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    Bab Pure Strike

    Is this replacing the aero storm tour?
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    Chicago State University Men's Tennis

    UAPB is worse than all of those
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    Tourna Mega Tac Overgrip Playtest!

    Do you typically use an overgrip? Yes If yes, which one do you use? Pros Pro Was the test grip easy to apply (any wrinkles during install, did the grip lay down nicely?) It was average, had to rewrap it one time due to a few wrinkles and there is still some but it doesnt bother me at all. Was...
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    Question for TW Prof on ball elongation

    I thought tennis balls were the same shape as rugby balls but when hit turn into spheres due to the distortion from racquets that are stiffer than 62 ra?
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    Yonex RDIS 200 v Babolat Aero Storm Tour

    How do these two compare?
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    Pros Pro ichiban spin

    How does this play? Is it worth buying for someone on an ultra budget?
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    Federer's blacked out frame

    Wilson will now say dimitrov is using the 90 and make him the face of it
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    What's the best music festival in the world?

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    NBA 2013-2014 Discussion, keep it classy

    It was so no one took on his contract and he was free to sign where he wanted
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    Wozniacki dropped from Yonex

    I was using babolat but as soon as Wozniaki switched to yonex I felt I had to do the same because she is good looking.
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    Yonex 110% Loyalty Tour

    What would be a newer racquet similar to an rdis 200? I currently use them but am down to 2 and would like some new racquets and I cant find them
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    Nadal is the modern day Borg .....if you love Borg how can you not be a Nadal fan?

    There is a difference between Borg and Nadal, One is a great champion, the other a guy that has the worst personality ever but with the biggest fake media personality in the world.
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    Nastiest college courts

    Which division? There are some really **** JUCO and Naia ones
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    Is Tomic Using Retail Yonex Vcore 98d? And Wawrinka?

    When will there be a new version of the rdis 200 out? I currently use them and they are so good
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    Goodbye, Maryland tennis

    But then male tennis players are not the equal of women tennis players.. The only fair way about it would be give equal scholarships for tennis in both mens and womens because as I said that if you cant see that its just turning sex discrimination in all sports to sex discrimination is some...
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    Goodbye, Maryland tennis

    How on earth does anyone think title IX is fair? Its changing sex discrimination in every sport into sex discrimination the other way in certain sports.
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    Berdych to Head, Dimitrov to Wilson!!

    I remember there were still fed comparisons when he was playing against nadal in 08 with adidas clothing and a head racquet
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    Armstrong drops fight against doping charges

    ... and taking PEDS
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    armstrong atlantic

    So you would rather there be hardly any tennis programs at all, rather than having ones of which some have a lot of internationals? where would all the americans play at then? the same places they do now, on the bench for uga like the post above says while the internationals play at the d2's and...
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    armstrong atlantic

    Exactly, I know at least 3 NJCAA Programs that have almost dropped tennis this year for Mens/Womens Soccer and are still looking at doing it in the next few years. Its a ridiculous rule and has meant that the CCCAA (california junior college) IE - ONE STATE is stronger and deeper in talent than...
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    armstrong atlantic

    All the NJCAA rule has done is weaken the teams in the NJCAA by about 100x, so much that the top 2 players on most teams are internationals that stayed from last year and are all the highest ranked (Baring a few american's that happen to be good and go to a juco out of circumstance) and 4 guys...
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    So the Uk has only one major sporting chain remaining

    What about Pro Direct yes? And JD Sports, Intersport and surely JJB still exists if its in admin?
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    I need a ATP player to cheer for...

    Grigor Dimitrov!
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    UK TT racquetaholics and tennis bums

    Epic comeback from mp down :)
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    Losing Kim Clijsters.

    Well, somehow I don't think she cares about you at all either. In fact I think she doesn't even know who you are, and actually by replying to this thread saying you dont care, you obviously do. I am sure if you saw her in the street you would be the first to go up to her screaming "kim kim give...
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    OMG London's Opening Ceremony

    Jessie J + Queen = fail. Olympics overall = major win for Britain, showing the rest of the world we can put on something massive like that. I think most of the world enjoyed it, apart from reading this thread it seems that american's who don't seem to know anything about anywhere else on the...
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    McEnroe just said that ultimately the Olympics will be equal to a Slam

    Tennis shouldnt even be an olympic sport really, Olympics should be the pinnacle of the sport like in athletics or badminton. In tennis it isnt, and the same for football.
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    Peter Bodo: Maria Sharapova is not a true Russian

    Is Maria a us citizen? Im pretty sure not which in that case she is American as a Chicken Tikka Masala.
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    UK TT racquetaholics and tennis bums

    I meant to type 200 and mp, I was going to demo the 100 from tw and they didnt have any left so I demoed the 200 and loved it. Were only $99 each new as well, so like £65 or something. Great deal
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    UK TT racquetaholics and tennis bums

    im using a yonex rdis 100 right now. feels so good