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  1. Tennis Fan

    Question About the Male Players...Anyone Know??

    I know others out there must notice this, but why do many male players touch their penis, pull at their crotch, etc. in between points? Federer is one example of a man who DOESN'T do it, so it's not like all men just have to do it & that's that, end of story. He's a first class act all the way...
  2. Tennis Fan

    Employer & Unemployment Question

    SITUATION: I've been getting unemployment since I became unemployed & continued to fill out continued claim forms when I got my part-time job. My employer just left a message for me saying she got my notice for unemployment & she wants me to call her back to talk about it. I can't tell if she's...
  3. Tennis Fan

    I Can't Stand Roddick Anymore

    I never liked Roddick's smug attitude & he should have been out of the sport years ago & good riddance!
  4. Tennis Fan

    Finding a Howard Stern Show Video?

    Does anyone know a site that shows the VIDEO of a January 11th, 2011interview? (He interviewd Johnny Weir that day.) I can only find audios, but there's got to be videos somewhere online right? There's videos of everything else. Please post the link(s). Thanks a lot!
  5. Tennis Fan

    Will Venus or Henin ever win another slam

    I can see them BOTH winning at least 2 more, especially Henin. Venus is good, but can play pretty bad at times, so if she just improves & plays like her sister did to win Wimbledon 2010, then she will!
  6. Tennis Fan

    Fabulous Serena!

    She played tremendously! Her serve is wicked. Zvonereva couldn't keep up. Congrats to her! She gave great acknowledgment to Vera & the crowd.
  7. Tennis Fan

    Zvonareva looks like a deer in headlights

    Well, it's all over now! Serena played very, very well! What a wicked serve! She holds the record for her amt of aces.
  8. Tennis Fan

    Lindsay unretiring again

    Oh brother, her again too?! Who's next, Hingis? Davenport must know that she can probably never win a major again. If she returns, it's only for the pure enjoyment of playing again.
  9. Tennis Fan

    So what do you think of Henin's return to WTA?

    I don't know how long she plans to stay back in tennis, but I'm sure she'll win another GS or two before retiring again. Clijsters already won one.
  10. Tennis Fan

    Serena is the best of her generation,the greatest of her era

    Good for Serena, I hope she keeps it up.
  11. Tennis Fan

    Anyone else notice Serena's "attitude" change?

    After her horrendous behavior in the last grand slam involving the lineswoman, she knew she better change her attitude. She was a lot better. For those of you who don't know, she sells clothing, jewelry, bags, etc. on HSN & even during the very time of her last grand slam incident, she was...
  12. Tennis Fan

    Which female players can last five sets?

    The Williams sisters quality may not be top notch in all 5, but they certainly have the stamina to last that long.
  13. Tennis Fan

    Goran's comeback

    He's one of my all-time faves, let's see what he can do!
  14. Tennis Fan

    Serena's Victory Speech

    THANK YOU! I completely agree!
  15. Tennis Fan

    Serena's Victory Speech

    My gosh, you people on this board are all hopeless. She can never do any right in your eyes no matter what. If she loses, you have negative comments, if she wins, you have negative comments. When she's injured, you have something to say, when she's fit, you have something to say. She owns a...
  16. Tennis Fan

    Mary C is an idiot!

    I can't stand her!
  17. Tennis Fan

    Australian Open final- Henin vs Serena

    Yes, keep it up Serena!
  18. Tennis Fan

    Australian Open final- Henin vs Serena

    C' mon now, anyone should be smart enough to know that you don't mess around on purpose when playing Henin...maybe w/ a much lower-ranked player, but not Henin.
  19. Tennis Fan

    Australian Open final- Henin vs Serena

    Yes, Henin, crack under the pressure! It's almost 2-0 for Serena.
  20. Tennis Fan

    Australian Open final- Henin vs Serena

    OK Serena, let's make this 2nd set quick, so you can enjoy the rest of your day along w/ your doubles championship win!
  21. Tennis Fan

    Henin Versus Williams

    Either way, I surely hope Serena wins in two sets.
  22. Tennis Fan

    Hewitt had surgery, out until Roland Garros

    Good he needs to stay out.
  23. Tennis Fan

    Australian Open final- Henin vs Serena

    Drats, Justine just went from 1-4 to 4-4 just like that. C'mon Serena! Seconds later... Yeah, Serena went up to a quick 5.
  24. Tennis Fan

    Venus and Serena should maybe lay of the doubles.

    Well, they won the AO doubles, so what do you say now?
  25. Tennis Fan

    James Blake, What Took You So Long?

    He may have lost already for this AO, but I'm so glad he FINALLY got a new coach...should have done that several yrs ago!
  26. Tennis Fan

    Serena's Sellling Out w/ Her Merchandise!

    You're in PR, YOU probably can't even speak in any intelligent understandable form. And before you say anything, I've been in the good 'ole USA since birth.
  27. Tennis Fan

    Serena's Sellling Out w/ Her Merchandise!

    I agree, such extreme hatred, which is the worst I've ever seen towards anyone! Yes, she acted badly that 1 time, but if we're going to be this hateful towards everyone who's made one mistakable action at the level Serena has, you know how many countless others we should also be hating?! The...
  28. Tennis Fan

    Serena's Sellling Out w/ Her Merchandise!

    Are you kidding, ths sisters will probably still be playing for many more years to come. They don't care if you don't like seeing them, they're making themselves seen.
  29. Tennis Fan

    Serena's Sellling Out w/ Her Merchandise!

    Seren'a cleaning up & I mean CLEANING UP on her merchandise that she's selling on this major home shopping channel. She has (non-athletic) clothing, jewelry, handbags, scarves, skincare, & even shoes. She went to fashion design school you know. People just love her & are BUYING, BUYING...