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    First time recording match play. Advice please

    All advice is welcome. I've been a member here fore a while but don't post videos often. I am in green. I still make quite a few mistakes as I am currently not playing often enough to get into a groove on the forehand and backhand simultaneously (I find). EDIT: Match 2, brighter light Really...
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    Great tennis player but...

    ...disgusting behaviour. Things don't go his way - yell at the ballkids "come on come on, hurry up!" as they carry your soaked towel for free. Show some class - none of which he clearly has. Won't even start on the cursing in his native language or the "shut the **** up". He wonders why he...
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    How do you deal with recurring issues/hitting a wall?

    Now that I have been playing in my local club league for around 2 years, I have learned the weak parts of my game. I had a humbling experience going up to division 2 (out of 8, which is probably 4.0-4.5 level with mostly 45+) where I just got frustrated not being able to hit through people (play...
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    Little warmup vid for AO 18 (Fed/Dimi)

    Avg groundstroke speed here must have been really high. Best of luck to both of these guys in 2018.
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    ******* press conference from today, I like the honesty

    https://www.**************.org/tennis/news/Roger_Federer/48293/roger-federer-i-had-arguments-with-nadal-but-today-he-is-my-friend-/ He really is different than 5 or 6 years ago. Nice to see him speak his mind.and be honest about how painful it is to lose, and the talk about how unlucky Rafa has...
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    Possibly the greatest car commercial of all time?

    Saw it watching the US Open last night in Canada...
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    I still get a kick out of this...especially Dimitrov's reaction...

    It's like someone just killed his dog...."when did he say that??" hahahaha
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    It's official for me..

    Kyrgios is an upgraded peak Roddick. Massive serve, excellent second, big forehand, flat backhand. The forehand motion is really similar. He does move better than Andy though which is why Kyrgios has more potential. Incredibly similar.
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    Show some class people

    Glad I am a fan of tennis before I am a fan of a player. Sure, I enjoy watching Fed the most and root for him over Nadal and Djokovic, but for real people... stop kicking a man when he is down. Nadal has won some very tight and career defining victories over Roger and a couple excellent wins...
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    Best interview, post final

    As if it took him until the end of his career to have this mindset. Funny how things work.
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    Federer honest about the mental block against Rafa in interview

    Q. On court you said in your rivalry with Rafa early on, you maybe played him too many times on clay court, and that impacted how you played him. Can you go into more detail on that. ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, not really. Why give him an edge? I said enough. Maybe I lost the Wimbledon finals in 2008...
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    Serious thread: What does Tomic's style of play tell us about past generations?

    So I think it is obvious that his racquet head speed and lack of spin on both wings is reminiscent of past generations - and to be fair, he may even hit with less than 80's/90's players. We have seen him (when playing well) give the top players fits. Does this do away with the "generational"...
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    As much as I can't stand the Kyrgios "show"..gotta love him sometimes

    Q. Roger Federer was quoted today saying he didn't think you were ready to win the Australian Open right now. Do you have a response to that? NICK KYRGIOS: Yeah, I mean, I'm not going to, like, say anything back to him about it. Obviously it's his opinion. Everybody has it. We'll see. You know...
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    Undeniably the most heart Federer even showed..

    ...French open 2011 final. Down breaks twice in the second, had ability to take first set. I wish as a fan of both I got to see a match like that on hard where Fed wasn't mentally defeated before the match started.
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    So who is the most improved top 30 level player in the last 3 years?

    As the title says - most improved doesn't have to be results, rather from a technical aspect (stroke foundation, tactics, mental strength, physical ability, etc.) To me, this is tight between Wawa (overcoming mental hurdles), Raonic (who is 2-3x the player he was 3 years ago, the clearest...
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    The ridiculous amount of power that pros have...

    That has got to be 100mph+ and he barely used his legs. Point at 7m18s
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    A little aggressive baselining...

    Good highlights, forgot this match. lol to those who say Grigolo has no power.
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    Raonic players' tribune article Out of his generation, there is no doubt he is the hardest working guy. Couldn't hit a rally backhand 2 years ago and moved almost like John Isner. He may not play with the grace of Federer or the intensity of Nadal, but all you can ask from a...
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    What the Federer-Raonic match taught me...

    ....that 90% of members here don't play sports. They don't understand the small margins and the epic amounts of concentration that occur at the highest level. They take for granted the 1000 shots that go in perfectly and hound on the 3 that go out. Keeping pressure on your opponent all match is...
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    What happened to the "power" players?

    Slowly we have seen the elimination of players that use overwhelming power to win matches consistently. From the early 00's to 2010 or so there were many successful players that took it to some of the big dogs in slams when no one else could, however none of them either a) play anymore or b)...
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    Honestly, ESPN is abysmal

    Why are you showing basically retiree Venus instead of the Stan Delpo match? Thank God TSN just switched over.
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    Bjorn's interview with CNN

    lol I didn't create the title of the video.
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    This kid is GOLD

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    Djokovic skypes Federer....

    Sorry if repost
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    Does this stat surprise you?

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    Why does Murray push against Djokovic and play aggresive vs. Fed?

    I don't understand it. The reason Fed has had success against Djoker, even in his older years, is because he knows Djokovic isn't going to give him anything, so he takes it. Murray on the other hand is content to hit forehands that sit up in the middle third of the court. Yet in the matches...
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    Perfect example of how Federer plays break points now

    Many know the AO miss by Nadal wide in the 5th set of the 2012 encounter could have drastically changed the match. Check this out 9:55 Has Novak on defense to go up 5-3 and serve for the set, and while in control of the rally, proceeds to shank a forehand with complete deceleration to give...
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    For those with open string patterns...

    I have my own manual stringing machine at home. I am getting about 4-5 matches out of 1.24-1.28 gauge strings, all poly before they break. Should I be trying kevlar? They are only breaking because of the sawing of the mains on the crosses from topspin. I tried switching back to my pure drive...
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    Man, Federer is actually pretty self-aware

    .....don't know how I stumbled across this, one of those recommended youtube clips, check this out START WATCHING AROUND 2min 30 sec, he breaks down his game. Hilarious, hahahahaha.
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    First time joining a league - losing games to much lesser opponents

    Hi guys. Just wondering how different people deal with this. I was put in the bottom division and (there are 4) I have to win to work my way up. Next season (every 4 months) I am going to move up, but I am still losing games to players than make a ton of mistakes and hit the ball all over the...