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  1. Fandango

    Frustation with Uniqlo and Federer clothing

    I was looking at some of the collaborations that Federer and Uniqlo have done and have been obsessed with the short-standing collar. A traditional collared polo has excess bulk and is not as appealing to me as a short collared polo. After looking at some of the 2018 Laver Cup, I've noticed...
  2. Fandango

    College Year= Freshman, Sophomore etc.

    Hi, I'm in my 4th year of college, and I didn't really go the traditional route. My school classifies class order in terms of credits-so a sophomore would have thirty credits, sophomore 60, junior 90, and above 90 senior. I had 30 after the second semester of my second year but still am...
  3. Fandango

    Finishing college in time?

    Hi, I was admitted to college during the fall of 2009, I am now figuring out that I will only be able to finish during the summer of 2013. So my main question is, since I am not finishing in the spring of 2013; does that mean I am not graduating on time/ failing/getting held back? I know most...
  4. Fandango

    How to lose weight the right way?

    Hi, I weigh 211 pounds and am 6'0. My BMR is 2,153. Is the BMR the amount of calories you burn doing nothing? I find that hard to believe that I burn 2,153 calories with-out exercise. I am trying to lose 2 lbs of fat a week, but I heard for the first two weeks, you can lose up to 10...
  5. Fandango

    Regret over not skipping a grade?

    Hi, like the title states, I am having trouble getting over the fact that I never skipped a grade. I always was considered reasonably smart, picked things up fast, and earned straight As (except for a D in AP macroeconomics), which hurts me to this day. I don't know if I ever thought about...
  6. Fandango

    BMR vs Metabolism

    Is the BMR the amount of calories I burn doing nothing? Like, not even breathing? If my BMR is 2,153 does that mean my calories consumed minus exercise and BMR is the net calorie value I have?
  7. Fandango

    Another question about Math...

    My question revolves around the fact that math seems to be the only constant in the whole universe- the laws governing of each planet may differ in strength and the forces that go into making the slightest carbon atom may vary as well. Since math seems to be the only constant in the...
  8. Fandango

    Is calculus important?

    Hi, I'm on the path to become a medical doctor but one thing I have felt a bit apprehensive about is that my math education is as good as Calculus II although I really didn't understand many of the concepts and owe a great deal of success from integration and derivation to my trusty, ole TI-89...
  9. Fandango

    If Federer wins Madrid event....

    I have followed any of the madrid tournament, but I've done some research on the rankings, if Federer wins the event and becomes no. 2 in the world does that mean Djokovic and Nadal will be on the same side of the draq for Roland Garros?
  10. Fandango

    Looking up to people who are older than you as you get older?

    Hi, I suddenly thought about something, when I was watching the office. I love one character in particular, and while I am approaching his age, I don't want the beauty/intrigue for the actor to run out. There's just an intangible quality to someone older than you when you look at them-maybe...
  11. Fandango

    Is the Federer Vision Technique true?

    I am doing some amateur research to figure this out and don't know exactly where to go to find the information... I want to figure out exactly how/why Federer can always see the point of contact with his strings when pros like agassi, djokovic, courier etc. are always looking at where the...
  12. Fandango

    How does federer see the ball during contact?

    I was always curious and wondering if this is the "it factor" to Federer's game (besides flawless technique) and stumbled across this guy's page, calling it the federer vision technique: At first I thought aha, thats it! Even...
  13. Fandango

    Are women really the fairer sex?

    Hi, I'm a male and got into a debate with a friend about what in terms of facial features makes a woman supposedly more beautiful than men. Up until yesterday, I just thought that it was equal and that since I'm attracted to women, it would be reciprocal for the female population to view the...
  14. Fandango

    Found a white hair in my nose this morning

    When I was shaving this morning, I have a habit of looking in the mirror and opening my nostrils wide. I looked at my nose and noticed first of, that I had nose hair (I know, gross) and then I saw a tiny white miny strand of hair clinging to my nose. I first thought it was a piece of a dog hair...
  15. Fandango

    Do girls like boys as much as boys like girls?

