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    Question about selecting indoor shoes for wide feet (orthofeet )

    I have some slippers that I ordered from Orthofeet a few years ago. Inside my home, I love them and wear them religiously. I do not walk around barefoot. I'm a 4E width. I've been wearing New Balance 1006's for three-four years. I couldn't get a new pair this spring, and so, I got a pair of...
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    3.5 18+ Nationals Predictions

    And, you all are worried about this? The USTA is so out of touch. They cast their lot with leagues, which killed off a lot of tournaments. There was a time when I could play two or three USTA tournaments a year, within an hour's drive from my home here in the "boonies." No longer; I'd have...
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    Question about US OPEN

    I attended the Open maybe a dozen times, from the early '70s, to the mid-'90s. I haven't been back since, and haven't been in Ashe. When I realized that the USTA had turned the Open into a "cash cow," I stopped. No more decent seats for a reasonable price, the concession prices kept rising...
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    Ivy League

    I'll try to answer, as I am an alum. When Penn State joined the Big 10, they moved into a faster crowd. They had a few successes earlier, including a singles NCAA QF player in the mid-'70s. With competing in the Big 10 on the horizon, the current outdoor facility at PSU got bult, from donors...
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    Oklahoma State hires new Men's Coach

    If you are a student in post-secondary education, at any level, and you need to improve your English skills, then of course, your grades will suffer. The question is, why is such a player here in the first place? For every coach who runs a respectable program, there is one who would do most...
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    Racquet Bag got Cat Peed on

    Years ago, when I was in the USPTA, and getting freebies from Wilson, I got a very nice six-pack bag from them. The vinyl was as nice and soft as leather. It was a great bag. And yes, the cat peed on it. I ended up discarding it, sadly. It was the wife's cat. Ten years later, I discarded...
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    ACC tennis

    The way it's going, we may have some players finishing their college careers and getting a Medicare card at the same time : 0
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    Stockton beats Connors in Philadelhia 1977.

    Philly was a huge indoor tournament, back in the day. It was part of the WCT Tour, played at the Spectrum, where the '76ers and the Flyers played. I didn't get there until the early '80s, but having the two courts side-by-side until the semis is how it was. As a comparison, winning Philly was...
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    Let’s talk about USTA/ITA

    Gee, I wonder if this means that the USTA will begin to count ITA officiating work records for USTA officials' certifications. When I started officiating 18 years ago, my ITA work counted towards USTA certification. About five years ago, the USTA decided that ITA work no longer counted towards...
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    Do replacement insoles reduce hard court impact on body?

    Up front, I'm a senior player, and somewhat beefy (I like to cook and drink craft beer). I used to use custom orthotics, but they were hard, and I needed something softer. A doctor in my tennis group put me onto Spenco Polysorb walker/runner insoles. They are red on top, and have a lot of...
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    Best D1 College Coaches for Player Development?

    For most upper-level D1 programs, the coach is looking for already-developed players. During that player's time there, the coach will spend most of his/her time helping that player to play tough matches, and keeping that player's mindset there. In the Power 5 conferences, there is little...
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    Which college good tennis but subpar academics?

    I regretfully wish to inform you that the thread "Which College Good Tennis But Subpar Academics" has passed. Services will be held at the convenience of the deceased's family.
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    ITA Indoor at Illinois Campus

    I'd say, don't expect "fans in the house" until things go outdoors. Given the attendance at most college matches, it would be very easy to distance outdoors.
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    Ashe style.

    In the photo Norcal shared above, from '75 Wimbledon, it shows Arthur wearing Catalina clothes. Wimbledon being Wimbledon, that photo doesn't give the Arthur Ashe clothing line justice. It was pretty cool stuff. Wide-striped shirts, lots of colors, no-collar shirts, and less expensive than...
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    College tennis in the spring?

    Doubtful. After a face-to-face today with my main source of information, at an outdoor gun range, with distancing (those noise-cancelling headphones pick up a lot). I'm willing to bet that that there will be no college tennis before March 1. After that, it depends on the factors already in...
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    College tennis in the spring?

    Right now, I have no work on my schedule. Haven't heard anything about any tournaments. But then, I am not as much in the loop as I once was. However, I have spoken to two officials I often work with, who are better connected. They are more pessimistic than I about the chance for an upcoming...
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    College tennis in the spring?

    That's a good question. I figure there will be some who will not return. Bobleenov's comment is also valid. To give an example, I was a student at Penn State in the early '70s. The tennis teams didn't venture any farther than Ohio State or Maryland to play. Today, those are PSU's closest...
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    College tennis in the spring?

    I've worked as an official in three of the Power 5 conferences. I've scaled down my work the last couple of seasons, partially because I wanted to enjoy retirement. However, I am still in the loop, and given the assignments (or lack of) that I've been offered, I'll say that for the Power 5's...
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    Which college good tennis but subpar academics?

    Bluetrain offered an honest answer. So....what is really your question? If you are (in your mind at least) a good D1 player, but have a bad academic record, then the pickings are slim. There are some schools out there, but invariably, most of the better D1 schools have some academic hoops to...
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    Lower level d1 schools

    How about the Patriot League, and the A-10?
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    How are college team line ups determined?

    Fabresque is indeed the winner. Trouble is, not all coaches let their players know ahead of time what the criteria will be for selecting players for the lineup.
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    Boland leaves Baylor

    I have always felt that the behavior and attitude of a team is a reflection of the coach. I've had some of my teams play matches where they were tremendously overmatched. I simply told them to play as hard as they could, to play hard up to the end, and then shake hands and move on. Always...
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    Pickleball is spreading

    As I was saying, pickleball is an invasive species.
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    Pickleball is spreading

    Hardcourts are the name of the game in Southern California. However, a "hydrocourt" clay court uses far less water than the traditional sprinkler system. In areas where it doesn't freeze during winter (Florida), they are pretty common. I get a double bonus here. My feet and knees don't...
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    Pickleball is spreading

    There is an antidote to pickleball. It is clay courts. Pickleball needs a hard surface to be viable. I managed a four-court facility at a gated community near where I live, up until a couple of years ago. We had two har-tru courts, and two hard courts. About five years ago, the hard courts...
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    Will international college tennis players be able to return in fall or spring?

    And, yet another thread has jumped the rails, and the train is on the ground.
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    Will international college tennis players be able to return in fall or spring?

    The whole thing is kind of scary if you are an international player. Maybe even scarier if you are a coach of a team whose roster relies on internationals.
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    Ivy League suspends all fall sports

    I'm not a betting man, but I'd be willing to bet that we won't see fall collegiate sports. Best case scenario is that things begin to start up after the first of the year.
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    COVID-19 and 2020 Season

    There is little conference tennis played in the fall. I've never seen it in D1. A little bit in D2 or 3, where it isn't easy to get in the full conference season in the spring, due to weather, and a lack of indoor facilities. The latest info I am getting is that I won't officiate in the fall...
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    Will USTA ever be the same?

    It is not about playing at a professional level. It is about playing and enjoying tennis later in life. Those who make it to the tour rarely play much when they are 50-60 years old. There are still plenty of "ordinary" 50-60-70 year olds still playing tennis. I'm not particularly interested...