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  1. jcstennis

    Federer practice session (proto racket)

    Exactly! I'm tempted to go and "black out" one of my PSC 6.1's to see how it looks compared to Fed's... ughh!
  2. jcstennis

    The Man Code/Rules/Law

    This thread has been inspired by a post recently in the "Epic Fail" thread... a post was made containing a cartoon pic of men at a public urinal titled "Checkmate; Only Guys Will Understand". Some that saw the post responded with questions not sure exactly what was going on. But it was clear...
  3. jcstennis

    Best 'Epic Fail' or similar pics.

    it's a "Man RUle"... DO NOT stand next to a guy at the urinals (if and when there are other urinals to use). The goofy faced guy put the red guy in a uncompromising position.
  4. jcstennis

    Baghy breaks 4 racquets

    i enjoyed how he would look at the stick before he slams it.. like "hmm this looks to be good..wait a sec". Safin watch out!
  5. jcstennis

    Genesis Typhoon; Blue or Grey

    i have a customer (DivIII) that will only use the blue... he claims the grey is too stiff. I always felt the blue to be more elastic and not as precise as the grey. My $0.02
  6. jcstennis

    Cablevision to drop Tennis Channel in the middle of the US Open

    Finally! i saw it last night was jumping up and family thinks i'm crazy! :-?
  7. jcstennis

    Butt Cap Question

    Put a Prince Butt-cap on. (I used to do the opposite with my Yonex handles, i would put a Wilson butt-cap on them for more "flare" at the end of the handle)... Fischer butt-caps could work for you too. my $0.02
  8. jcstennis

    Slippery fingers?

    i usually wash up with that gritty orange soap...found in hardware stores... it takes the oil right off my hands. i play guitar too... every day, i do the same routine before i play. :)
  9. jcstennis

    Cablevision to drop Tennis Channel in the middle of the US Open

    u can cancel.. but it will cost u!!!
  10. jcstennis

    Cablevision to drop Tennis Channel in the middle of the US Open so frustrating....! Verizon FIOS subscriber.
  11. jcstennis

    My Paintings ( Nothing to do with tennis)

    enjoyed! thanks for sharing! the Crops 2010 pieces... are they all self-portraits?
  12. jcstennis

    Best Red Copoly?

    agreed.. PL II, though a very nice string, plays a little soft and control is so-so... plus when strung the color is closer to pink than red. i used PL II in an AK90 and loved it, maybe due the small head size and stiffness of the racquet. BA is a more consistent string. :) my $0.02
  13. jcstennis

    Best Red Copoly?

    Pro Supex Big Ace red, 1.22... i string that for this college player for years.
  14. jcstennis

    Pete's Blacked Out stick @ MSG

    did you any of this thread? oh well... thanks for the "at least" heads up... sheesh.
  15. jcstennis

    Injinji Tetra Soks... Toe Socks

    Has anyone tried these for tennis? Do they help prevent blisters? Are they comfortable? Which model works best? Thanks :)
  16. jcstennis

    Pete's Blacked Out stick @ MSG

    a blacked out Babolat... with according to "BG" RPM Blast set up. "Pete's goin' modern"
  17. jcstennis

    Pete's Blacked Out stick @ MSG

    yup... the last close up look French to me...
  18. jcstennis

    Pete's Blacked Out stick @ MSG

    Mid Plus...
  19. jcstennis

    Pete's Blacked Out stick @ MSG

    glossy PJ with lead in the usual...?
  20. jcstennis

    Pete's Blacked Out stick @ MSG

    ok here we go... Wilson... right?
  21. jcstennis

    Less powerful than Kirschbaum pro line 2

    Typhoon... no, it has good power. MSV Focus Hex... maybe same, a little less, not as soft as PLII Tourna Blue Rough... similar power, not as soft. Solinco Tour Bite... nice string, less power but more of a plastic feel (compared to PLII) Volkl Cyclone... could be a nice move from...
  22. jcstennis

    What hair styling substance is Verdasco using?

    Maybe hair glue... Super hold hard to wash out.
  23. jcstennis

    Help!!! Radical Cappers!

    when capping a radical... the lower grommets that were hard to get through, like yours... i would take some scrap string, insert the string through the grommet with the problem, the other end through a grommet that's ok, grip the string ends together (like in a speed clamp, loop and twist..)...
  24. jcstennis

    Solinco: overhyped or truly good

    not to get off the Solinco subject... but what gauge Hexonic u using? Is it like an "untwisted" Typhoon? May pick up some... reading up on it now :)
  25. jcstennis

    Solinco: overhyped or truly good

    H, When it lost tension or played at a lower tension as a full set up did you find the strings moving? I have... Thought that odd for this type of string.
  26. jcstennis

    Ipod Touch Apps?

    Are u gonna jailbreak it?
  27. jcstennis

    Last celebrity you've seen in person

    Sal Paolantonio... ESPN reporter... we live in the same town. :)
  28. jcstennis

    New Air Oscillate black/red

    Azz... will you play in these? (once the defect issue is corrected)...
  29. jcstennis

    Go down half size in BF 2K10?

    damn this is so right... 2 socks, not a lot of play with lacing. i have a wide foot and like the room up front and the Vapor-like tongue. (a lot easier to put on)
  30. jcstennis

    The Head Youtek Prestige Pro Appreciation Thread - join now please :)

    Rock On! Welcome to the club! :twisted: