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    Ask your questions in our tennis blog!

    We decided to create a new staff for you. Its called “Ask Equelite blog” Some words about our rules. You can ask questions to physical coach of JC Ferrero, JC Ferrero , Garcia, Marta, Javi (summer stage), or just about academy, tennis tips or to me and get presents from us...
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    ITF Tournament in JC Ferrero tennis Academy in Spain!!!

    Hey everybody!!! I'm a blog-maker for one week for . Ok, last Monday we started the preparations for the tournament "the Campeonatos Internacionales Junior de Tenis de la Comunidad Valenciana"24 Apr to 28 Apr 2007. Last year the tournament was on hard courts now it's...
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    Summer Stage in JC Ferrero Tennis Academy!

    Hey everybody!!! Today I would like to write about Summer Stage. Summer is coming soon. There are so many people coming on Summer Stage. I remember, when I came to the Summer stage in 2005 it was so funny, It’s a good chance for people to see our academy and maybe you can change your mind to...
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    My blog about Tennis Academy in Spain

    Hi Everybody! I am Kirill. I live and practice tennis at the Academy in Spain. We decided to create a nice blog about our life here, to let people know, how we live and practice at this academy. I will write about our daily life, news, interesting moments, tournaments, our free time.... You...