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  1. jcstennis

    The Man Code/Rules/Law

    This thread has been inspired by a post recently in the "Epic Fail" thread... a post was made containing a cartoon pic of men at a public urinal titled "Checkmate; Only Guys Will Understand". Some that saw the post responded with questions not sure exactly what was going on. But it was clear...
  2. jcstennis

    Injinji Tetra Soks... Toe Socks

    Has anyone tried these for tennis? Do they help prevent blisters? Are they comfortable? Which model works best? Thanks :)
  3. jcstennis

    Pete's Blacked Out stick @ MSG

    ok here we go... Wilson... right?
  4. jcstennis

    Pro Staff 6.0 Midsize... GYO?

    forgive my laziness... Wilson Pro Staff Mid/85 6.0... GYO but cap... rounded grommets... curly/rounded "Pro Staff" decal... where was this manufactured? (i know it's not a StV)... but looks like a model from the 80's. not sure if there is a bumper guard... will look into it:)
  5. jcstennis

    TW: Chris.... Kappa?

    Hi, The Kappa shirt you're wearing in the Solinco racquet review vid... is that old school... or will we see Kappa products in the future? thanks, J
  6. jcstennis

    Pacific X Force review... composition D3O?

    in the specs after the review, material is noted as graphite/D30... not Basalt ;)
  7. jcstennis

    TopSpin Max Rotation or TopSpin Concept Pure?

    I have some Max ROT on the way... have yet to play with it. I would like to know how it compares to Concept Pure. Please add your findings including amount of play with the string, tension maintenance and feel. Note: I played most of 2009 with Concept Pure in my racquets. I found it worked well...
  8. jcstennis

    Hockey Tape Power Pads :)

    I rolled up some black hockey tape into a tight rectangle... about 8-10 tight folds, less than 1/2 inch in width... trimmed and cut 2 neat/clean power pads... then repeated to make more. The finish product looks nice and clean looking. I also just cut some natural leather (which i normally use)...
  9. jcstennis

    Tiger... Live tomorrow 11AM ET

    A press conference, no questions by media. What would you ask if you could? Your thoughts...
  10. jcstennis

    What happens to the 'Playtest' racquets?

    Does TW keep the playtest (blacked-out, prototypes) racquets or are they returned to the manufacturer? Could they ever be sold to the public? :) Thanks J
  11. jcstennis

    Do you know why you like your racquet?

    What is it you like about it? Or do you just... like it? :)
  12. jcstennis

    Fed's backhand of late...

    Is it me... or is his BH just been deadly during the AO? Especially the BH down the line... amazing. It seemed that in parts of '08 and '09 at times he lost confidence (?) in it...
  13. jcstennis

    *Concept Pure Thread*

    Topspin has a winner here... I have been using it for the past 6 months and really am sold that this is a very good poly. list your set ups... reviews.. etc.. there are a small amount of us on the boards that use the string, it would be nice to spread the word about our experiences and...
  14. jcstennis

    Bye Marat... Will be missed... what now?

    Damn, is this guy going to party tonight or what?! :) Too bad to see him go... will we see him again in any capacity concerning tennis?
  15. jcstennis

    Anyone try the Boris Becker Natural Gut?

    Your thoughts... :)
  16. jcstennis

    More flare...Wilson butt cap on a Yonex??

    I guess i will need to experiment... need more "flare" at the bottom of my Yonex handles... has anyone used other butt caps for different manufactured racquets?
  17. jcstennis

    Car polish for your... racquet?

    To clean off your racquet or remove some smudges, has anyone tried car polish, car wax, etc? How about getting those little, superficial scratches out... does a polish/compound like Scratch Doctor work? Just curious:neutral:
  18. jcstennis

    A good hybrid for a Yonex Ti 80?

    What's a good set up for this stick? thanks
  19. jcstennis

    Gamma TNT2 as a cross string with...

    Gamma TNT2 16g ... what do you hybrid it with? will it work well with ALUR in the mains?
  20. jcstennis

    Big Ace Red vs Big Ace White

    this may sound like the Signum Pro Orange vs White poly... but is there any difference? Does the white BA feel any different from the red?
  21. jcstennis

    Signum Pro Fiber High Tec EXP Multi

    I cross my poly mains with a nice multi... most of the time i use a Tecnifibre product, usually X1 Biphase. Sometimes i will experiment with a new string. Decided to try Signum's Pro Fiber High Tec EXP multi... not a new string, but new to me. Here's my set up: Dunlop 200 4D 16x19...
  22. jcstennis

    ALU Rough mains/ SPPP (Pure) crosses?

    For a set up looking for spin/control and is not so harsh... but will hold tension... does this combo sound crazy? Will be used in a MG Prestige MP (both around 17g) tension mid -2 (ish).
  23. jcstennis

    From Vapor VI to Yonex SHT 306PC ... good idea?

    I love my Nike Vapor VI's, the black ones, but i am wearing through them fast... i was thinking of trying the newer SHT 306 model, the silver ones... good idea? any advantage the Yonnie offers over the Vapor VI's?
  24. jcstennis

    Anyone playing the AG 200 4d 16x19?

    If so... how are they set up? what do you like most about the stick?
  25. jcstennis

    Sergio Tacchini Monte Carlo towel...

    The black and white one from the 09 Masters/ATP... where can you get it?
  26. jcstennis

    Phillies baseball will never, ever be the same...

    Rest in peace Harry Kalas. Absolutely one of the finest sportscasters ever... 4/13/09 will be remembered as a very sad day in Philadelphia sports.
  27. jcstennis

    Spiky Shark same as Blue Gear?

    Is the Spiky Shark shape the same are Blue Gear? I think BG has 8 or 10 gears... while SS claims to be octagonal in shape, but looks to be gear shaped like BG. Anyone play both?
  28. jcstennis

    My Pure Control "Swirly" PJ

    Here are some pics of my PC Swirly... just went basic, but i like the look..not the greatest results, but a good first try... i will list the history of how and WHY i decided to do this to one of the best looking factory/stock racquets ever ;)
  29. jcstennis

    Mansewerz...LF question...

    Did your LF Q ECO arrive yet? I spoke with Tim a couple of weeks ago and will probably order one this week! Anyway, i was thinking...maybe you or somebody should start a thread or Club for Laserfibre owners, we can upload pics, give pointers etc... thoughts? J
  30. jcstennis

    APDC vs. APDC+... any difference?

    Played the Plus yesterday, very nice. But yet to try the standard version. What have you found to be different between the two? The Plus swung a little light for me... groundies (especially FH) were insane, 1HBH with big top spin motion/swing was nice. Serving, so-so. I usually can't...