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    Iso-Speed Professional Classic

    TW - what's the story with the Iso-Speed Pro Classic? It seems that for the last month, the only way to buy it has been as part of the Iso-Speed Sampler pack. I checked out the Iso-Speed website, and can't find any mention of the Professional Classic any more. Is the Professional Classic...
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    WeissCannon Silverstring/Yonex Super 880 Ti Soft First Impressions

    I've had this set of Yonex Super 880 Ti Soft hanging around for almost a year now, with plans to use it as a cross for some poly mains. Well, I finally got off my rear and tried it. Strung it up last night with Silverstring 17L mains and Super 880 Ti crosses, both at 50 lbs on my Mutual...
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    Looking for 4.5s/Good 4.0s in Durham

    I'm playing up this year, and putting together a 4.5 team to play in Durham, NC. It's mostly folks from my 4.0 team last year that either got bumped up or want to play up. We're looking for players to fill some holes created by busy work schedules, new jobs in other states (countries) and new...
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    Legend/Iso-Speed Pro First Impressions

    Also known as the Mojo Blend! Klip Legend (natural gut)16 gauge mains, Iso-Speed Pro (17 gauge) crosses, strung at 58 lbs for the mains, 61 lbs for the crosses in a Head Microgel Extreme (not the Pro). Stringing Legend felt stiffer than Babolat Tonic+ 16. It didn't seem to stretch as much...
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    Gonna Try the Mojo Blend

    OK, I'm about to try the Mojo blend: Klip Legend mains/ISO Speed Pro crosses. Recently, I've been using Babolat Tonic+ 16 mains/ Gosen OG Sheep Micro 16 crosses, string at 58 lbs, and really liking how that played. Can anyone comment on the relative power of the two combos? I'm trying to...
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    NC State Mixed Doubles League Championships - Who's Playing?

    The NC State Mixed Doubles League Championships are right here in Durham, NC this year. I'll be playing with my Raleigh team. Who else here will be playing?
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    Wilson Reaction/Weiscannon Matchpower First Impression

    Working my way through my string backlog, and decided to try mixing and matching these two strings. I put the Reaction 17 in the mains at 56 lbs, and the Matchpower 17 in the crosses at 54 lbs, on my fixed-clamp dropweight. I keep returning to this idea, multifilament mains with poly crosses...
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    Maxim Touch / Pacific X-Force - First and Final Impressions

    Had a half set of Pro Supex Maxim Touch (17) and a half set of Pacific X-Force(17) lying around and a racquet in need of restringing. So i put the MT in the mains at 56lbs, and the PXF in the crosses at 52. I hoped it would play similar to the MT/Big Ace combo that I have really enjoyed using...
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    Can You File a Grievance Against a League Coordinator?

    Is there an official process for filing a grievance against a local league coordinator? Or do I just send an e-mail to the district?
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    Pro Supex Big Ace/Maxim Hybrid - Impressions

    Finally got a chance to play with my Pro Supex Big Ace/Maxim Touch hybrid. I strung my Head Microgel Extreme at 48 lbs on both the mains (Big Ace 17L) and the crosses (Maxim Touch 17) on my dropweight, fixed clamp, stringer. Here are my impressions, based on stringing and a 3 set singles...
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    Replacement Clamp For Gamma 600FC

    I have a Gamma 600 FC I bought off the auction site. It works fine, but one of the clamps is definitely better (and larger) than the other. I'd like to replace the smaller and less effective clamp. This an older machine, and takes glide bar clamps, and I can't find replacement clamps...
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    Pro Supex Big Ace/Titan Hybrid

    Continuing my exploration the Pro Supex Sampler pack, I've strung up one of my Head Microgel Extremes with a Big Ace 17L mains and Titan 17 synthetic gut crosses. I've not been previously impressed with poly mains, either due to lack of comfort or outright pain, lack of feel, or them just going...
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    Maxim Touch/Big Ace First Impression

    Strung my Head Microgel Extreme last night with a hybrid of Pro Supex Maxim Touch 17 mains / Pro Supex Big Ace 17L crosses. Set the mains at 54 on my dropweight, and the crosses at 52. Stringing was nothing dramatic. Maxim Touch is a soft multifilament string with a fair bit of stretch in it...
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    Tension Scale for Gamma 600FC

    I just opened the Gamma 600FC I bought off the big auction site. Looking it over and playing with the parts (and even perusing the manual) it appears to be in working order. However, there is one glaring problem. The tension scale on the arm is incomplete. The part I'm going to need the most...
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    Demo Notes

