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  1. panic

    Comparing DNX9, kblade 98 and Pure Storm

    So I've been playing with the DNX for a few years now, and I'm looking to move on to a frame, which is a little ligher and has a little more pop. I wouldn't really want to loose the stability, and there are two things that have caught my eye, the Pure Storm and kblade. Now I tried the kblade...
  2. panic

    Völkl balls

    Has anyone tried them? Would like to know how is their durability.
  3. panic

    Roger at RG Check it out. Nice picture
  4. panic

    Eurosport watchers

    Does any of you know if they're showing atp matches at FO. For a month already they have been only showing some womens tournaments. It's getting boring already, I want to see some action! However some of those matches were quite good.
  5. panic

    Gut hybrid

    I need some help with hybriding with gut. I'm looking for maximum comfort on my npro surge. I was thinking of gut mains @56 and some multy/syn gut @ 54?. Now I can choose the crosses for babolat, wilson or head strings. Which ones would you recommend ? I was thinking about some synguts like...
  6. panic


    There are so many threads about leather grips. I spent over an hour on checking them. I found some say one thing about one brand leather grip and others say exactly the opposite of it. Now I can choose between Head, Wilson and Babolat leather grips. I play a 3/8 size grip now without an...
  7. panic

    Yonex RDX500 MP

    Could someone tell me how much does it weight unstrung ? Half sites say 310g others (incl. TW) say 320. Can't understand anything. Talking about the MP (98sqin, 16x19) version.
  8. panic

    Customizing nPro Surge

    I'm trying to customize my surge for a more elbow friendly racquet. First it had alu power which gave me lots of elbow pain. But now after switching to 16g xcel premium at the tension of 54lb/24,5kg and adding 5 grams of lead in the butt I just played a quite nice match. But it was a bit low...
  9. panic

    tour 10gen2,dnx10, o3 tour

    I tried gen2 some time ago and now testing the dnx 10. I remember that gen 2 was better, but its available for ordering now only, that means money first. Now, can some good person compare those two a little bit, what were their diffrencies and similarities. I would also appreciate if someone...
  10. panic

    Völkl DNX 9

    I had a chance to play with it, I guess it's available in Europe, no sign of it on the internet. Looks just like dnx 10, but its orange instead of yellow. Its got V-Engine, 98sqin, 1,1in HL, 310g, 16x19. It's supposed to be update of tour 9. It played with nice control, but sweetspot was...
  11. panic

    völkl frames

    So here I am! I tried some völkl frames and found them quite nice. But I wanna try more of them, and decided to ask for some help. I'm 15 yrs old level 4.0 player. I'm mostly a baseliner with sometimes coming to the net, and a decent doubles player. I hit FH with lots of topspin and a 2handed...
  12. panic

    npro surge

    I have an npro Surge. And on the racquet it's written tension 23-27kg / 50-60lbs. But 1lbs equals to 0.4095kg, so there must be something wrong because: 23kg = 56lb and 27kg=66lbs. So its basically written there 56-66lbs (originally in kgs) and 50-60lbs. But all the internet sites say its...
  13. panic

    m-fil 300 vs m-fil 200+

    The problem with them is that I can't try them, because there's no store near me that would sell dunlop racquets. In spite of that I'm quite sure I will like it and since it's so cheap I desided to get one of those. So I was wondering if any of you have tried those and can tell the biggest...