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    Diadem Premier Ball

    Your son is obviously a strong kid. Perhaps try adding weight to the racquet. Maybe closer to 340 gm total. Or research the specs for some of the younger pros such as Sinner.
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    Best smooth cross poly to pair with multi main

    Gut main, 17 ga revolve crosses. Don't notice the revolve going dead before the gut is pretty frayed.
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    Yonex VCORE Pro 97HD... Strings???

    I use 16 ga tonic/17 ga Revolve at 55/53#. I still hit reasonably hard with spin but am not a young guy. Have had no elbow or wrist pain but did with copoly at 45#. The 16 ga poly would have a bit less power and maybe also use16l gut.
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    Calling Yonex experts ... transition from DR 98

    I demo'd the new EZ98, VC98 and VCP97 310 having transitioned to DR and older EZ98 from 2015 Blade98 16/19s. Like you needed new sticks. To me, the DR had less power and swung slower even though modded to same specs as the EZ98. The new EZ98 has great feel but can launch the ball...
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    The gut/poly thread

    I use Tonic 16 / Revolve 17 at 54/51 in Yonex VC Pro 97. For EZone 98 And Blade 98 I strung 2# tighter. No problem with shoulder or elbow but I can't play full poly even at 40#.
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    If you re-string only the crosses, how do you handle the old knots?

    I do this sometimes on my racquets if the gut mains are good and the poly crosses have gone dead or I didn't like the tension. String new poly on the opposite side of the gut. I tie mains to mains and crosses to crosses. So gut is tied to gut and poly to poly. Then the knots are not an issue.
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    Yonex VCORE PRO 97 330 vs Yonex EZONE 98 Tour vs Yonex EZONE 98+

    The VCP 330 weighs 12.3 oz strung. Get the 310 and add weight. One tungsten fishing weight in silicone in the butt will give you 340 g and 8 pts HL. I did that to my Ezone 98 but am now demoing the VCP97. The Ezone has a tendency to fly on shots you would think are perfectly hit. The VCP97...
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    Ezone 98 opinions

    Other than weight, is there really any difference between the 98 and the tour? My ezone is weighted to 12 oz and 8 pts HL. Not sure that the tour can get the that HL and not go over 12 oz.
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    Breaks during changeovers in tiebreaker?

    The issue I can't specifically find answered is for the 10 point used as a third set. Can you sit as you would in a set or not as in a seven point breaker. The seven point is like a game but the ten point is a set.
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    I wanted to get more head light and needed it at the butt cap. Ended with 330 gms and 7 pts hl.
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    You should be able to dig out the foam that fills the space in the two tubes. I use tungsten fishing weights because they are small enough to fit inside the tube. Hold in place with silicone caulk. Was using hot melt glue but it would rattle after a while.
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    Volkl V-Torque tour

    I use the 19 ga as mains in a Blade 98 16x19. Syn gut as cross. Great feel and power. The syn gut always breaks first. Used Monogut ZX in cross before and the VTT would break first. Also have used Cyclone and cyclone tour. If you are young and hit hard, use Cyclone. Cyclone Tour is in the...
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    A more durable Hybrid set-up?

    Why do you string the ALU cross tighter than the NXT main? Typically, gut or similar main would be tighter than the stiffer cross. You don't say which string breaks but it is probably the NXT. You could use slicker cross such as RPM rough.
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    Synthetic gut for main string & polyester for cross string VS polyester for main string & synthetic gut for cross string?

    After using Monogut ZX Pro for several years in crosses with various soft co-polys, I recently strung a Blade 98 16x19 with Volkl V Torque Tour 19 mains at 46# and Prince Syn Gut Duraflex at 49#. Comparably, this setup felt like butter and with more power and same spin. Downside is that the SG...
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    The gut/poly thread

    So if, per frame, the poly is $5, that leaves $13 for the gut. Where are you buying Klip for $26 per full set?
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    How are you guys able to spend so much money on natural gut?

    So if your poly is $10/2=$5 that leaves $12 for gut. What gut do you buy for $24 per full set?
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    Your softest hybrid setup for spin and control

    I've used Volkl V Torque Tour 17 @45 (having changed from Cyclone Tour) in the mains and Ashaway Monogut Zyex 17 @ 48 in the cross in a Blade 98 16x19 for several years. The Volkl breaks first. Very easy on arm and good spin. Problems are that you have to double pull the ZX and its price has...
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    Cyclone vs Tour Bite soft

    I've used both in a Blade 98s and found the TBS to feel softer but have less tension maintenance. TBS feels softer than Cyclone Tour as well but spins less than either Cyclone.
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    Wilson 98s string tension

    I've played the new 98s (weighted to 11.7 oz, all added in the butt so now about 6 pts HL) for nine months. Typically play Volkl Cyclone Tour 17 @50 in mains and prince syn gut 17 @52 in the crosses. Have also tried Solinco TB soft 17 in the mains. I love the racquet but find that it is very...
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    2015 Blade 98S vs Six One 95S vs Pro Staff 97S

    No, just the butt.
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    Poly for 1 week was mistake... Now elbow ON FIRE.

    Poly can absolutely give you TE. Playing with a 6.1 95 strung with Cyclone Tour @ 42# made my arm sore. Changing to zx/syn gut fixed it. Don't be so quick to judge. All arms are different.
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    Live by the Blade...Die by the Blade...

    I'm a 61 yo 4.0 and play 3-5 times a week. My Blade 98s has plenty of power after weighting up to 11.7 oz. Probably will go heavier after playing this way for a bit longer.
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    2015 Blade 98S vs Six One 95S vs Pro Staff 97S

    I added .5 oz in the butt using .25 oz fishing weights pushed into the foam then sealing with hot melt glue. The 98s is now about 5 pts head light and now hits a heavier ground stroke while maintaining the spin on serves.
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    Yonex DR/Ai

    So the DR is a new model? Will it replace the Ai?
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    Yonex DR/Ai

    What is the difference between the 98s? I read the reviews and can't tell. The specs are the same.
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    Does Ashaway Monogut ZX lose resiliancy over time or just tension?

    Ashaway Monogut Ramon, My tension does feel a bit light but I considered the package instructions to string at 10% less. I will also try the Marathon (I had the wear guard on hand). Thanks.
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    Does Ashaway Monogut ZX lose resiliancy over time or just tension?

    Ashaway mono gut zx Ramon, I strung a PK Q Tour 16x20 with ZX mains at 56#(pre-stretched) and Gamma Wear guard syn gut crosses @ 58#. I would normally string multi at 58. The ZX is really stretchy. Played three sets of doubles. Spin was noticeably greater on serves and especially on slice...
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    Does Ashaway Monogut ZX lose resiliancy over time or just tension?

    Ashaway Monogut ZX Thanks Ramon. Have you found better performance with a basic syn gut in the crosses or with a multi such as sensation or head fxp? Do multis such as biphase limit the snap back?
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    Does Ashaway Monogut ZX lose resiliancy over time or just tension?

    Ashaway ZX full bed I am not following why most of the posts reference using ZX as a hybrid. As soft as it is, does it still hurt your arms? I switched from Volkl tour at 42# in a Pure Storm for arm pain and have been using Wilson Optimus at 58# with no issues but the spin and durability have...
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    Volkl Cyclone causes arm pains?

    String characteristics Here is what I don't understand. Numbers for Bab Origin vs Volkyl Cyclone Tour. Both have stiffness ratings if 171. Spin potential is 6.4 / 6.1. TW review gives a 57 spin grade for Origin and "exceptional" for VCT. I have played both in a PSGT and the Origin doesn't...