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  1. shsman2091


    I'm going to Newk's summer camp for four weeks this summer, from July 1-29. I'm so excited. I'm not really a great tennis player, around 3.5-4.0, but I'm primarily doing this so that it looks good on my transcript for college. I'm only a sophomore and ranked 2nd singles on our varsity team...
  2. shsman2091

    Lost weight, but still fat?

    Ok, so since June of 2005, I have lost 52 lbs, from 226 lbs to 174 lbs. I am 6 foot by the way. I decreased my calorie consumption to about 1300-1600 a day. And I don't just diet, but also go to the gym 3 days a week and lift weights along with run on the treadmill and go on the elliptical...
  3. shsman2091

    Pace on Slow Balls?

    I am usually a very aggressive serve returner. Yesterday however, I was playing against a solid player, but he had a very crappy serve. The first serve if it was in (5 % of the time) would be very fast, and usually I could return it with some good pace. The second serve was so slow however...
  4. shsman2091

    Tennis Shoes For Running?

    Does anyone here use tennis shoes for running? I am just curious because my varsity tennis team tryouts are coming, and everyday, especially during the tryouts, before we play we have to run 1-2 miles depending on the coach's mood. And I'm also looking for some tennis shoes, and so I am...
  5. shsman2091

    Head Transparent Shock Aborber

    I was skeptical before putting this shock absorber that came with my racquet, because I was thinking how good can it be if it came free with the racquet. Well, I think it might just be the greatest absorber I have used ever, simply because it doesn't really absorb a lot of shock rather...
  6. shsman2091

    Broken strings by...?

    I'm just curious, has anyone have broken their strings by trying to put on or take off a shock absorber?
  7. shsman2091

    Herbal Supplements?

    Has anyone here ever taken supplements such as Ginkgo biloba or Ginseng to enhance their health, not just tennis performance, but overall daily health? If so, how has your experience with them been, on and off the court?
  8. shsman2091

    Customization of LM Prestige MP

    I was inspired by another post, and since I bought this racquet recently, I am curious, how do you guys customize your LM Prestige MP's, and why? Or do you just play with the stock versions? Thanks in advance.
  9. shsman2091

    Sanchez-Casal Tennis Academy

    Anyone been to this academy in Barcelona, Spain? Any feedback on it? I'm thinking about going here or at Newks for three months this spring or summer.
  10. shsman2091

    For Hybrid Nat. Gut Users

    This question is for those you use natural gut in a hybrid set up, after how many days of play do your natural gut strings usually last. I'm asking because I recently got my LM Prestige strung with Babolat Vs Nat. Gut on the mains, and ALU Rough on the crosses, and I'm a bit nervous. Synthetic...
  11. shsman2091

    Addidas Sizing

    Do the Addidas men's apparel fit larger than most brands, smaller, or about the same?
  12. shsman2091

    Quick Question Please, TW

    It says that the Fischer M Speed Pro No. 1 Mid+ Demo (3/8) will be in stock 10/20/05, but then when I add it to my cart, it says that it is backordered. Did you guys make a mistake with the date? Or do you already have the demo racquet available?
  13. shsman2091

    What racquet string pattern?

    What racquet string pattern do you like to play with, and why? Sorry if I posted this under the wrong category, I was debating if it was more appropriate under strings/stringing or racqeuts. I decided racquets just because more people come here.
  14. shsman2091

    Vantage Racquets

    I'm thinking about getting a custom racquet from this place, my main question is, how is the feel with these racquets? Also, how do they compare with other racquets, such as the lm prestige. If I was to get a vantage racquet, how would one with these stats play: headsize: 95"...
  15. shsman2091

    Yonex Rd-7 (Hey POGO, Read This One)

    So I've heard lots of good things about this racquet. Some even call it legendary. So I'm curious how does this racquet compare with other racquets, particularly the Prestige Classic 600 and LM Prestige. For example, is it more forgiving, does it provide more spin, less power, nice on...
  16. shsman2091

