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    Kudos, Steffi Graf, Rod Laver, Don Budge.

    Watching the USO men's final, it;s CLEAR that winning the Grand Slam involves an ENORMOUS mental component. Medvedev played great, no doubt (but, oof, those games at the end when he was double faulting had me on edge), but I think it was clear that mentally finishing the Grand Slam got to...
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    Do you ever want to change just to change - a fresh start?

    I used to be a racquet junkie, but then settled into Pure Drives 7-8 years. They're great, I have no "issues" with them. But, one is cracked and the other is simply "old." I could just go get new current generation Pure Drives and know what I'm getting. Yet, I sort of want to get something...
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    How much do you pay for stringing?

    For the last two years, I haven't played to the extent where I regularly have to get my racquet strung -- plus, the guy who ran the park district for as long as I can remember, if you were a "regular" would string for $20 for a range of strings, including mid tier poly (Hurricane, RPM). And...
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    Has ATP net play increased considerably?

    I don't know when it started - maybe USO last year when I really started to notice it. I'm by no mean suggesting that the ATP tour is anywhere near past generations of actual serve and volleyers, chip and charging, etc. But compared to 5 or 10 years ago, it just seems that there's so many...
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    Osaka has more Slams than non-Slams

    That made me laugh reading her updated Wiki page. 4 Slams, 3 non-Slam tournament wins. I'd assume that will change fairly quickly, but it's a fun quirk at this stage in her career.
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    Is Lendl a three-era player?

    His career has a massive overlap with SO many great players of different eras. He's a partial contemporary of Borg, a full contemporary of Connors and Mac and Cash and really reached his zenith as a full contemporary of Becker, Wilander, Edberg. His career seems like it went on forever and...
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    Is net play on the rise?

    Starting with the US Open and then through the French Open and the current fall tournaments, I think I see a noticeable uptick in net play, bolstered by Next Gen. Of course there's still not full-on serve and volleyers and there are plenty of points that are baseline only, but still, it seems...
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    Is total singles titles a record worth chasing for Fed?

    There's been threads/discussions about Novak chasing the Slam record. Noticed Fed was only 6 behind Connors for total singles titles. It seems easy enough since we're talking about any main tour titles. But, Fed doesn't seem like he'd enter a random 250 just to get a tourney win. So...
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    How will Roland Garros memorialize Nadal?

    I would assume they will - even before today due to all his titles and amazing record at the the tournament. But, those show court names seem pretty entrenched (they would never change them, would they?) A statue, a simple placard, his name on a plaza or green area on the grounds, or...
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    Do you like the French Open conditions?

    Do you like these slow, hard-to-hit-a-winner conditions. I've enjoyed all the drop shots and net play (either in response to a drop shot or affirmatively as a way to end a point), but it's been weird. It's different and I've enjoyed that. But overall I'm indifferent - I can take it or leave it.
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    Are you glad the USO went ahead like this?

    Obviously, we're tennis fans and we love tennis. But, many were skeptical for a variety of reasons. Personally, even with the somewhat depleted fields and lack of crowds, I think it's been worth it and the USTA has done a commendable job. And the players have been great - high intensity...
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    Sampras' 1996 French Open - a physical and mental bridge too far?

    I recently watched both the Brugera (2nd Round) and Courier (QF from 2 sets down) wins on youtube. Nice stuff. But these two matches, in addition to beating Todd Martin in five sets in the third round, was he just too physically and mentally wiped out vs. Kafelnikov in the Semis - especially...
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    Ivanisevic v. Rafter 2001 Wimbledon - wow!

    This just came up recently on Wimbledon's youtube channel. I forgot how completely insane, crazy, dramatic this match was. Goran wins 9-7 in the fifth. Goran - ranked No. 125, in the tournament on a wildcard, semi-washed up. Played on "People's Monday" the crowd is more like a World Cup...
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    Why did Chang fall off a cliff after 1997?

    Well - at least at the Slams. Just reached "that point" in this career; injuries, couldn't adjust to new competition? He made the semis at AO and USO in 1997. Then he never makes it past the third round of the 21 Slams he plays between 1998 until he retires in 2003 - and only makes it past...
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    Will Woz be in the HOF?

