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    The quest for #14 - A tribute to Rafa

    The big match is nearing. Ultron. Bull. Djokodal 58. To celebrate this epic showdown, take a look at what the King Of Clay has achieved on the very court the match will go down. A poem It was 2005, and expectations were low. A Spanish teen was on the move, sure; but little did we know...
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    Thiem has recurring problems with blisters, especially indoors. Might skip Paris for WTF.

    Dominic Thiem said, after today's match, that he has recurring problems with blisters at indoor tournaments. Thiem: „Mehr war nicht möglich“ Thiem erklärte im ORF seinen spielerischen Rückfall im zweiten Satz: „Ich habe speziell indoor am Fußballen immer...
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    POLL: Nadal fans (and all others, too): What's the most incroyable record that comes with Nadal's 13 FO titles?

    Rafa Nadal's FO titles are incroyable itself, no? 13 times he's won the tournament! Several ombleebable records have come with it, choose your favorite. It's not necessarily about choosing the toughest to achieve, choose the one you think is just incroyable.
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    Clay-inflated career achievements? If so, there is a Grand Slam skew on hardcourts

    Many debates on TTW about Nadal at some point have somebody mentioning the "clay-skew", meaning Rafa's achievements are hugely inflated by clay tournaments and thus trying to diminish is accomplishments. Now, we also have a hardcourt-skew. Grand Slams won on favourite surface: Nadal 12/19...
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    Grand Slam Tennis returns - Your picks - Australian Open 2020

    Finally, the Grand Slam Season 2020 is about to begin. So with the start of the tournament on Monday, it should be interesting to make some picks. So here are the questions. 1. Who will win the Men's / Women's Singles title? 2. Who will make the Men's semifinals? 3. Will we see a Big 3 match...