    What tension for hybrid

    Ok, so we know that Federer uses the ALU Power Rough crosses, and Vs Team Natural on the mains. But is the tension set up even throughout the head. Because I wanna set this up on a LM Prestige MP, so do I go to my stringer and give him the two hybrid sets and just give him one tension #, or...
  17. shsman2091

    LM Prestige vs Classic 600

    How would you contrast these two racquets on the basis of power, spin, control, feel/touch, stability, serves, volleys, and groundstrokes? Because as I mentioned in another thread, I'm strongly considering getting a LM Prestige MP, but I'm still hesitant and don't want to regret later, saying...
  18. shsman2091

    Head's headsizes compared to Wilson's

    Is it true that the headsize of a LM Prestige MP is actually smaller than that of a Wilson's 95 sq. in. racquet headsize? I'm just curious because I'm thinking about getting one, but I use a Prostaff Tour 90 right now and I'm not sure if I'll feel comfortable with a much larger headsize.
  19. shsman2091

    Reviews on Fischer Racquets????

    Hey TW, why don't you guys ever review the Fischer racquets? The reviews have a great impact on me, and Fischer seems to be like the "dark land" to me.
  20. shsman2091

    Anyone heard of this string?

    Ok, so a friend of mine had a box of these strings laying around, with about 30 sets, so he gave me an offer, which I though and still think is pretty good, $100 for it. They're called Pro Kennex Performer. Does anyone have any knowledge about the string or ever heard of it?
  21. shsman2091

    The Greatest Player Frame of All Time

    I know that a thread like this has been done again and again and again, but lets do it again. Anyone who is interested, tell us of a frame that deserves the title of Greatest Player Frame of All Time and why.
  22. shsman2091

    Various Head Prestige 600s

    What is the deference between the three different types of the Head Prestige 600: trisys, tour, and classic? I've recently decided to purchase one, but which one should I?
  23. shsman2091

    110 to 90 headsize

    Greetings, I recently made an offer to buy a used Wilson ProStaff Tour 90, and it worked out, and I got it at a good deal. But now I'm curious, how hard of a transition would it be for a 4.0 level player to switch from a 110 headsize to a 90 headsize?
  24. shsman2091

    Zebest Tour 90?

    I recently got an offer by someone about a racquet called Zebest Tour 90. I learned this someone's username on this TW Message Board, and used that white search tool that I have never ever used before, to find out if he had any references and he did, about 6 that were all highly positive...
  25. shsman2091

    Asian Racquets

    Greetings, Well, my dad is going on an annual business trip to check on some workers in Pakistan soon. And so I'm wondering, are the racquets there in Pakistan, or generally in Asia, cheaper? Also, are they the same as the racquets made in the US. If not, whats the difference and the...
  26. shsman2091

    Advice on Ball Machines

    Greetings, Well as you have probably already have found out through my posts, I have no friends :( . I am also poor :( . For this reason, I am thinking about buying a ball machine, however I can only spend up to $500 on it because I suck. My play level is around 4.0, so if you...
  27. shsman2091

    Barricade 4

    I heard that TW already tested these and they rocked! Does anybody know when they're comin out?
  28. shsman2091

    Quick question

    While I'm sure this question has probably been asked a numerous times, it would have been to hard for me to searh the forums for...or I'm really lazy. Will stringing a racquet at a higher tension than the recommended range damage the racquet? For example, with a racquet that has a recommended...
  29. shsman2091

    Advice on Strings

    Greetings, Well I'm playin tennis today, and it finally happened to me, big shot, big break, strings break. I really don't know a lot about strings, I usually just randomly buy the priciest one, lol. But this time, I think I'm gonna do a little research. I like to play with high...
  30. shsman2091

    Advice on Tennis Academies

    I am a 4.0 level player and I am very interested in joining a tennis academy or a tennis camp. I'm 16 years old, and I have a limited budget so I'm lookin for something not to cheap. I'm willing to travel anywhere in the U.S. but would love to find a tennis academy in NY. So I would like some...