    Will Caroline Wozniacki eventually be in the Tennis Hall of Fame? I'm really not trying to start a debate about whether she should (though that's proably inevitable); just really a discussion about whether she eventually will. Whether you agree or disagree, it's clear that 1-time Slam...
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    Persistent myths and misperceptions of players.

    A simple example would be the old perception that Graf hit her forehand "late" which I think TT has pretty much debunked. But, what other misperceptions about how particular players played, they're strokes, they're strengths and weaknesses? I started this thread after watching old Mary...
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    Evert - underrated power?

    I've gone down a rabbit hole of watching Evert youtube vids, and I have to say, Chris could bang. I know she's not necessarily known as a "power player" and doesn't show up on our "most powerful women" discussions - but beyond her court tactics, her ability to move her opponent all around...
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    WaPo article on Evert today - "Chris Evert played tennis with a patience that's in current demand."

    For a minute I thought Chrissy died - with the past tense "played" and a picture of her right on the front page of the website. Geesh. Seems like a stretch to link tennis patience to pandemic patience, but hey, tennis on the front page of a major newspaper...
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    The quietly very good career of Zina Garrison

    A Slam final - Wimbledon 4 additional SFs 10 additional QFs 14 additional Fourth Rounds Olympic gold (doubles) and bronze (singles) 14 tournament wins and 22 additional tournament finals. 3 mixed doubles Slams (though surprisingly no doubles Slams) 2 Fed Cup wins Wins over most of the greats she...
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    NCAA Cancels all remaining winter and spring championships
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    What former player's status on GOAT and ATG lists would be changed most by adding one particular win to their resume?

    For example - if Lendl wins one Wimbledon - gives him a career Slam and 9 Slams - sort of puts him on his own level on GOAT/ATG lists away from Connors and Agassi (I know some already rank him higher, but I feel that win would put him on a different tier). Lendl is just one example. Who's...
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    Sofia Kenin is clutch.

    I thought the "not clutch" thread should be updated.
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    Rafa's on 60 Minutes tonight "opening up like he never has before."

    I scanned to see if anyone had mentioned it. My apologies if there was already a thread. I saw the ad during the Houston-KC game.
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    The best best-of-five women's match of all time?

    There was the period when the WTA Championships had a best-of-five final. Was there any other official WTA 5-set matches - singles or doubles?? Given the small sample size, was the best best-of-five set match the 1990 WTA Championship final with Seles defeating Sabatini 6-4 5-7 3-6 6-4 6-2...
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    More and more college teams include Futures and Challengers on their season schedules

    Not that it matters at all; just noting something that I never really saw until recently. They're not NCAA or ITA affiliated tournaments, but I guess if the plan is for the players to participate, why not include it on the schedule? The University of Illinois, for example, lists 13 Futures...
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    I think I'm ready to go back to a heavy (or at least heavier) racquet

    I doubt my story is anything unusual. Grew up playing with heavier frames, which continued into adulthood. When I started playing again in 2004 after a couple years off, I used racquets like Prince Diablo Mid, Dunlop 200 series. Eventually I made my way to Babolat Pure Drive Roddick (now...
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    Post-stabbing Seles - the breakdown - more consistent than I remember; she had her chances.

    I was a huge Seles fan when she was playing. Obviously would have loved to see her career play out without the stabbing. I simply believe she would have won more Slams - though I really have no idea how many more. She missed 10 Slams post-stabbing. I think she would have won some of those...
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    Prince Graphite Pro XB Oversize.

    I was visiting my parents a couple weeks ago and my dad whips out two Prince Graphite Pro XB oversize frames out - they'd been in their basement or garage since the early 1990s. I had purchased them at the beginning of college. So I had one strung up and played with it - and really enjoyed it...
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    The 12-12 tiebreak - now that we've seen it, do we like it?

    I'm indifferent. It serves its purpose - and the drama leading up to it was insane. Though, the tiebreak itself was underwhelming since it wasn't close. Would you still like the fifth set played out, or do you like the tiebreak? If you're pro-tiebreak, do you like it at 12-12, or should...
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    Can Serena win 24 - should she pursue it?

    Honest opinions, whether you love, hate, or are indifferent towards Serena. I really thought she'd pull-out a post-baby, record-tying 24th Slam at some point (and was rooting for her to do so). But, after today, I don't know. For someone who has been in the final of 3 of the last 6...