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  1. Klippy

    Do tennis players understand sportsmanship?

    some players are sportsmen but some ONLY care about winning. not mentioning names NADAL. and FEDERER!!
  2. Klippy

    your opinion of Federer

    ok thats true, i can see that. but somehow i still find it INCREDIBILY UNUSUAL for a man, who is supposed to be mature at the age that he was... to CRY after he lost ONE game. i cant believe ONE game can mean SO MUCH to him that he CRIES on INTERNATIONAL TELEVISION. I mean, he has so much money...
  3. Klippy

    your opinion of Federer

    What do you all think of him? not as a player, but as a character. i mean like, what do you think of his attitude? i know some peeps that think he's a total champ but others that dont like him at all.... I used to be a BIG fed fan but for some reason, during that match where he loses to...
  4. Klippy

    Music Game

    From the inside- Alice Cooper
  5. Klippy

    Long time no speak

    I haven't been on this thread in years!! its great to be back. hows everything being going? Klip,
  6. Klippy

    Weight Gain

    Hi all, I am underweight by like 3 kilograms and I need to gain some healthy weight. I want to gain mostly muscle, not too much fat and i don't want to gain any weight on my legs, only my upper body which looks very skinny. I know that it is pobably not quite possible to "spot-gain" weight...
  7. Klippy

    favourite ten music bands atm

    Lols yeh, Axl Rose and friends these days can never be considered as the REAL GUNS n ROSES. Nice list by the way, do you have the latest offspring album? Its ment to be really quite good. I have Americana and used to have Splinter, both of which I really liked. Have you listened to Chinese...
  8. Klippy

    Your favourite Rock albums of all time

    What is your top five list, and why do you particularly choose the albums you choose mine is in order from most favourite to least favourite 1. Guns N' Roses- Appetite For Destruction NOTHING touches this CD. No filler tracks. Just pure non-stop hard ROCK and RoLL from start to finish...
  9. Klippy

    Nadal's attitude is unreal for a top sports athlete!

    what can i say, Nadal's a decent dude
  10. Klippy

    favourite ten music bands atm

    Nice list Moz. Why do I like Guns N Roses? well, back in the day they were the perfect rock band. For many reasons. They had a completely unique, if not slightly "wacko" cool singer, the SICKEST GUITARIST EVER- THE ALMIGHTY SLASH!!!, the punked up Duff McKagan on bass (the coolest bass riffs...
  11. Klippy

    Strange similarity

    lols i personally thought he looks like a young Kerry King.
  12. Klippy

    this or that

    Asterix. Ronnie James Dio or Ozzy Osbourne?
  13. Klippy

    Favourite Posters?

    dedan's penthouse is so original
  14. Klippy

    In memory of my grandmother

    grandmas are the coolest. Your gran sounds like she was real cool, Rickson. Its good she lived a long life
  15. Klippy

    favourite ten music bands atm

    I like it old's my top ten list 1. Guns N' Roses, Guns N' Roses, Guns N' Roses. Need I say more? 2. Maiden 3. MOTORHEAD 4. Dio 5. Sabbath 6. Ozzy and Zakk Wylde 7. SKID ROW!!! Sebastian Bach ROCKS 8. AC/DC 9. Metallica 10. Pantera Others I couldn't squeeze in...
  16. Klippy

    Best 'Epic Fail' or similar pics.

    i found this random pic on the net. this looks so real but it just can't be: This one has probably been sent. But oh well: Why education is important, kids.
  17. Klippy

    So, what are your favourite AC/DC albums?

    sheesh thats awesome. I plan to see em some time this year, hopefully
  18. Klippy

    Best 'Epic Fail' or similar pics.

    Maybe this has been posted but i'll put it up anyway:
  19. Klippy

    So, what are your favourite AC/DC albums?

    Lols. I missed the joke, sorry. hahah. Um...I wasn't alive back then. :D I mean, I wasn't born yet. How old were you? I'm guessing you were a teen or a child?
  20. Klippy

    Twenty Questions

    Is it a body part?
  21. Klippy

    So, what are your favourite AC/DC albums?

    Of course!! Where do you live? Maybe Ac/Dc is not very popular in your area
  22. Klippy

    How many times will Federer beat Nadal in 2009?

    that would seriously be the best outcome. I'm getting sick of the same ol' Feds versus Nadal matches :D
  23. Klippy

    Some players who can break out this year.

    Mayb del Potro? he could be real good. I cant believe he only took a few games off federer in that match at A.O; i think he payed too much respect to the "greatest tennis player ever" as he described him.
  24. Klippy

    Caption this!!!

    This is the worst ceremony of my life
  25. Klippy

    What I hate about Nadal

    There's nothing that annoys me about Nadal apart from 1. The way he grunts when he hits the ball; he sounds like he's wailing 2. He's not really "cool" 3. He picks his *** before every serve. Why doesn't he just wear some better underwear that won't give him a wedgy? 4. He plays with lots of...
  26. Klippy

    The "What's Wrong With Her?" Thread

    Dementieva has a weird grunt when she hits the ball.
  27. Klippy

    If You Could Ask Federer One Serious Question

    Well, this seems like a very classy question to me cause I'm into rock and roll and everything: I would ask him what his favourite AC/DC record is, since he has mentioned that Ac/Dc is one of his favourite bands.
  28. Klippy

    So, what are your favourite AC/DC albums?

    Which are your favourites of both eras, Bon and Brian, and why? Also, you can vote for your personal favourite AC/DC album in the poll. Sorry if I haven't included your favourite, I just put up the most popular ones. My favourite album in the Bon era is High Voltage because its fun and...
  29. Klippy

    Predict 2009 Grand Slam winners

    I reckon Nadal wins the entire grand slam this year. He will only be ousted at Wimbledon if Federer pulls his socks up.
  30. Klippy

    Mats Wilander: Rivalry Tipped to Nadal, "A long time ago."

    man i donno people. I still think Federer is the better player. That's just my opinion.