    Demo Notes - PD, APD, FXP Prestige Team and More! This is not a set of full fledged reviews, but notes about the racquets I've been trying in my latest demo process. Some racquets will get more attention than others. Still, I am hopeful that some folks will find this helpful in their search for...
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    Stiff Racquets and String life

    I've been playing with a Volkl DNX8 lately, strung with Klip Lightning. My other racquets are Volkl Cat 8V's, which are much more flexible than the DNX 8. I noticed during a match yesterday that the string job on the DNX 8 (Klip Lightning: gut mains and multi crosses) had gotten too loose...
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    Tennis In Chicago 6/25-6/27

    I'll be in downtown Chicago, on the campus of the Illinois Institute of Technology, for a conference from 6/25 - 6/27. I'm a 4.0 player, and I'll have a racquet with me. I'm looking for somebody to hit with, or play, one of those days in the late afternoon or early evening. I'll be without...
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    Looking for Lunch Time Hitting Partners In Raleigh NC

    Winter is here in NC, which means that daytime temps are warm enough, most days during the day, to play, but cool enough that I won't sweat enough to become work unsafe. So I am hoping to find a people to hit with at the Millbrook Exchange Park during my lunch hour, which I can take between 11...
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    Grand Slam Gut Status - Refund?

    I've noticed that Grand Slam Gut is longer listed on the TW site. Why? I am especially interested as I have an unopened set of GSG from TW sitting at home. If TW delisted GSG for quality issues, can I return my set for a refund? If it's not reliable, I'd rather not waste the time and money...
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    Gut Hybrid - What Tension?

    I have splurged and now have a package of BDE Rallye Gut (15L). I am planning to test it out in two hybrids: 1) Gut mains with Klip K-Boom (16) crosses. 2) Gut mains with Gosen OG Sheep Micro (16) crosses. The question is: what tension should I try each of these options at? Right...
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    Wild Hair Experiment: E-matrix/Polyon Comfort Hybrid

    I had some Gosen Polyon Comfort 17 lying around. Having determined that poly strings on their own are not good for me, I was never going to use it to string a racquet on its own. So I decided to experiment, and had one of my Vantages (100 inch) strung with Technifibre E-Matrix 17 mains (56)...
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    Multi main/Poly crosses - tension adjustment?

    I am planning to hybrid some Technifibre E-Matrix 17 (m) with some Gosen Polyon Comfort 17 (c). How much should I lower tension, if any, compared to a full E-matrix string job? And should I have the mains and crosses strung at the same tension? And why am I doing this? Because I'm curious...
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    Pro Staff Tour 95 vs MP-2i

    This last week I started my quest for a racquet to temporarily (?) replace my Slazenger X-1s. According to my shoulder, I need something lighter, at least for a while. I'm a 4.0 player, with a serve-and-volley/all-court game. Serve, net game and forehand are my strengths, and I'm trying to...
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    nPS 95 Demos

    When will Demos of the Wilson nPS 95 in L4 be available? I'm eager to demo this racquet as the specs look extremely interesting. I'd also be interested in doing a comparitive review of it. :-)
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    X-1, But Lighter?

    I love my Slazenger X-1s. Unfortunately, it appears that they are just a little to heavy for my shoulder for daily tennis. If I would stick to doubles, I'd probably survive, but I am unwilling to give up my fantasies of being a singles player. Given that it's the middle of USTA League tennis...
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    BB Ace vs Hurricane 18

    Anyone played with both of these strings and care to compare them?
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    Hybrid Question: Effect of Differing gauges

    I am currently engaged in a quest for my perfect string set up - one that balances power, control, comfort and doesn't destroy my budget. Yes - I have already made the quest for my perfect racquet. For the next year, at least, it's the Pro Kennex Core1 #10, customized. Back to the strings...
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    What's My Demo Strung With?

    The markings on the string read: Wilson Natural 16/130 Made in France. Which Wilson string is this? My other demos have been strung with NXT 16, and this string looks and feels different than NXT.
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    Kennex Core1 #10 - Anyone playing bumperless?

    I am searching for that perfect frame that fits my game and doesn't hurt my shoulder or my elbow. As part of the hunt, I am demoing a Pro Kennex Core1 #10. Overall, I really like the racquet - nice feel, great maneuverability at the net, serves well and doesn't kill my elbow. The 27.25 inch...
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    Volkl Catapult V1 MP vs OS

    I just finished demoing the Volkl Catapult V1 MP and OS racquets. Here are my thoughts on the two. Disclaimer: Keep in mind that I was using TW demos. This means they came strung with whatever string TW put in them, at whatever tension they used. The strings have been in the frame for an...