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    Spin potential from TF40?

    Wondering what the spin potential / launch angle looks like compared to other frames I've owned/played recently. I usually go for Confidential @ 50lbs, and this is roughly how I'd order them from least spin/lower launch angle to max spin/higher angle. Where would you place the TF40? Wilson...
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    OHBH baseline player - how to solve sweetspot vs maneuverability?

    OHBH player here, probably around 3.5-4.0 NTRP. Topspin oriented forehand, backhand comes out a little flatter. Not big on going up to the net because I'm 5'7", and not very patient for long rallies. My biggest challenge is moving around well, and thus the biggest mistake I tend to do is hitting...
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    Should I be looking at an XL frame?

    Really keen on testing the Angell K7 Cyan, and have my eyes on the XL version after Tennisnerd's superb review. But despite all the research and understanding pros/cons, not really clear whether it's a good fit for me, or if there's even a way other than actual experimentation to determine that...
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    Weird experience with customization

    Hey folks, thought I'd share my recent thoughts about customization. I've been luring back to playing my DR98, but since the strings broke and I have been giving my Gravity Tour another go. My biggest complaint it them was lack of spin and maneuverability (racquet feels too sluggish to switch...
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    How do you know when to change strings?

    I've been testing the Head Lynx Tour 1.25mm on my DR 98 for exactly 1 month now. Was able to get 12 hours of play. I strung it at 50lbs, and have been using the RacquetTune app to track tension (it's crazy how it actually works really well). It read 46lbs a few hours after I picked it up. Then...
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    Swingweight: common player's limit?

    I listened to two really cool podcasts from TW recently, which I highly recommend: 002 | Scientist Reveals Racquet Performance Myths 008 | Tennis Science Talk: Power Potential Explained I heard something especially interesting in episode 008, at 9:30. They say that in lab experiments, the...
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    Do cross strings impact spin?

    Tried hybrid setups and seems like I find my groove with multi in the mains, and poly in the crosses. Sweet feeling when hitting, but not too mushy like a full bed of multi. Question is if having a shaped versus round poly in the crosses changes anything? For instance, putting Lynx Edge or Tour...
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    Ezone 100: is it actually arm friendly?

    Was very surprised to see a 69 RA strung spec... Which is right up Babolat tweener realm, and stiffer than a Pure Aero (2019). But I've soon nothing but stellar reviews and nobody complaining about arm issues... what's the deal there?
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    How come most racquet updates are not well received here?

    So one thing I’ve noticed after a while following this forum is that people are very nostalgic of older sticks... as if racquet manufacturers are completely nonsensical and have been mostly crapping on their products over time. Few examples I can think of from the biggest brands, from reading...
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    Gravity Pro vs Tour

    Has anyone played both? To make this short.. I demoed the Gravity Pro today and I’m absolutely in love with it - except for the fact that I can’t handle its heftiness. Static weight is totally fine, but it’s reading 341 SW on the RDC. My limit is mid 320s. So not surprised that my arm was gone...
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    Easy racquet to play with that still feels great?

    Hi folks, currently have a pair of Pro Tour 630s and a pair of Ultra Tours in my bag. They both feel amazing, and I actually like the feel of the UT better believe it or not. Problem with the Pro Tour is that after 40 minutes of play my arm simply can't take it, and the "problem" with the Ultra...
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    Consequences of stringing outside of recommended tension range?

    Went to the doctor yesterday to get a slight shoulder/elbow pain examined. He's not a tennis player or expert, but he's an arm specialist so I would guess he's had his share of tennis players as patients. One thing he told me was to be sure to always string within the recommended tension range...
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    My saga with racquets. What else should I try?

    Here's my saga with tennis racquets. Yes, I realize it would probably better to just pick a damned frame and stick to it, but it's unlikely we TTers fit that profile... 1. Pure Drive 2006: It was ok except that I got tired of not feeling the ball, so I rid of it when the Pure Strike One7 came...
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    Help choosing: Prince TT 100 (310) vs Angell K7 Red

    Hello folks, Will be in Singapore next week and found a good opportunity to purchase a Prince Textreme Tour 310 relatively cheap (plus they don’t sell Prince where I’m from). I’ve been reading stellar reviews about it. My objective is to have a more open pattern and spin friendly racquet on...
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    How to tell if my Ultra Tour is a Prostock or Retail?

    Hello friends, So I got my hands on an Ultra Tour from a guy that's sponsored by Wilson. He told me it was actually a prostock H19, with 300g unstrung + 5g from leather grip + 5g silicone at 3/9 = 310g, leftover at Wilson Prolabs from a pro player. I weighed it and in fact it does weigh 310g...