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    Major fail in tennis story

    Is it just me, or is there a major fail in this tennis story:
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    Rare old clip of Peter Lundgren

    Peter Lundgren is primarily known as one of the most respected coaches in tennis, having worked with Federer, among others. How many remember when he played? He was among one of the many Swedes who were in the top 100 (he reached #25 in singles) during the 80's. I happened to stumble across...
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    Connors to play on Champions Tour

    Jimmy Connors is scheduled to play on the Champions Tour next month, in Ft. Lauderdale on September 22 (with McEnroe, Sampras, Courier) and Philadelphia on September 24 (with Agassi, Sampras, Courier). I won't be in the U.S...
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    Is the FO field weak?

    I just saw it written that there are only four Grand Slam champions in the men's draw at RG - Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and Del Potro. Would this make it one of the weakest GS fields in a very long time?
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    How to handle slice

    I've just started playing tennis again in the last few months, following a long (almost 20 years!) break. I'm a recreational player so am playing for fun and exercise - I used to play adult leagues in my 20's, but now I'm just playing because I love the game and have missed it. Yesterday I...
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    If you could only watch 5 players ever again . . .

    In the long backhand thread, BTURNER raised an interesting point: So I'd like to start that thread. If you were on a deserted island and could only have the tennis matches of 5 players with you to watch, who would they be? For me it is Edberg, Connors and Borg. I'm not sure yet of my...
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    Proper shoes for red clay?

    It looks like I might be playing on European red clay a bit next summer. According to the club's website, it says players must wear "real tennis shoes with flat soles." Can anyone help with some suggestions? I have two pairs of Reebok tennis shoes. If they're real tennis shoes, should that...
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    Head MicroGel Ordering Problem

    After hours of research, I finally decided to purchase the Head MicroGel Radical MidPlus for $89.95 which states it comes pre-strung: However, when I click to order and put this in my cart, it is asking me to select a string and tension...
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    Jumping over the net

    Does anyone remember when the tradition of the winner jumping over the net started / stopped? Was it onlyl upon winning the championship match, or all matches? I have a very vague recollection that Jimmy Connors used to jump over the net when he won, until he did it one time thinking he'd...
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    US Open Predictions from some past legends

    I didn't see this posted anywhere, so hope it's not a duplicate. I found it amusing to see the predictions for the US Open from some of the old legends on the seniors tour: Good mix between a range of the 'usual suspects' on the men's side...
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    Live streaming options?

    What are the best options for watching Wimbledon live streaming matches? Paid service is ok, but I need something that does not require installation of any player, and ideally something that can cross operating systems and browsers. At work, I'm on a Windows XP machine, but only with IE 6...
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    1994 Wimbledon - Who wore long trousers?

    I wondered if anyone could help me with a trivia question for a contest I'm entering. I've tried googling this, but have not been able to locate an answer. At the 1994 Wimbledon, what player requested permission to wear long white trousers? Thanks in advance for anyone that can help!