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  1. derski

    Putting on my Big Boy Pants

    Just as the title emplies..I've decided to graduate to a new libation leaving behind my trusty Gin and Tonic and trying my hand at some brown liquor. In the past few months I've been experimenting with several different Scotch Whisky's (Oban, Glenfiddich, Lagavulin) and I think I've found a...
  2. derski

    Being a workplace mentor for a millennial.

    I've been tasked with helping a new hire get acclimated to a career that is customer-facing and requires a certain level of professional conduct and behavior. She's in her early 30's and exhibits a lot of the "millennial" traits. A little on me, I'm 44 and have been on this for 13 years...
  3. derski

    Asics x Packer

    Hey T Dub, Any chance you'll be carrying this shoe? In particular the Resolution in red/blue with gum sole? TIA, Derski
  4. derski

    Yonex Grips

    Hey TW!! Just wanted to know if a Yonex grip 4 3/8 runs true to size or smaller/larger. I'm currently hitting with a Volkl PB 8 and they seem to run a bit smallish. Thanks!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. derski

    ATP Pro's as TDF riders

    I love the sports line-up in the summer. Wimby, MLB All-star game, Women's World Cup, and in a few weeks, the US Open. The TDF is in it's first week and I can't help wondering which ATP Pro's would be donning the specific jerseys of the TDF. Here are my thoughts based on athleticism...
  6. derski

    ATW Gaffe

    In my attempt to do my first AWT I mis-weaved crosses 16-18 in a 16x19. Cross 19 is fine and matches the first cross as it should be. Only excuse...jet lagged and my fingers were getting fatigued. It's my personal racquet and the string is RPM Blast at $15/set. Will this blunder affect play...
  7. derski

    Wise Tension Head ?'s

    Hi TW, I'm thinking of purchasing a Wise 2086 by next week and was hoping you could clarify a few questions: - are you selling the current model (Series 12; per Wise website)? - does Prince Neos adapter come standard? - are they in stock? Thanks in advance! Ray (AKA Derski)
  8. derski

    Prince Neos 1000: Face-lift

    I'm looking to give my Prince Neos 1000 a face-lift. I picked this up on Craigslist about 2 years ago and the thing is a beast. It was purchased brand new over 10 years ago and it definitely has some signs of wear. The tool tray, throat and head riser assembly and main frame table assembly...
  9. derski

    Tennis TV or Tennis Channel?

    My family and I are finally going to ditch cable/satellite and stream our way into the New Year. Hulu+ will meet our daily viewing needs, albeit a day later, and my brother will sport me his HBO Go, Showtime and Watch ESPN passwords for our Premium watching pleasure:) But it's my tennis fix...
  10. derski

    Head Graphene S help!!!

    TW, I purchased a Graphene Prestige MP about six weeks ago and have fully enjoyed hitting with this stick. I love the feel, power and spin I get from the 18x20 sting bed. But around the 2.5 hour mark of grinding and rallying, I'm getting pretty tired and I feel it's because of the heavier...
  11. derski

    Who decides who's the "home" team?

    After watching the US Open for most of this week, I've noticed regardless of seeding that a high seeded player can be listed on the top or the bottom of the on-screen score board. Who decides who the "home" player is?
  12. derski

    White shoes

    On a recent business trip I visited a local tennis shop and their shoe offerings caught my eye. The Asics GR5 they had in stock that fit me was in the white/blue color way. The sales person knew I was balking at the shoe due to the color and was quick to state, "every player should own a pair...
  13. derski

    Federer Granting a Wish

    I couldn't stop smiling watching this. I figured Fed fans, and all tennis fans at that would enjoy this.
  14. derski

    Rogers Cup Semis - DirecTV

    DirecTV peeps, are the semis going to be televised today? I'm traveling and want to record both matches remotely. The online guide says it's Fed Cup. Thanks in advance.
  15. derski

    Lingering Calf Strain

    For the past three weeks I've been dealing with a right medial calf strain. It came about the time when I started wearing two pairs of socks. I typically play 5-6 hours a week and have not felt even a hint of pain when wearing one pair of socks prior. When wearing two socks it feels as if my...