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    Djokovic Documentary Series Currently Being Developed On Djokovic's Quest For CYGS Question: Will the series be cancelled if Medvedev wins on Sunday?
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    Djokovic Won't Win Anything The Rest Of The Year

    He's done, don't underestimate how much it took out of him emotionally, physically, mentally winning the first 3 slams. That's it for him this year, he will be chopped liver for someone if he turns up to the US Open
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    Is There Anyone Who Can Stop Andy Murray At Wimbledon?

    While all these guys have been sliding around on clay, Murray has been diligently honing his grass court game back in England. He has beaten every big player on grass except Nadal and Nadal may not even be there. Djokovic has never even won a set vs Murray on grass and will still be on a...
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    The Match We All Need To See This Australian Open

    We all know it, the match that would light this tournament on fire. It's the biggest match in tennis, no question. "How can he be the GOAT if he can't even beat me" "Djokovic is a tool" "I have no respect for him off court" Unfortunately Kyrgios will fall to Thiem and Djokovic is no lock...
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    Djokovic Is For Sure My Least Favourite Of The Big 3 But Make No Mistake He Is The GOAT if he wins Sunday

    Would pretty much lock up the #1 record, double career slam but more importantly he would have beaten both Nadal and Federer in the finals of their greatest slams, RG and Wimbledon all the while never losing to them in the final of his greatest slam, the Australian Open.
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    Without Djokovic,This AO Would Be Epic

    Now that Serena Williams is out,the women's draw is alive. Barty,Halep,Pliskova,Osaka,Kvitova,Kerber etc. who wants it more? As long as Djokovic is still there,close the gate it's all over but imagine it without him: Federer,Nadal,Medvedev,Tsitsipas - it's there for the taking but men's...
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    Which Match Up Do You Want To See The Most This US Open Series?

    For me,it has to be Kyrgios-Djokovic. Damn I want to see that happen. Kyrgios said recently of Djokovic "If you can't beat me,you're not the GOAT". I'm sure Djokovic has caught up on those comments through the grapevine and will be desperate to put him in his place but Kyrgios will be fired up...
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    After Next Year's AO It Will Be 20-18-18

    God damn,Federer must be terrified right now. He will retire next year I guess,maybe when it is 20-19-19 if he retires at the Olympics and all he can do is sit on the sidelines and watch it all play out. What can he do? Coach a young player that he thinks could challenge Novak and Rafa?
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    What Would It Say For Federer If He Loses?

    Especially against Djokovic in the final,how will it affect his legacy? I mean,this is a guy who is claimed by most to be the greatest grass court player ever but he would be 0-3 in Wimbledon finals against one of his biggest rivals. How can he make that claim when someone else has his number...
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    Medvedev Will Destroy Djokovic

    You heard it here first,the guy hasn't even dropped a set yet and has said he has no fear of Novak's game. He will confound the Serb with his unorthodox game...
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    I Don't Understand The Zverev Hype

    Suddenly he's getting hyped up all over the place again I don't get it. What really makes people think this guy is going to be any better than Del Potro or Cilic? (other guys his height) He might be able to nab a slam at some stage or even two,but there is absolutely no way he ever dominates...
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    John McEnroe Earns Close To £200k For Commentating Wimbledon

    So the BBC salaries of those earning 150,000 pounds or more a year was leaked and I was very surprised to see Johnny Mac on there. In other words,he gets close to 200k for 2 weeks work (occasionally he may turn up at Queen's)
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    Could Serena Williams Win A Point Against Federer

    If they were both playing for their life?
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    It is inevitable that Jesse Witten will overtake Djokovic as #1

    How on earth can the Djoker take on someone who trumps him in every aspect of the game? Back fighting fit
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    Why Does Djokovic Not Play Grass Court Warm Ups?

    I know he's played Halle and Queen's before,but why doesn't he now? Has there ever been another multiple Wimbledon champion with no other grass titles?
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    Sexy Stepanek Back With Vaidisova

    She just couldn't resist his dashing good looks
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    Tennis Betting Accumulators

    Does anyone here do accumulator betting on the first few rounds of a grand slam? I see bet365 have a bonus up to 50% on tennis accumulators at the moment
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    Hawking: Wealth Distribution Is Necessary

    Stephen Hawking:
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    Favourite Movie Scenes Ever

    Some movie scenes just stay with you,even if you didn't like the movie they were in. What are some of your favourites? Heat. Speaks for itself,pretty much set the standard for robbery/shootout scenes: The Virgin Suicides...
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    Ana Ivanovic Dating Bastian Schweinsteiger

    Now we know why she nominated him in the Ice Bucket Challenge...
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    Sharapova Will Finish With More Slams

    I stand by my prediction that Maria Sharapova will finish with more slams than Serena Williams. Book it.
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    Bad Choke By Serena Williams

    I turned on the TV and caught the end of their doubles match against Kate Makarova and Elena Vesnina. The Russian pair had won the first set 7-6,and were up 5-4 on serve in the second set. Step up,Serena Williams to serve. She quickly finds her team in a 0-30 hole,but then fires 2 good serves to...
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    Djokovic 22 Straight QFs in Slams

    Amazing achievement,only behind Connors(27) and Federer(36). Forget about Serena,the safest bet in tennis is Djokovic making it to the quarters in a slam.
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    Azarenka vs Murray

    I believe both players have tasted their greatest success already and are on their way down. Which of these 2 time grand slam winners is more likely to win a slam again?
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    Bouchard Double Bagelled!

    THIS is supposed to be the future of tennis? Humiliated in her home tournament by a qualifier! No wonder Serena is in no hurry to retire if this is the future of women's tennis...
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    You're Only As Good As Your Last Tournament

    Seriously,why do people always do this? Kvitova wins,so suddenly she's going to win like 5 Wimbledons? Djokovic wins and suddenly he's going to win 12 slams,when history suggests 27+ year old fathers don't exactly win a load of slams and he hadn't won a slam in about 18 months? Crazy. The big 4...
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    Eugenie Bouchard Will Never Win A Slam

    Damn,this was satisfying after all we heard about was Bouchard the last couple of days. An absolutely brutal display of power hitting from Petra Kvitova. This is a pattern I believe we will see time and time again. Whether it will be Kvitova,or Sharapova,Williams,Azarenka,Li Na - these power...
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    Maria Sharapova To Be Year End #1?

    With no points to defend for the rest of 2014,things are looking good for Maria finishing the year at #1. Maybe Halep is the only player who can have something to say about this...
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    Federer About To Be Surpassed By Nadal

    ...On Facebook. Roger Federer: 14,169,604 fans Rafael Nadal: 14,167,705 fans But watch out for Maria! She will probably surpass both of them by the end of the year. Maria Sharapova: 13,457,874 fans
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    Your Favourite Movies Ever?

    10.The Right Stuff (1983) 9.The Godfather,Part II (1974) 8.Shawshank Redemption (1994) 7.Psycho (1960) 6.One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (1975) 5.Pulp Fiction (1994) 4.Once Upon A Time In America (1984) 3.Goodfellas (1990) 2.Boogie Nights (1997) 1.Taxi Driver (1976)