus Open, Men's entry list

    Where'd you hear that? I'd be surprised if he doesn't play. He committed to Kooyong already.