    I thought this would be an interesting topic for discussion. I found myself thinking this in the morning as I'm interested in a girl and I wonder what she thinks of me. But I'm not making the thread about me, I was just curious about the multiple female perspectives as well as males on...
  16. Fandango

    What channel is Sony Ericcson on?

    I don't have tennis channel so please don't say tennis channel. Thanks
  17. Fandango

    Whooping cough?

    Hi, I'm going to the doctor hopefully this monday. I have had a bad case of coughing for three days now. One of my roommates suggested that I may have whooping cough. It has gotten bad on two occasions where I threw up. Right now, its just a tickling in the back of my throat that is...
  18. Fandango

    Xbox live gold for free?

    Hi, I really want to have xbox live gold, my friend said that you can have one month free if you create different user names, but after that, you have to pay for it. How does xbox know when you have created three users for their service to be expired? Is there a website where I can get a...
  19. Fandango

    Google Documents help?

    I wrote a paper using google documents, it autosaves every 5 seconds, i accidentally deleted a huge 5 pages of it and did not notice and logged off and noticed the next day, is there anything I can do to get it back?
  20. Fandango

    The simple pleasures in life

    The moments that give you a little to look forward to each day. I know there was a similar one but I can't find it, probably because of the deletion of the Rants and Raves section. I'll start: 1. The pop sound you get when you open a new can of tennis balls. 2. The view of Toronto I...
  21. Fandango

    Fifa 11 vs. Fifa 10?

    I played the demo for Fifa 11 and had to say that I liked Fifa 10 much more. Fifa 11 is way too slow. Any Fifa fans out there?
  22. Fandango

    Thread Deletion Request

    Can I have my "deciding what is beautiful?" be removed?
  23. Fandango

    Deciding what is beautiful?

    This question has been bothering me for about two years now. I'm a male by the way. I guess it started when I was approached at MCO airport for a modelling opportunity a couple years ago. I turned it down thinking it was a scam and I was with my tennis coach at the time, who was an all...
  24. Fandango

    How come there are multiple Goats on TTW?

    For the post count, there are many Goats, being the greatest of all times implies that there can only be one. How come it isn't exchanged for something that is monumental but not as contradictory? So we can know is the person with the most posts thanks, Fandango.
  25. Fandango

    Is Lleyton Hewitt done?

    Not literally but I haven't really seen him perform well until he had his kid. I know this has been talked about before, but I he was one of the more fascinating personalities of the atp tour. He looks like he's lost a step, the intensity from 6 years ago, and the ability to focus...
  26. Fandango

    How to fix a LCD t.v.?

    Earlier this week, my little brother visited and much to my dismay, he brought his airsoft gun. I have a small vizio lcd t.v. and he shot one of the pellets right onto the screen. There is a tiny white spot from the damage, I was wondering if it is going to be there forever or if I can...
  27. Fandango

    Eliot Spitzer show on CNN?

    He's with some old chick. How does he have this show, the former governor of New York? With those of you familiar with him, how can CNN be comfortable with giving him a show?
  28. Fandango

    PC 600 vs. Youtek Prestige

    Hi, I used to use the PC 600 with lead at the 3, 12, and 9 o'clock angles. I also used a Gamma Zorbicon II dampener and tournagrip. That was my holy grail. I was wondering if all the new racquet technology (youtek prestige) (microgel prestige) (flexpoint) (i.prestige) etc. It seems...
  29. Fandango

    Navratilova hospitalized

    I was watching sportscenter when this was running at the bottom headline. Apparently she was climbing mount Kilimanjaro when she had fluid buildup in her lungs. I don't know all the details but I'll try to keep everyone posted. We can hope she will be okay and that she will reach the...
  30. Fandango

    Fernando Gonzalez:Out 8-9 months

    Don't know if this is old news, but he's going through hip surgery. Hope it goes well.